Sunday, March 31, 2013


New make-up never gets old. New GOOD make-up is even better. 

TIGI, more known for its innovative hair care products, also offers a full line of fabulous cosmetics. 

The Glow Blush in Haute was a little intimidating for me at first- I'm more of a naturally enhanced rosy pink cheek, and this hue looked a little too golden/brown in its packaging. Once applied though, it left a super flattering shimmery flush that lasted all day. 

But even better is the Black Patent Liquid Eyeliner. Since trying this for the first time I have been on a total cat-eye trip, if that tells you anything!  

The liner boasts a patent shine that won't smudge or smear and man, did it deliver! I absolutely LOVED the glossy effect! Plus, true to promise, it didn't budge. Application is very manageable too, with a sort of a brush/marker hybrid tip. 

Props to TIGI for adding some extra oomph to my spring make-up tricks! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Carol is One Bad Mothah...

Calming Lavender + Sweet, Soothing Vanilla + soft, healthy skin = heaven

Carol's Daughter is a brand boasting products free of parabens, mineral oils, or artificial colors. I've recently started obsessing over CD's Shea Soufflé, Body Cleansing Scrub, and Dry Oil Mist in Lavender & Vanilla. My skin has never felt so nourished and smelled so fresh!

I'm not sure who Carol is, but her daughter sure knows body products!!

Check out Carol's Daughter at

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Give Your Eye Shadow a Kick in the Butt!

I love eye color. I rarely leave the house without a hue or tint to my eyelids. With this interest in shadows and creams comes quite the collection of product. With that said, sometimes I get a little bored with my rotation of color! Enter: TIGI Liquid Enhancer. This tiny bottle packs massive power to take your eye shadow color up a step or two! Simply apply to your lids prior to your eye cream or powder, or apply over the color (play around a bit for variation in intensity) and this TIGI super hero in a bottle will take your look from "Huh?" to "What whaaat!?!" TIGI plays well with others so grab this stuff today and start introducing it to it's new friends in your make up bag!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I was hoping for Anew fabulous product....

....but alas, was a bit let down by Avon's Anew Clinical Line Eraser Treatment. The biggest bummer here was that after two weeks, I have yet to see any improvement in my fine facial lines. A secondary downer was the smell of this stuff! It's hard to explain my beef with the scent this Pro grade stuff presents, but if I have to take a stab at it, I'm gonna go with a combination of sunburn and hot dog water-major disturbance when you've applied it to your mug right before you lay you down to sleep. Next time the Avon lady comes calling (does she still do that?), I suggest you pass on her Line Eraser Treatment.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wowza! Whip Hand!

Is it normal to have a crush on a beauty line? Because I am mad digging on Whip Hand Cosmetics,

GIVE GOOD FACE Rosewater Tonic
I don't really understand what hyaluronic acid is or why or how it "hydrates the skin, plumping and toning your complexion", but it just DOES. I'm officially capital "A" addicted to this stuff. Not only does it smell awesome and is fun to spritz, it 100% made a noticeable difference in my skin. In the slow crawl through a brutal winter's cold, wind and snow, when most of us women struggle double time to keep our epidermis in top form, I caught myself checking out my complexion in the mirror because it looked DEWY. And HEALTHY. Insanity! In the very best way. 

Goes on like a soothing lotion all over the face to fill, smooth and re-texturize skin before applying foundation and other concealer. It's unscented, non-irritating and easy to blend in. Again, this product delivers a noticeable difference- pores become invisible, skin becomes balanced and smooth, and foundation glides on like a dream. Fun fact: This product is even used on-set by the Good Morning American make-up and beauty team! 

Special Forces: Shimmering peachy gold is a great highlight and all over lid base color. 
Locked + Loaded: A gorgeous gun metal gray with the perfect amount of shine and staying power. Truly my new favorite color. 

LIP CREME in Coven
A pretty bubblegum pink that you can build from lovely light stain to more heavier, saturated coverage. Oh and it doesn't budge one bit. 

Beyond the addiction inducing products, the packaging is flippin' bada$$ too. Oh and did I mention that Whip Hand is also a local Detroit, MI made and manufactured company? The amazingness is almost too much! So what are you waiting for?! Get out there and Whip Hand! Whip Hand it good!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eau de Ehhhhh

Bath & Body Works Forever Red fine fragrance mist is exactly what you might expect from the popular retailer- commercial, fruity, and forgettable. 

The packaging is cheesy and the scent is not unlike what your chain-smoking great aunt Martha might douse herself in to unsuccessfully smother years of tobacco abuse. 

Maybe I'm just a snob now after my previous post...the customer reviews on Bath & Body Works website feature non-stop raves...but I'm just not into this. There are too many special and unique perfumes out there. I feel as though you'd definitely be selling yourself short with this one. 

Bath & Body Works, I'm a fan of your hand soaps, but your fragrances, not so much!

This product was provided to the author free of charge. You can find it and more at, as well as search for a local retail store near you.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Crazy for Krigler

One of the many fantastic perks of being a beauty blogger is that sometimes you get to try out awesomely lush and pricey cosmetics. 

And one of the many brutal aspects of being a beauty blogger is that sometimes you get to try out awesomely lush and pricey cosmetics!

Which explains why I am now hopelessly addicted to Krigler's legendary perfumes that retail for $175 for 1.7oz., and $255 for 3.4oz. I MEAN COME ON! 

The joke is totally on me, because I always proclaim what a scent snob I am and how it's a futile search for a new personal scent because nothing meets my standards. Well, apparently my standards can in fact be met. For $175!

And the situation grows worse- I don't just love one of the three scents I was given to test out. I love them all. Even the patchouli one! Especially the patchouli one! And I normally loathe patchouli! What wicked scent sorcery is this?! 

Lovely Patchouli 55, Subtle Orchid 10 and Lieber Gustav 14 are all uniquely incredible and definitely demonstrate the Krigler ethos "to complement, not overpower the wearer." Each is meticulously crafted to evoke a dynamic spirit and story. For example, Lieber Gustav 14 conjures the wild and lavish world of 1910's Berlin, and a love letter between a young woman and her fiance. 

With more than 15 other perfume options to choose from, it's worth it to select a few samples (Priced $15 and under each) to figure out what chords strike your olfactory fancy. 

But if you end up like me, wild about every one but unable to justify the steep price tag of a full bottle... Well, don't say I didn't warn you!

Krigler perfumes, candles, soaps and skin and body care products can be found at their New York City boutique in The Shops at the Plaza, 1 West 58th Street, and online at

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Heavenly Helena Quinn

Even though we here at BrainyBeautys focus mainly on the cosmetic side of fashion/style, when something sartorial comes our way that's just too good not to share, we are more than happy to deviate. 

Case in point: On Friday night I had the utmost pleasure of attending fashion designer Helena Quinn's homecoming cocktail and trunk show event at Complex in Birmingham. 

Designer and Huntington Woods native Andrea Racey created the line in 2011 with the ethos, "No matter how you're feeling in any given moment, fat day or frizzy hair, the right coat can always put a smile on your face."

Her toppers have been featured in US Weekly, Daily Candy, Refinery29, and have even spotted on Selma Blair and Mrs. Ben Affleck herself, Jennifer Garner.

As I wandered the gorgeous offerings I literally found myself TALKING to them (seriously) they were soooo pretty and felt unbelievable to the touch! A few of the styles that put a wobble in my knees were: 

1) The Isle: Delicously drapey, I literally gasped when I touched this baby. Come to find out, it's a limited edition cashmere piece designed through Helena Quinn's first collaboration with Closet Rich. Yummmm... You had me at cashmere!
2) The Carolyn: This sharp colorblocked style is right on trend! It features an invisible button at center front, silk lining and always essential side pockets. 
3) The Patty: So fresh and crisp for spring and a wonderfully updated office option. And that pop of green lining- gorge! The Patty is a new Spring 2013 blazer created in collaboration with the Edith Hart boutique in Chicago. Andrea will actually be there in store for its big party debut on March 23rd. So all you Chicago-ans better pencil that into your calendar stat! 
4) The Naomi: The stripes, the drape, the leather... This beauty drew me in like one badass tractor beam. So  incredibly cool and easy, this new Fall 2013 option was made for the slick model off duty styles of Ruby Aldridge or Joann Smalls. 
5) The Twig: Another hot new Fall 2013 look, I like to think of this ladylike moto style as a sort of "biker babe goes to brunch." It's also available in red, black/camel, black/white stripe and slate/black.  
These are but a few examples of the mad style buffet Helena Quinn has to offer. There are truly so many more amazing closet staples in fab fabrics. And beyond her obvious talents, Miss Quinn herself is such a doll. Even as the lady of the hour, with family, friends and new faces clamoring for her attention, she still took time to chat and welcome me to the event. Personality, talent and chicness to boot! Andrea and her Helena Quinn are most definitely on the up and up. 
                                         Why hellooooo ladies!

                                          Party in full swing!

                       With the talented and delightful designer, Andrea Racey.

Visit for more info and to shop select styles. She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter @Helena_Quinn

Editorial images of the Naomi and Twig courtesy Helena Quinn. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Talking 'Bout a New ZENSATION

Most complexion perfectors take time and diligence in order to see results, so it's kinda tough when you're given an itty bitty sample of a face gel to try out and then report back on. I mean, what can you really expect in these first few little uses? Will my pores instantly shrink to nothing? Will all the redness disappear and leave me with skin to rival a porcelain doll? Will little leprechauns appear out of thin air and do a jig while singing a traditional folk song about an Irish lass with skin so fair? 

I didn't think so.

Given this, I opted to pick out one of ZENSATION's Deep Moisturizing Gel's five uses:
1) Massage: apply gel to face and neck and massage until absorbed.
2) Mask: apply a generous amount to face and neck and leave to set for 15-20 minutes.
3) Overnight Mask: apply generous layer to face and neck and leave on overnight without rinsing.
4) Personal Blended Treatment: Combine gel with other ZENSATION skincare products.
5) Facial Treatment: apply gel to face and neck and massage areas with facial device until completely absorbed.

I chose #3, the mask. 

The gel had a pleasant scent and felt fresh and cooling on my face. I think I might have messed up though in allowing the mask to dry before massaging in because after the allotted 15 minutes, my face was shiny and sticky. Whoopsies! After rinsing off the goo with warm water the gel's potent combo of Provitamin B5, Red Alga, Sodium Hyaluronate and Marine Hydrolysed Collogen ingredients definitely left my face feeling velvety smooth and soft. I can only imagine the improved skin texture, look and feel that would ensue with continued use. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hey Mommies! Meet Mama Mio...

The best advice I was given as soon as I found out I was preggers, was to start oiling up or moisturizing my bump pronto. Although I lube my entire body pretty religiously, I definitely made sure to step it up, so to avoid stretch marks (and so far, so good, but alas, the stretchiest stretching is still to come...). Yet, one issue that seemed to prove unavoidable was the itchy skin curse that comes along with my ever growing midsection!

Attention all of my preggy pals: allow me to introduce you to Mamma Mio and their life changing Tummy Rub, Stretch Mark Butter!

Mamma Mio has a full line of mommy care products to help any mom-to-be or mother of three, tighten up, preserve, and care for her lady parts. This Tummy Rub cured my itchy belly after only two days of morning and evening application!! This heaven sent bottle contains Shea butter, borage oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, and rosehip seed oil-a como creating 'natural latex' for the baby bump! Another amazing bonus to this beyond luxurious cream, is the packaging. The Stretch Mark Butter box has encouraging messages and bits of positivity printed on every inch, an adorable and much appreciated detail.

This award winning Tummy Rub (seriously!! they were given the title of Best Stretch Mark Product by the Pregnancy and Birth Awards!) is safe, made of only natural ingredients, and even approved for use during breast feeding! I have absolutely started a committed relationship with Mamma Mio products and I believe they will continue to make my skin happy for a very long time. I highly recommend adding a few bottles of Tummy Rub to your registry immediately!

Oil La La!

Leonor Greyl is super luxe, super French, super decadent brand of hair and skin products and this face and body oil is par for the course. With a classic, feminine scent, and a thick, moisturizing oil, this treatment will not only make your skin soft and nourished, but will leave you feeling elegant, even if you're at home, rocking a French braid, eating french fries!