Thursday, March 26, 2009

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Mullet

This almost sage green eyeliner is all glitter. It's super easy to apply because of a thin and lovely brush. It's perfect for someone who will be on stage and wants drama and sparkles. It's a bit intense for everyday unless you're just that kind of girl. Do note, it's a pain in the behind to get off. Glitter ends up all over your face and eyes.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pangea Organics Face Mask

Pangea Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai and Goji Berry Facial Mask
Smells earthy, makes your face green!
Yeah, I'm into masks right now. It's the whole clean-pores thing.
Reminds me of cooked greens, but with gentle-scrubby bits.
Makes my face all smooth & refined-feeling.
Bonus: the box that the jar of mask comes in is a garden waiting to happen! 
No, seriously. You soak the box in water, plant it, and fancy Pangea plants grow. 
How can you not love that packaging?!?!

C.O. Bigelow: Power Berry Mask

Power Berry Mask
I'm actually using this (again) as I type.
Smells like blueberries/
Soothing & cooling.
Sucks the goo out of my pores.
Makes my face purple.
I really like this,
despite the Willy Wonka-flash I had while applying ("Violet, you're turning Violet!").

C.O. Bigelow: All-in-1 Protective Lotion...

All-in-1 Protective Day Lotion SPF 25
(Light-Weight Formula) - Normal to Oily Skin
Light lotion.
Doesn't cause zits, UVA/UVB protection, anti-oxidants.
All VERY good in my book!
Pump tube, dispenses easily.
Clean, beachy smell.
Me likes!

Global Goddess-- Lip Veils

Moroccan Mystique Lip Veils
Good color-not too strong, but definitely there.
Glossy- no blinding glare, just a nice shine.
No stickiness or goopy-ness!
Goes on smoothly, feels hydrating, yet light on the lips.
Wears surprisingly well for a gloss!
Very nice scent--kind of a spiced cherry.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow-Flash

Click Here

I'm really loving all things Urban Decay as of late. This eyeshadow in Flash is a great example. It's a bright springy purple that blends easily and doesn't evaporate or crease. It's great with a sheer lip since it's just that bright. The packaging is a NYC subway token too. Perty cool!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Olay Definity

Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer

From Mal:
I like the foam & it is easy to apply.
Good basic moisturizer, but I have used it for about a month &
havent's noticed any real difference.

Palmer's Lotion

Shea Butter Formula with Vitamin E

From Mal:
Pretty nice, but does leave my skin kind of greasy.

EO Foaming Hand & Body Soap

From Mal:

I like the foam, even though the tangerine smell is pretty strong.
The younger kids like the soap because of the bubbles.
Okay, but not notably great.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lamas REPAIR ME Conditioning Detangling Mist

Click Here

This gave me great texture after I washed my hair. The scent is citrusy and sort of aromatherapy-very pleasant. After a few sprays, I was able to get a comb through my hair without issue. It's lightweight and ideal if you're short on time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

MUD Cares Palette

MUD (make-up designory) Cares Palette

The MUD Cares Palette is a compact full of four eye colors that will look terrific on anyone with any skin tone. These colors were hand-selected by members of NextAid, and you can combine and use them in so many different ways. There is a light Dulce de Leche color, a dazzling Spanish Gold color, a warm Cashmere pink, and a brilliant Moss green shade. Not only are these four essential and marvelous colors every day wearable, but by purchasing this products you are donating money to a worthy cause. 100% of your MUD Cares Palette purchase will go toward "building a safe and sustainable home for children in Africa who have been orphaned by AIDS." Need I say more?!?

Urban Decay Cream Eyeshadow

Urban Decay
Cream Eyeshadow - Rehab

Urban Decay's cute, compact, Cream Eyeshadow is convenient to carry in any clutch or purse. The applicator brush makes it easy to use and virtually mess-free. Rehab is a shimmery, creamy taupe color. The best way to apply it is to try a thin layer, then let it dry before reapplying. The color enhances as it dries. Plus if you apply too much, it may goop up in the creases. Once it dries it feels light, but stays all day.

Everyday Minerals Eyeliner

Everyday Minerals
Black Eye liner

Everyday Minerals is an amazing company. They are very earth friendly and environmentally conscious. Their products are bio-safe and wrapped in recycled tissue. Their workplace is also chemical-free and they provide a bicycle to every employee after six months! Now lets talk about their product. The powder Black Eye Liner is great. You can use it wet or dry, depending on how strong or soft you want your line to be. Let me warn you: a little goes a LONG way. The first time I used it dry, I made a mess. Of course they do everything they can to prevent this by putting it in a sifter jar, but I somehow managed to use way too much. Once I mastered the application, I loved it. It is a staple to any makeup collection. Wonderful to use both wet and dry. Everyday Minerals is quality company that it is everyday affordable. Please check out their website and sign up to receive your free sample makeup kit today!

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss

Bobbi Brown
Lip Gloss

There are four different Bobbi Brown lip glosses I want to rave about. The first one is the Lip Compact Blush Pink Creamy Lip Color. It was one of the new lip colors recently featured in Lucky Magazine. It is a creamy soft pink color that goes on and stays on. I love the compact and the color. The next compact color is Bobbi's Glitter Lip Gloss in Baby (pink). It is a shimmery light pink that works well by itself or over a darker shade. I love it because it is makes my lips feel soft and shiny at the same time. The next two glosses come in little tubes with a lip brush, and they both have a hint of vanilla to them. The Mauve lip gloss makes my lips feel so soft when I apply it. It is a great day or night color. Bobbi's new Confetti Shimmer lip gloss is my favorite by far. I love the shiny pink color that it paints on my lips. This color can be worn alone or over another color to give it a little sparkle and shine. It is thick and stays on well. I am in love with Bobbi Brown's Lip Glosses!

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown
Birch Eyeshadow & Rock Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow

Bobbi's new spring colors include shades of brown. Birch and Mink. The Birch matte eye shadow is a rich soft brown, that glides on your eyelids and stays all day. It is a great to blend and use on your eyelid up to the crease. The Rock Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow is sheen and light. Not to be confused with the Sparkle Eye Shadow. Rock is a shimmery light grey that can be used right under the brow or on your eyelids. Visit the Bobbi Brown website for great complimentary colors and shading tips for any of her fabulous eye shadows.

Redken Overnight Treat

Real Control

Overnight Treat Night Recovery Treatment

For those of us who take the time to style our hair, this is a must have. It is a thick and creamy lotion that you put in your hair at night. It doesn't matter if your hair is wet or dry. You just put it in and go to sleep while it works its magic. Redken's Overnight Treat will not stain your pillow. It makes your hair feel amazingly soft when you wake up. You can keep it in all day or rinse it out in the morning. After a couple of uses, your hair looks shiny, healthy and is more manageable.

Redken Extreme Iron Repair

Extreme Iron Repair

This fruity smelling lotion helps repair damaged hair. Apply to towel dried hair before blow drying and styling. Lightweight lotion, makes your hair feel smooth and strong. Great product that helps make your dry hair feel healthier. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who frequently uses hair dryers, curling/flat irons.

emmett cooper HAIRCARE detangler tonic

emmett cooper HAIRCARE
detangler tonic

Easy to use right out of the shower before other styling products. Do not need to apply a lot for it to be effective. Small amounts work best. Too much may make your hair feel coated. Detangles instantly without a lot of effort. Great for all hair types.

Logona Makeup Remover

Logona Soft Cleansing Pads

Makeup removal can be such a pain. I have tried everything from pads to tissues to oils to washes. These soft cleansing pads from Logona make removal of eye makeup easy. They are convenient to use, soft, not oily, and non-irritating to my eyes. You can use each pad more than once, and the case can be easily packed to take with you on a trip or to the gym. I can't always get all of my mascara off (especially if it is waterproof), but the soft pads do a pretty good job of removing everything else. I love the fact that my eyes don't feel greasy or irritated after using them. They are great to use at night before going to bed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tony Little's Gazelle Edge

Yes, I watch the occasional infomercial.

Far fewer than I did before we had cable, though.

Got one for birthday from a couple of super uncles & aunts (thanks, guys!).

It was easy to assemble, easy to use, not so easy for me to fold it up, but that could have something to do with a lack of coordination...

It does say that it does not need to be oiled, but using some WD-40 helps stop the squeaks.

Really easy to use, it is just gliding. Problems: Easy to get bored, no way to increase resistance that I can figure out, no place for me to set remote;)

Doing a mile had no perceptible impact, but legs hurt after doing 2.5 miles. Then again, I am a wimp.

It's a nice, easy way to get off your keister & feel like you have done something mildly athletic.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Landice L7 Treadmill

Easy to read displays, big plus when you have bleary-morning eyes.
Good programs-- you can modify speeds/elevation in the pre-programed work-outs.
You don't have to use pre-programmed, you can set your own speed & elevation, changing is easy.
Personal note- the Intervals program kicks my butt. You go from strolling to running at maximum elevation, SO exhausting.

Redken Iron Silk 07 Ultra Staightening Spray

From JenB.:
 I've only used it on my daughter when using a flat iron--works great at keeping it smooth. Definitely kept her hair flat, but shiny and healthy looking. I don't use it often, but it does seem to work.

Redken Fabricate 03 Heat-Active Texturizer

From JenB:
This is fantastic!! 
It seemed to add texture when I needed it when styling w/the blow dryer. 
It was very light, it actually felt like I wasn't using any product--no buildup or residue. 
I also used it on my daughter when using a flat iron and it worked great on keeping the style there without frizz.