Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Borghese, B Gloss Lip Gloss-Crimson Kiss

OK, I'm officially obsessed with this gloss. The color is a lovely watermelon-so flattering. It's high gloss and instant glam. I layered it over the lip plumper and can't get enough. Putting it in my makeup bag for my vacation this week. Wahoo!

Borghese, Labbro Più Paffuto Lip Plumper

Click Here

I'm always skeptical about lip plumpers. I don't think they do a thing. This however left my lips uber-tingly and I must say a bit plumper. The scent is fantastically pleasant.

Monday, March 21, 2011

dr. brandt detoxifying anti-oxidant water booster® goji-maqui

This is pumped full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. A dropper full is equal to 15 cups of green tea. I put it in my water and had at it. Unfortunately, the taste is odd. The more I drank the less I enjoyed it. It is much easier to drink when you put it in hot water. I'm not sure if it works but I'll tell you that I will be putting it in my mug when I feel a cold coming on. That's for sure.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's in my beach bag??

Tired of  the long, lingering winter, my husband and I are planning a much needed vacay (you're welcome, MasterCard!). I will need to pack some fantastic new products to keep me looking effortlessly fresh!

The following gems have a flight to catch: Sally Hansen's~Salon Effects, Arrojo~Styling Whip, Foot Petals~Tip Toes, Amika~Shine Spray, Tarte~Lip Surgence, & Beauty Addicts~Lip Gloss

Sally Hansen's~Salon Effects
Sally H has come out with these decal-like nail colors in an endless assortment of colors and prints! No stinky polish smell, no need to sit while your nails dry, and no mess to clean up! I found these little stick-ems to chip just as easily as polish, but more difficult to touch-up. I'm throwing these in my carry-on so that I can give myself a  zebra print manicure on the plane, without offending any other passengers with nail polish stench and still able to eat my in-flight peanuts without smudging!!

Arrojo~Styling Whip
This lightweight, heavenly scented fluff is a delicious foamed serum that makes hair easy to style and smooth to the touch. Whether applied before heat styling or prior to air drying, this simple and smart whip is a must have for no fuss hair styling. This product will be checked with my luggage and used for easy, post-swim beach waves! 

Foot Petals~Tip Toes
These virtually invisible, ball of foot cushions provide pillow soft comfort for feet adorned in sexy heels. They stop feet from sliding forward and help to avoid scrunchy toes. These little cushies are a must have for me and my strappy, vacation sandals!!

Amika~Shine Spray
 This natural, earthy hair treatment boasts moisture and shine to wet or dry hair. It is deeply scented and heavily oiled. My fine hair slurps this stuff up, but is left a bit greasy-not ideal for everyday life, but perfect for a day of lock-frying, lounging in the sun.

Tarte~Lip Surgence
I love a low maintenance make-up job with a pop to the lip. In the dead of summer, I'll often run my errands without a lick of facial coverage, simply a hint of mascara and a dramatic lip color. I can't wait to use Tarte's all natural, sharpener free lip luster in "adored" on my newly sun kissed face!!

Beauty Addicts~Lip Gloss
Any good beach bummin' trip offers at least one fabulous night out! I will certainly be rocking this lip shine in Lilac with a sunshiney maxi dress and metallic sandals! It has just a hint of sparkle and about a gallon of sexy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate St. Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland by driving the winter blahs from your hair & body with some LUSH pampering!

We suggest:

Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo-- so much better than green beer!

Stepping Stone for happy feet.

And, on the off chance you over-imbibe today, there is help: Too Drunk To… Emotibomb for a healing bath.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dr. Michael Gold clears the air

Have you ever questioned whether your favorite product started losing its effectiveness after time? Or if it’s all in your head? We have, and dermatologist/dermasurgeon Dr. Michael Gold confirmed that we are, in fact, not going crazy and there are many different reasons for products to cause varying results.
Dr. Gold is here to clear up why your favorite product may not be working as well as it used to and how to avoid this problem:

Routine Change: If you have changed your regular application routine which has been working for a while, try being more diligent and sticking to a consistent schedule

Shelf Life: If you are using an old product, the active ingredient can lose its potency, reducing the effectiveness of the product. Toss out products shortly after the expiration date. It’s also a good idea to note the smell—if it’s starts to change chances are the actives have changed and it’s time to throw it away.Skin Tolerance: When you use a product for a long time, at times your skin can become tolerant to it and it stops working as well as it used to. For example, Dr. Gold says that medicated shampoos lose their effectiveness over time, which is similar to the reason that some OTC products are not as good as prescription products.

Expecting Too Much: Do not over-estimate what a product can do. Dr. Gold says we often expect more than what the product can actually do. Sometimes you believe you have just bought the next miracle cream, when in fact, it does little more than what you used to use.

So stick to the products that work best for you and when in doubt consult your dermatologist.

LUSH hair-- for real!

Did you know that LUSH makes haircare?

Yes, I'm getting to this party a bit late, but I get so involved with the soaps that I don't notice anything else-- like the very pleasant hour I spent with a strange boy in Toronto, just smelling the soaps.

When I got the Godiva shampoo bar, I was thinking chocolate. It's not.
That was the only even mildly disappointing thing about this.
The jasmine scent is delicious, your bathroom & your hair will smell tropical and wonderful. The recommended usage for the bar is to rub it on your head, but I prefer to lather it in my hands and wash my hair that way. I guess it's just the control freak in me. Lathers well and rinses easily. Leaves hair wonderfully clean & soft. I'm hooked!
Add to that-- no plastic bottles, so no waste. Just phenomenal hair.

After getting my hair all nice & clean, a good conditioner is vital.
I like a leave-in-- less shower time, easier to comb, fights frizz.
However, many leave-ins leave my hair either dry or oily. Dry hair is no good, I am not a fan of the straw-head look. Oily is even worse-- can make my neck break out (ewwww).
LUSH's R&B is the perfect middle ground, just like baby bear's porridge! My hair is so happy, and combing is so much easier. I would have named it Magic Smoothing Cream, cause that's what it is. And it smells lovely. Economical, too, as a little bit goes a long way. I just dip the tip of a finger into the pot and use that.

Just as well I didn't catch on to the Haircare at the LUSH store in Toronto, as I'm sure hauling a trailer full of product across the border wouldn't have been practical. Now, the power of Internet shopping can enable everyone to have great LUSH hair!

Dr. Imber helps you fight Skin Cancer

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber (www.Drimber.com) is known for fighting the effects of aging through his revolutionary philosophy: prevention – maintenance – treatment.
To bring attention to Skin Cancer Awareness month in May, Dr. Imber shares some tips based on this philosophy that will help protect against skin cancer. From details about why the sun is damaging, what products are the best for protection, to treatments including Moh’s surgery, Dr. Imber share some advice.
· Damaging sunlight involves two portions of the light spectrum: UVA and UVB.
UVB rays cause tanning and skin cancers in the superficial layer of the skin, and are prevalent in the mid day of the summer season. (10-4).
UVA rays are much more common, up to 50x more than UVB, and penetrate to the deep layer of the skin (dermis). They cause aging by denaturing collagen, and contribute to the development of skin cancers. UVA rays penetrate clothing and un-tinted glass. UVA and UVB are the best types of sunscreen. A combination of chemical ingredients as well as a sun block, or reflector of the sun’s rays is recommended. Do not believe claims of “waterproof or sport proof.” Sun protective clothing helps as well.
· Youth Corridor Soothe & Defend™ Moisturizer with SPF 30 UVA and UVB protection (www.youthcorridor.com) is a great daily use moisturizer and sunscreen. Many companies, like Neutrogena’s Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion, produce excellent titanium dioxide products for summer sun use.
· The most overlooked areas in need of protection are the nose, the neck and the back of the hands.
· It is not known whether any treatment can protect against incipient skin cancer, but aging accelerated by sun exposure is manifested in brown spots (sunspot), wrinkles and laxity of skin caused by collagen loss. These can be significantly reversed by certain laser treatments and by the daily application of antioxidant serums such as Youth Corridor (www.youthcorridor.com) Boost Skin Serum with 10% Vitamin C, E and Melatonin.?
· It takes more than 25 years for skin cancer to develop. 80% of a lifetime of sun exposure occurs by age 18. Skin cancers typically develop after 50.??
· Concerning skin cancer signs include irregular skin areas, growing lesions, or moles, and changing dark spots.??
· 80% of all skin cancers are basal cell carcinoma usually cured by simple surgical excision. 10% are squamous cell carcinomas which have the ability to spread and must be excised more aggressively. The remaining 10% are melanomas, which are potentially lethal, and must be treated surgically, and very aggressively. These are typically very dark, spreading pigment spots, though occasionally may present in other forms. ?
· Skin cancers of the face present the difficult problem of removing them completely without defect or deformity. In areas like the nose, cheek or near the eyes skin, cancers are often removed by a technique called Moh’s Surgery. It actually maps the area and insures that all the cancer has been removed. This often leaves the patient with a difficult to repair defect. I have specialized in repairing difficult defects for several Moh’s surgeons for many years and the results are often nothing short of miraculous. It is a rewarding application of all the skills of the plastic surgeon, and an important service to provide the community.

Redken goes natural

Redken has launched a new collection-- Nature’s Rescue. The products are paraben-free, sulfate-free and silicone-free haircare essentials, with plant and marine extracts, that remove impurities and buildup while helping nourish hair.

The shampoo really cleans without over-cleaning. Great de-junker.

The Polish is the coolest thing-- exfoliation for your scalp! Not too rough, but a super-scrub. Better scalp=better hair!

And the conditioner is very nice, cooling on your melon, feels light, but leaves hair soft and well-conditioned.

A+ for Redken!

Friday, March 11, 2011

"I Love Fragrance" at Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is here to help you discover your fragrance personality at an exclusive one-day “I Love Fragrance” in-store event nationwide.
Taking place on Saturday, March 19th from 1-5pm, the I Love Fragrance Event is dedicated to identifying your perfect scent in the Signature Collection from Bath & Body Works. Whether you’re new to the Signature Collection or a long-time devotee, Bath & Body Works associates are trained fragrance experts who can discover your fragrance personality and the right scent to suit your style. Say I Love Fragrance and find your perfect scent at Bath & Body Works:
  • Take the Bath & Body Works fragrance personality quiz to find your Signature Collection fragrance personality
  • Visit the Bath & Body Works Moisture Station to try out assorted Signature Collection moisturizers
  • Bath & Body Works fragrance experts will offer insider tips and tricks for new ways to wear Signature Collection
  • Enjoy exclusive offers and special gifts
  • Vote on the next summer scent launch from Bath & Body Works

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar Hair for real life

Last night’s Oscar styles were full of simplicity and retro elegance, including the hair! From ponytails worn by Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon to topknots and buns worn by Hailee Steinfeld, Melissa Leo and Sandra Bullock to the 70's waves worn by Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Marissa Tomei, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman and Mandy Moore. Pureology PureArtists, Ruth Roche, Dawn Stemick, Darren Pena, Brenda McGann, Christopher Devaney and Sandra Joseph give step-by-steps on how to achieve these hot hairstyle trends from last night’s Oscars:
Trend #1: Polished Pony – as seen on Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman
Step 1: Spray Pureology ColourStylist FortifyingHeatSpray to entire head, along with a blend of ColourStylist AntiSplitBlowDry and NourishingNectar before drying in a directional pattern of the ponytail shape with a flat paddle brush.
Step 2: When hair is dry, create a high ponytail on the crown of the head using a small paddle brush and/or combs to ensure a perfectly smooth perimeter. After securing pony with an elastic, apply a pea-sized amount of ColourStylist SilkBodifier to a fine-toothed Comb and smooth in any flyaways around the hairline.
Step 3: Take a 1″ section of hair from the ponytail and spray ColourStylist StrengtheningControl hairspray down the length and smooth with fingers before wrapping around base of pony to hide the elastic.
Step 4: To create the waves Reese had, take a 1" hot curling iron and wrap hair around it and drop.
Step 5: Smooth length of ponytail with ColourStylist CuticlePolisher
Trend #2: Waves of Glory as seen on Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Mandy Moore, Anne Hathaway
Step 1: Spray Pureology ColourStylist FortifyingHeatSpray throughout hair and layer SilkBodifier and NourishingNectar in as well. Blowdry completely.
Step 2: Twist varying sized sections no larger than 1″ and wrap down the length of a curling iron. For added strength spray each section with ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray prior to wrapping. Secure each curl with a single prong clip to cool.
Step 3: Drop clips and work a tiny, pea-sized amount of ColourStylist CuticlePolisher through hands prior to breaking up curls with fingertips.
Step 4: Finish with a light mist of ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray.
Trend #3: Top Knot as seen on Hailee Steinfeld, Sandra Bullock and Melissa Leo
Step 1: Prep hair with Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Condition
Step 2: Work ColourStylist Nourishing Nectar sculpting gel through damp hair
Step 3: Blow hair dry smooth with a large paddle brush
Step 4: Take a dime-size amount of ColourStylist CuticlePolisher and run through hair from mid-shaft to ends
Step 5: Draw hair into a high ponytail, take a small egg-size ColourStylist SilkBodifier voluminizing mousse and run over ponytail
Step 6: Separate pony into two sections and twist sections over each other
Secure end of pony with elastic
Step 7: Wrap pony around base and secure with a bobby pin. Finish look with ColourStylist Strengthing Contol zero dulling hairspray