Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's Day!

It's almost the day to celebrate Dads-- yours, other peoples, biological or not!
I have been very lucky in this department, my dad is the best!!!
Shopping for him, however, is very difficult.
What do you get for the #1 dad in your life?

Montauk, for the outdoor dad: Inspired by the Hamptons in
Eastern Long Island, the scent
Montauk smells of fresh salty air and sea grass. The scent is light and airy
while still being sharp enough to whisk Dad away to a summer beach retreat (at least mentally).

Let Dad unwind with the scent 007. The rich leathery aroma is based on the distinctive combination of the interior of an Aston Martin and a dry Martini, in the “Bond-esque” tradition.

Masculine, classic. Help dad's skin.

Take dad golfing, mini-golfing, bowling, go-cart racing, skeet shooting...

Redken For Men’s most popular grooming accessories paired with a handsome black wallet in a gift set, available now through Father’s day in salons that sell Redken For Men products.
The kit features:
- Redken For Men go clean daily care shampoo,which gently cleanses, removes build-up and will help to leave Dad’s hair strong and manageable.
- Redken For Men shine form defining wax, a mild control, moldable cream-wax that provides flexible, flake-free hold and standout shine to complete his look.
- Sleek black wallet and money clip to hold cash and cards.

Shave the Planet: The antioxidants and vitamin-rich ingredients soothe and reduce redness
while repairing and softening skin. Fair trade organic shea butter and cupuacu butter condition skin as the rose absolute and bamboo infusion soothe it. Vitamin-rich pumpkin seed and cold pressed rosehip oils make for a smooth shave and calm skin. LUSH’s 100% PCR packaging make sure that as you shave you save the planet.
Dirty: Scented with lavender and sandalwood. Delicious

For the adventurous dad: Bold and lively yet undeniably crisp and masculine, Pure
Nautica Discovery is for the man who seeks the extraordinary in the everyday and challenges himself at every pass. (2.5 fl oz, $65:Macy’s department stores and other fine retailers)

The L’Occitane Verdon range is inspired by the refreshing waters and rocky gorges of theVerdon Valley in Haute Provence. This bold set includes the Verdon Pure FaceWash, Outdoor Moisturizer SPF 30, Energy Roll-On and Fresh Shower Water – it’s sure to inspire your dad’s dynamic disposition.

Lancome Juicy Tubes - Mouin Rose

I've been wanting to try these ever since they've hit the stores. I've got the Moulin Rose for and I really like it. The scent is rosy. It's a nice thick gloss that doesn't wear off in a few minutes. Great for layering over a matte lipstick. Now I'm part of the Juicy Tube club. Yay!

Red Door Hair Help for Summer

Skip the frizz and unwanted bulk and volume with these hair styling tips from top stylist - Zahir Ziani, the National Creative Director at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas – A Luxury Day Spa & Hair Salon.

· Don’t touch! – Playing or touching your hair can loosen the style out of its shape and create friction causing hair to expand, increasing volume and frizz

· Be cool – Skip blow drying and heated styling tools when you can in the summer. Excess heat can your damage hair cuticles and cause parched, frizzy hair

· Go long – When temperatures and humidity are at their highest, control your hair by keeping it long and heavy. The trick I use with all my clients is to add in curl to the ends with a roller so hair becomes “anchored” or weighed down

· Accept change – The texture of your hair will fluctuate with the seasons, so the products you use in spring may not be effective for smoothing hair and taming frizz during summer. The Kerastase BAIN OL√ČO-RELAX is a perfect summertime beauty essential!

· Wear SPF – Hair, like skin, needs protection from harmful UV exposure. Look for hair care brands that offer sun protection with a minimum of SPF 15. Also similar to your skin, use hair care products formulated with antioxidant vitamins (A, C, E) to prevent against free radical damage. Add a vitamin B complex supplement to your beauty regimen to maintain health, shiny hair all year long

· Bounce-back – Use fabric-wrapped elastics; they are gentle on your hair and less likely to cause breakage and frizz. If you only wear non-metal elastics, do not wrap it around your hair more than twice. Before you go to bed, remove any elastic gently, as it can tangle hair during the night

Last but not least, make sure you visit your hair stylist at the start of every season to make sure you have the right cut and products to maintain smooth, shiny hair.

Tanda ZAP zaps zits

Light + Heat + Vibration= Tanda ZAP!
I used on some pretty tough zits, it eased them into oblivion.
Not immediate disappearance, but a gradual fade. No scabs, no spots.
Also tried on some under-the-skin (yet to erupt) zits--totally stopped them from busting out!
Easy to use while doing something else (watching TV, reading, etc).
Portable and looks so space-age.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pangea Organics Facial Cream - Malagasy Ylang Ylang and Linden Flower

Loving the aromatic, soothing scent of this thin facial cream. I'm layering it under my thick face cream and it's leaving my very dry skin nice and smooth. As always, I heart Pangea Organics Products.