Monday, September 23, 2013

Time to Get TAUT: Part I


Never heard of it?

Me neither, until I was recently introduced to the new LAC TAUT line. This innovative collection of collagen-replenishing nutricosmetics (or ingestible cosmetics) and collagen-boosting topical products promise to renew and beautify from the inside out.

There are two main components to this celeb-worthy regimen:

1) TAUT Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula
2) TAUT Collagen Mask

Sure, I was excited when I read the press release, but when my sample package arrived I realized how truly major this stuff is.

 The TAUT Collagen Mask boasts a unique and concentrated blend of anti-aging ingredients including hydrolyzed collagen, Squalene, Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants. Key benefits include fading of fine lines, and firming and rejuvenation of skin. It feels a little slimy to take out of the package, and also a bit confusing to unfold and place on your face, but oh MAN! After using, your skin feels CRAZY soft! Like newborn baby soft! I was truly amazed.
The goods
 Pretty pouch! Whatever do your contents hold?
 Ooooh slimy skin boosting goodness!
 So you look like a monster for 10 minutes... Feels great!

The Replenishment Formula comes in a neat 8-pack box of individual glass bottles- or "shots." Featuring the highest concentration of ingestible collagen on the market- 30 grams per 1.7 oz. serving- TAUT Premium Collagen utilizes a unique hydrolysis technology to shrink the collagen molecule from the size of a basketball to the size of a peanut, which makes it small enough for the body to absorb.

Things be getting fancy up in here!

Not gonna lie, I was a little weirded out about doing a "shot." I'm more of a wine drinker truth be told. Plus, I started feeling a sort of Death Becomes Her vibe at the whole task... I'd really like to avoid a tumble down the stairs only to survive with my head on backwards.

But! All in the name of BrainyBeautys right?!

Immortality aside (I hope?), TAUT Replenishment Formula promotes the following key benefits:
Skin: improved repair, firmness, and pigmentation
Hair: restoration, growth
Nails: strengthening and improved appearance

So I cheers-ed my reflection and took it like a champ. Not bad! The real orange juice taste is definitely is a plus.
Bottoms up baby!

As it is recommended every other day (3-4 times per week), I am only three bottles and two masks in. Thus far, my usually brittle nails are wicked long and strong. Definitely love that!

To be continued...


TAUT Collagen Mask, $50 for a box of 5; TAUT Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula, $110 for a box of 8 1.7 oz. bottles. Products can be found at RenewAlliance.com

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Did you check out our New Legends of the Fall Feature the other day? Were you intrigued? Were you curious to give some products a whirl and have for your very own?! Well now's your chance!!!

It's our first official Heads Up, 7 Up Giveaway!!!

To play, just tweet the fall beauty trend you're most excited to try out to #HeadsUp7Up by 7PM (eastern) TOMORROW, September 19.

Our editors will select TWO favorites to win a Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Kit and GEODEO Deodorant. A third lucky tweeter will also win a Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Kit.

There's no time to waste! GET TWEETIN'!

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Legends of the Fall

A new season is always a great time to step up your style and beauty game, and this fall, the ante is off the charts. Read on for your BrainyBeautys approved autumn essentials and get excited—one or more of these selected products could be featured in our upcoming "Heads Up, 7 Up" Back to School Giveaway!

1) Hair: If you're planning on changing up your do' this fall, new Ouidad Color Sense Collection is the ticket to keep your locks looking fresh, vibrant and salon-worthy.
Color Preserving Shampoo gently removes mineral deposits and product buildup that can strip color and also provides a shield against fading from UV exposure and styling. $20 for 8.5 fl. oz.

Color Preserving Conditioner nourishes and replenishes while it's Protective Color Lock complex affixes color to hair fibers and offers extra UV protection. $22 for 8.5 fl. oz. 

Shine Boosting Color Extender instantly brings back that post-salon glossiness no woman can get enough of. It extends the life of hair color and is also sulfate- and silicone-free. $26 for 5 fl. oz. 

BrainyBeautys approved: I've been using this hair system since my recent chop and change-up a few weeks ago and can confirm that my tresses still look and feel amazing!

2) Face: Undo any summer sun damage with PrecisionMD Celfix DNA Youth Recovery Facial Serum. A study published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology revealed that when combined with twice-daily sunscreen application, Celfix DNA not only addresses current sun damage, but also helps delay future signs of aging skin. Available at physicians' offices nationwide.

BrainyBeautys approved: Anti-aging product + sunscreen = DUH! But what makes this product special is it's unique consistency... It's thicker than most serums and doesn't leave skin feeling constricted. I've been using it nightly for a few weeks and love what it's doing for my skin.

3) Smile: Whitening Lightning Super Booster Whitening Pen: If you missed our review of this smile-enhancing wonder, check it out now. This revolutionary whitener is convenient (portable!), safe (won't damage tooth enamel) and brightens teeth like you won't believe. $79 at

4) Body: Do deodorant differently! GEODEO ® natural deodorant plus Detox Complex promises to keep you smelling great while tackling toxins. This naturally-derived deodorant uses volcanic minerals and Icelandic algae to fight impurities found in the body. When applied to underarms, these ingredients help deeply purify pores from a multitude of environmental contaminants found in the body. Available in Island, Ocean and Unscented. See for product availability.

BrainyBeautys approved: If you're gonna sweat, why not sweat out the toxins? To be clear: this invisible solid is only a deodorant and not an anti-perspirant. That being said, it definitely goes on clear and neutralizes odors all day long. I've been a devoted wearer for weeks now and can't come up with any complaints! Plus, it's also really cool to know that it's 97% natural, allergen-free and comes in a recyclable container. Total next-level pit protection.

5) Body: Thymes Lotus Santal Body Lotion combines the sultry notes of sweet cocoa vanilla and spices along with nourishing shea butter, softening squalane and humectant glycerin to moisturize dry skin. $25 at Thymes online.

BrainyBeautys approved: The scent—Sensuous, warm and perfect for fall. The lotion—Luxurious, thick and perfect for all.

6) Nails: Electrify your digits with Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure. Choose from Shout Out (pink), Mega Foam (yellow), Foam Party (blue) or Club Tropicana (orange). Each kit contains a matte neon paint pot, loose neon glitter and a mini corrupted UV top coat. Experiment with just a sparkling glitter finish or light up the night with the corrupted clear top coat. Sets retail for $25 at your local Sephora

BrainyBeautys approved: The matte neon paint pot colors are gorgeously vibrant and the UV topcoat is perfect for every day shine or for the added oomph when hitting the club (blacklight madness!). The loose glitter can get a little messy, but just make sure you allow yourself a little extra time and added workspace and you'll be all set! And if you'd like one of these sweet kits for your very own, you might want to pay VERY close attention to the blog over the next few days! Wink!

All products provided to BrainyBeautys for review. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Heads Up- Giveaways Coming Up!

Fall means amazing colors and transformations... in nature and for you!

Anybody else remember playing "Heads Up, 7 Up" back in the day and how it was such a nice reprieve from the extreme rigors of simple math and spelling?

BrainyBeautys does! In the spirit of Back to School and Fashion Month, we are going to do our own take on giveaway game fun! Keep a close lookout in the following week- we'll be hitting you with some fab posts on new fall-perfect products and how you can win some of the most covetable items!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Make Fashion Week Your Own

With Fashion Month in full swing (yes, that's right- shows around the world span into October), BrainyBeautys is diving in! Because from hair, to nails, to accessories and clothes, being a full on BrainyBeauty relies on the sum of all our fab parts.

Now on to one of my favorite aspects of the chic circus: Street Style. The runways will always rule, but seeing how the experts, models, bloggers, etc adorn themselves is almost as fun and insightful as the shows themselves.

But also if you're like me, all of the never-ending epic-ness can be overwhelming- I mean, how the heck do these women continuously knock it out of the style park?!

When your closet seems to pale in comparison, it's helpful to remember these ladies' looks incorporate simple details we all can easily add in to our everyday ensembles.

Got a button down flannel? Ok. What about a plain black mini and go-to black heels? Sweet. That's all you need to bust out a saucy new going out look.
(Photo courtesy The Cut)

Now those black heels we were just talking about? Do those have an ankle strap? Yes? Then try fastening them over a pair of beloved denim for funky punch.
(Photo courtesy Refinery29)

Blogger Susie Bubble has a lot going on in this shot (understatement!), but since we've been chattin' about shoes, let's focus on those eh? Colorful trainers have taken over high-tops as the next big sneaker trend (Vans-esque slip-ons are next!). Get adventurous and pair your work-out essentials with a printed dress to stay cute AND comfy during the work week grind.
(Pic courtesy Refinery29)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Alexander The Great

A little MBFW treat for you, my dear BrainyBeautys devotees! (That's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in proper fashionspeak!)

Our good friends at Redken were kind enough to pass along the inside hair scoop on one of the hottest tickets in the tents: Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2014. If you aren't familiar with Mr. Wang, study up! He is seriously one of the preliminary designers of our generation and was even tapped to take over at the legendary Balenciaga house late last year. Personally I cannot get enough of his grungy glamour looks, and his accessories are also especially ridic every season.

For Spring/Summer 2014, Redken Creative Consultant Guido pretty much created my ideal every day hair look: natural, texturized and slightly roughed up.

Said Guido: "Overall it's a very sexy look this season. I wanted the hair to reflect the cool, low-key Alexander Wang type girl. I suppose there are equal parts grunge and glamour, in that the hair is voluminous, yet natural." 

Recreating the look is super easy with the right Redken products:
  1. Towel dry hair
  2. Create a messy center part with finger
  3. Apply thickening lotion 06 body builder from root to ends, concentrating product on the roots
  4. Start drying hair with a diffuser to keep the natural waves
  5. Once the hair is 75% dry, allow the hair to dry naturally
  6. Add powder refresh 01 aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo to mid length and ends to give more texture.
  7. Apply quick tease 15 backcombing finishing spray to mid length and ends to hold in the texture

Photos by Charles Sykes for Redken. 

All photos, quotes, beauty steps and product information in this post provided by Redken. 

To locate a Redken salon please log on to Please note, Redken products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon. We request that you do not credit drugstores, 'beauty websites' or other unauthorized retailers. For furtherinformation, please contact us at the information listed above. For more information visit, like Redken on Facebook or follow us on twitter @Redken5thAve and Instagram

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Love Yourself. Love Your Skin.

The word "amarte" precisely translated means "to love you." Quite clearly the inspiration for the east-meets-west skin care brand, Amarte, and its motto, "Love Yourself. Love Your Skin."

The leading skin care line in Asia since its Korean debut in 2001, Amarte is now bringing its unique, multifaceted product line to the U.S.

Offerings are meant to evoke the Korean tradition of taking pleasure in a multi-step skin care ritual that includes cleansing, hydrating, rejuvenating and protecting.

I was fortunate enough to try out their fantastic Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam, Natural Finish BB Cream and Daily ExfoliPowder.

Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam ($40): Featuring a custom blend of natural antioxidants, including lavender and chamomile, this cleanser has moved my beloved Neutrogena to the back burner... so that pretty much says it all! Although pricey at $40 a pop, you definitely do not need much to create a rich, foamy lather that leaves your face feeling squeaky clean yet soft. Scently-speaking: It has a rather strong cucumber aroma, so if you are not a fan of the green veg, perhaps you'll want to pass.

Natural Finish BB Cream ($49): Did you know that BB creams were immensely popular over in Korea before expanding to the US market? Tis' true! And this true Korean BB cream is a sheer, finely pigmented beauty balm that provides uniform coverage that won't rub off on shirt collars or clothing and also packs a hearty SPF 36 punch. Plus, it's loaded with additional super skin saving elements including argan oil, elemental sulfur and caviar extract. Snazzay! I love that it smoothed over pores and evened out my complexion without looking make-up-y.

Daily ExfoliPowder ($35): This is truly an interesting product! It's a dry powder that you shake into wet palms, and is activated by rubbing hands together to create a light, creamy lather. It doesn't feel rough or sandy like most exfoliators, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. Even though I felt the lather was lacking, my face looked brighter and felt fab after using.

Amarte is a welcome addition to our western shores and beauty shelves everywhere! 

All Amarte products are dermatologist tested and approved.

Shop Amarte online at