Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shop the source!

Day 22:

Go on over to and pick up great stuff from New Balance (love the jacket), Hanes, and more--even shoelaces!

25 percent of your merchandise purchase price will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in the fight against breast cancer.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Marcel me!

If you like a more structured curl, Sam Villa is here to help!

Sam Villa's TEXTUR™ Pin Set - his favorite technique for achieving an intense amount of volume. Note: This technique can be done with either the Sam Villa Signature Series SLEEKR™ or TEXTUR™. Use TEXTUR™ to create more character and volume.


1. Take a small section of hair and spray from a distance with Redken hot sets 22 thermal setting mist and comb through

2. Open a large hairpin (the more flexible, the better) and stretch the sides apart (making the shape of the letter A)

3. Hold pin at the joint with the thumb and index finger and place the joint over the section of hair a couple inches from the base of the head

4. Wrap hair in a figure 8 pattern (over, under, through and around) and twist twice at the end (any more and it will be difficult to remove)

5. Compress section with the Sam Villa Signature Series TEXTUR™ or SLEEKR™

6. Let cool, untwist the hairpin, straighten legs and slide pin out to reveal a textured “S” set

7. Break up texture with fingers and finish with Redken forceful 23 super strength finishing spray

Hair How-to from Pureology

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and Pureology knows how to take you there in style. Pureology PureArtists give the must-have hair trends this upcoming season and how to achieve them with Pureology stylers.
Finger Waves
1. Set hair vertically using a vertical iron or hot roller placement, moving curls away from the face and allow curls to cool.
2. Break curls apart with fingers using DryShine HairStyler to define and add shine.
3. Finish with InCharge Flexible Styling Spray.
4. Add GlossingMist for final touch of shine.
1. Blow dry hair smooth with PureVolume BlowDryAmplifier and PureVolume ThickeningMist to create thickness and volume.
2. Pull hair back into a ponytail just below the occipital bone, using Hydrate ShineMax to polish and control static. Secure pony with an elastic.
3. Mist each section of ponytail with InCharge Flexible Holding Spray. Curl pony with large 1" barrel iron. Let curls cool completely.
4. Break curls apart using TextureTwist throughout the pony to add dimension and control.
5. Pin sections of pony with closed fasteners until desired shape is formed.
6. Finish with InChargePlus Firm Finishing Spray.
Sleek and Chic
1. Create a ponytail at the top of the head using DryShine HairStyler for an ultra sleek gloss with hold (be careful not to let DryShine HairStyler touch hair ends). Secure with an elastic.
2. Divide ponytail in half for medium density or into three sections for thick density.
3. Polish the first section with NanoWorks ShineLuxe until you create a clean, shiny ribbon of hair.
4. Create a large flat pin curl with ribbon of hair using InChargePlus Firm Finishing Spray to give some moldability; secure ends over base of ponytail.
5. Repeat step 3 with remaining section or sections, creating a looping effect at the back of the head.
6. Finish look with GlossingMist.

Artist Marilyn Minter goes into bags for education

Day 21:

From Intermix, the Marilyn Minter bag has a film still from Green Pink Caviar on one side, with "marilyn minter green pink caviar presented by intermix for bright pink," in bright pink, on the reverse.

A percentage of the proceeds go to Bright Pink, which helps high-risk women to take care of their breasts & ovarian health.

RAMY~Juicy Cheeks, Sheer Intense Cheek Color

RAMY-Beauty Therapy's Sheer Intense Cheek Color in "Pure Juice" comes in a cute, simple, mirrored compact with a convenient mirror. At first peek, this shade looks as though it would be even too dramatic for Barbie herself, but once applied, it really is a sheer, glossy, perfect highlight for any cheek. Under powder for day, and less blended for night, this adorable little gem of a product is my new go-to for dull winter skin, or when I need a bit of brightening up in my make-up regime. I'm hooked!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let your face go Global.

Day 20:

Global Goddess Beauty, an awesome brand, has created Chai Cheek Color in Chowrasta!

20% of net proceeds will go directly to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), benefiting breast cancer research and awareness.

Everyday Minerals~Eye-Mystic Night and Cheeks Best Friends

At first glance, I was really excited to try these products. The Everyday Minerals line is a well-known brand and this eye color looked fantastic! Application of this eye shadow changed my mind-I found it incredibly difficult to blend and equally as hard to control-it powdered and flaked off of my lids, leaving dark purple specks all over my cheeks. Not so attractive.

The cheek color, although easier to apply and control, was not much to brag about. The shade "Best Friends" is a deep, natural blush color, but again, not a product I would necessarily recommend or endorse.
Overall, Everyday Minerals left me bored and unimpressed. I was expecting a great, popular brand, in fun, vibrant colors, but was left with a boring mess.


One with Nature~Rose Petal Soap

One with Nature uses a pure vegetable base, shea butter, and dead sea minerals to create this delicious bar of goodness for your skin. The rose scent is delicate and lovely, the exfoliants are mild and gentle, and the shea butter leaves your skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. I'm not usually a bar-soap kind of girl, but One with Nature has made me a changed woman!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You'll need these for the brighter future!

Day 19:

Oakley goes glam with DANGEROUS!

Oakley is showing its support for the Young Survival Coalition’s mission of action, advocacy and awareness by donating $20.00 from each sale of the special YSC breast cancer awareness edition sunglasses to the organization. The YSC’s core purpose is to improve the quality and quantity of life for all young women facing the challenges of breast cancer.

Elegant multi-gifting!

Day 18:

Gifts that give back--with panache!
I'm enamored of the Wrapped in Love scarf and the Orchid.
10% goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Source Toothbrush

Click Here

I had no idea that toothbrushes could be so luxe. Made of 93% recyclable material , this super soft toothbrush is too cool. The handle lasts forever and you just change the head. The brush is very soft and quite wide-which is great for reaching across more teeth. Best part? It's reversible for right or left handed brushing. Very clever, indeed.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bobbi Brown PINKS it up!

Day 17:
Check out the Limited Edition

Pink Ribbon Collection from Bobbi Brown!

A beautiful limited-edition lip set featuring an exclusive new shade, Blush Pink Creamy Lip Color and a limited-edition Pink Crystal Glitter Lip Balm, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Bonus: This item ships for free all month!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rock the fight!

Day 16:

Hard Rock Cafe is hosting a series of concerts to benefit breast cancer research!
Even if you can't make a concert (or stay in one of their hotels with special pink rooms), you can still get the gear!

I bought the pink tee last weekend--it is so soft & lovely. Check out the shop & order today!

Cheeky fighter!

Day 15:

Celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni, a cancer survivor himself, is showing his support by donating 20% of proceeds of Melon Rouge Juicy Cheeks to Cancer Cares.

Looks bright in the compact, but goes on sheer & lovely!

Friday, October 23, 2009


SensiClear System

My husband has some occasional breakouts and has tried several different face washes and products. Since I knew he was still searching for something that worked, I let him try the SensiClear System. It only took one use for him to decide that this was the product for him. He even went so far as to say that he preferred it to ProActiv. The thing he likes best is that his face feels clean after using it, and the face wash is gentle on his skin. His only complaint was that if he forgets to pack it and take it with him on trips, his face tends to break out again. Overall, he would recommend this product over all others that he has tried so far and will continue to use it in the future!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The mother-ship spreads love & beauty!

Day 14:

The mother-ship (Sephora) has THREE pink products--they will donate up to $2 from the sale of each product to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF): an organization dedicated to funding innovative clinical and translational breast cancer research worldwide.
  • Sephora Super Shimmer in Forever Pink- lipgloss!
  • Sephora Refillable Blush Brush- retractable!
  • Sephora Pink Eyelash Curler
Go to your local Sephora store, call (1-877-SEPHORA), or visit

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pink down to your fingertips!

For Day 13, a two-fer!

Jessica ("the 1st lady of nails") brings you PINK POWER: Super-pink polish and top coat-- side by side in the fight against cancer!

45% of proceeds from the Dynamic Duo will be donated to the American Institute for Cancer Research, which is part of the World Cancer Research Fund to support breast cancer research.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DDF Advanced Firming Cream

I used this every night before bed for a week and didn't see any difference in firmness. The smell is a little medicinal but not strong. The texture is light to medium thickness. I did notice that my skin was pretty dry after using it. Considering I have extremely dry skin, this may be best for someone who has more normal or combination skin.

Ecru New York Silk Nourishing Cream

This leave-in conditioner rocks!

Goes on easily after shower, lets me comb through without snags.
Not so heavy that my hair becomes greasy mess-- even washing every other day.
My hair just feels nice.

Light scent (generic hair product-ish, not that salon-of-death smell).
Faster and easier for me to use than conditioner (I don't like to open my eyes during morning shower--still asleep!).
Just a little bit & my hair is soft & nice!!!

DDF Acne Control Treatment

This Salicylic Acid Acne fighter is great!
Goes in for the kill without leaving collateral damage.

Treat your zits at night, wake up clear or clearer in the morning.

Not so much for teen-style acne, but great for the occasional flare-up in adults.

Bonus: Works well on those underground suckers you can feel growing.

DDF Glossy Lip Treatment

Tastes like peppermint ice cream!
Has spf!
Glossy, but not like you are trying to use your lips as a mirror.
Not sticky!

DDF, I love this!

I use it alone & over non-SPF-rated lipsticks/stains.

SLEEKSkin from SLEEK MedSpa Oily-Acneic Skin Kit

SLEEKSkin indeed!

The Oily-Acneic Kit contains four products:
  • De-clog to clean
  • Tame to tone
  • Clear to treat
  • Moisture to (you'll never guess) moisturize

My skin actually got worse for the first two or three days, but I persevered & it cleared up!
I think the initial nastiness is from all the crap getting out of your pores.

Using the line, mostly the De-Clog and Moisture, got rid of all the lovely blackheads on my nose! It has even made a difference in the weird chin bumps I get.

I really like that it clears up effectively without making your skin an ashy, flaky mess!

If you are at all prone to breakouts, I would recommend the SleekSkin products any day, definitely better than ProActive!!!

Umberto Oval Brush

The best of both worlds: great brush, great price!
Target brings us a new haircare line from Umberto Savone of the Beverly Hills salon Umberto.
The Oval Brush is awesome!
The boar & nylon bristle combination is great for finishing up your look without removing a layer of scalp.

OLE HENRIKSEN Apricot Cleansing Lotion

My skin is not generally dry (unless it's opposite day), but I have a boatload of allergies.
I thought I'd try this, recommended for dry or sensitive skin, as my skin was being way too sensitive.

Pink and fruity, you only need a little bit to rub on to your dry face. The instructions call for a "complexion sponge," but I use my Clarisonic.

Rinse, and voila-- my skin glows. Really. I look like marble, and I don't mean because of my pallor. I even used it through my extreme-oil time-of-the-month! It cleans and clarifies, never over drying, and doesn't leave a residue.

I highly recommend the Apricot Cleansing Lotion-- it costs more than the drug-store stuff, but the bottle will last a very long time. It makes my skin so happy!!!

Hair Wars: The No!No! Strikes Back

So, I approached the new No! No! with a moderate amount of fear.

The first generation of the No! No! left me burnt & scarred (see all our reviews).

But after the pain involved when my Emjoi Chic Epilator went bad, a little burning suddenly did not seem so bad.

This one, however, does NOT burn!!!

There is still the burnt hair smell, but no actual burning of the skin. Big plus in my book!
It still requires patience, but there are visible results.
Less hair grows back!

It does not slow the growth of what does grow back, so I still sprout on a daily basis, but there is a good third less hair!

The next tester has a slower hair-growth cycle, so she will be a better person to try.

All in all, I like the less hair growing back & no burns! I do wish it took less time (patience is not a virtue I possess in any large amounts) and slowed re-growth.

Bath and Body Works-Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub

Moved here:
My beautiful blogger friend pawned this sugar scrub product off on me because it was making her sneeze. I was happy to help her out (and indulge myself as well!), and took the Jasmine and Vanilla Sugar Scrub home to escape into exfoliation bliss....

Not an hour after having the little tub of scrub in my home, my husband and I both had killer headaches from the strong scent. I did make it to the tub with the stuff, but could not even bare to keep it. Perhaps my nose is sensitive, but my sneezy friend and our aching heads lead me to believe that this is just an over-perfumed product.

The exfoliation factor was fine-it felt nice on my skin, but because of the overpowering scent, I ended up showering again, not wanting my skin to smell of it. Any benefits from this scrub are definitely cancelled out by it's stench. Not so therapeutic afterall.

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Get your Shop on for the greater good.

Day 11:

STYLEFIXX holds shopping parties in several major cities.
In addition to top fashion and beauty brand sales, you can get some free treatments!
Advance ticket holders get a swag bag as well!

100% of ticket sales to benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation!

Go to and check it out!

Keep a stiff upper lip (not Botox)

For Day 12, I'd like to present what I hope will become my new motto:


Get these lovely posters from in several colors:
readers just have to enter BrainyBeautysResearch at checkout and
$5.00 of each poster sale will be donated to the Israel Cancer Research Fund.

Be sure to check out their entire range of home goods while you are at it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Logona Naturkosmetic

I took Friday off work, and thought, why not be brave? So I was brave and gave Logona a try. While I love natural products, and have a fondness for Jojoba, Almond Oil and Calendula, my sensitive skin just can't handle it. *sigh*
I used the Light Beige (01) - just a tad pale for my odd mix of pink-with-yellow- undertones complexion. I loved the packaging - in my humble opinion all foundation should be in a squeezable tube! The scent is distinctive, lasting and a little bit too much. Kind of medicinal. The coverage was light - great for those looking for something in between a tinted moisturizer and a regular foundation. It promised to control oil, which it did - a miraculous feat on my super oily mug. But on the downside, it inflamed some already compromised areas on my face. If only I wasn't so sensitive...gee, where have I heard that before? LOL

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Day 10:
Get a little something pink for yourself & something to help a cancer patient while donating!

VMV Hypoallergenics is teaming up with one of the leading not-for-profit organizations dedicated to preventing and finding a cure for breast cancer, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and will donate a dollar from each sale of a gorgeous assortment of pretty-in-pink shades, including:
  • Glow Lip and Cheek Tint in Debutante, Blush Crush and Tea Rose
  • The Big O! Glow Spectacularly Glossy Lip and Cheek Lustre in Baby Doll, Frou Frou, Snuggle and Show Girl
  • Lip Bliss Lipstick in Pink Diamond, Veronica and Pamper Me
  • Lipped Crème Lipstick in Rhubarb Betty and Cranberry Cobbler
  • Matte Last! Lipstick in Swingin and Cool Chik
  • Cheeky Gorgeous Flush-Blush in Cheeky

Further, VMV, whose products are designed to be extra gentle, will also offer discounts on an assortment of products that are recommended for those receiving treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

The company will donate $1 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation from each sale of
  • Armada Baby 50+
  • Armada Post Procedure Barrier Cream 50+
  • Creammmy Moisture Rich Cleanser and Lotion
  • Essence Toothpaste
  • Grandma Minnie Oil's Well Nurturing Do-It-Oil
  • The Big, Brave Boo-Boo Balm.

Lindsay Phillips makes flats!

Super cute & comfortable ballet flats!

Interchangeable accents!

Change your mind & your look with accents that snap onto your shoes!

If I sound like an ad, it's because I LOVE these shoes!!!

I do wish she had them in a deep violet or charcoal grey so I wouldn't feel guilty about getting another pair... Just something to think about, Lindsay Phillips.

P.S.: I do get a huge amount of compliments on these shoes, and that's before I show people that they can do a trick!

Flip-Flops fight!

Day 9:

Lindsay Phillips’ SwitchFlops brings us a limited edition SwitchFlops BCA flip flop.

For every purchase of the BCA flip flop, Lindsay Phillips donates 25% to the Young Survival Coalition and Lindsay’s local charity The Mammography Voucher Program at Morton Plant Mease.

For a SwitchFlops review click here.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Save lives & trees!

So, I missed yesterday-- now you get two today!

Day 8:

Designed by Marimekko exclusively for the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, this bag is adorable & useful!

Zips shut so all your groceries don't fly out!

Go to to order.

Make it last the whole year long!

Day 7:

This year marks the 5th anniversary of Ouidad’s charity, Curls for a Cure.

Ouidad was diagnosed with breast cancer, a disease that took her mother’s life, in 2002 and was fortunate enough to make a full recovery – but recovery would not be the end of her battle.

Because breast cancer is a 24/7 disease –not just in October – Ouidad matches dollar-for-dollar any donations made to Curls for a Cure ALL YEAR ROUND.

By any of the wonderful Ouidad products and donate at Checkout!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Soap that does more than lather.

Day 6:

One With Nature Rose Petal Bar Soap
smells like roses!
Real roses, lovely roses.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, One With Nature will be donating 10% of the sales from Rose Petal Soap to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Stock up at Whole Foods!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Smells like Victory!

Day 5:

Let Antica Farmacista fill your home with a scent that gives back!

Antica Farmacista presents Home Ambiance Fragrance in Peonia Romantico.

Throughout the month of October, 100% of the profits from this floral bouquet of fragrance will go to the Gilda’s Club for breast cancer research.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Arched eyebrows= cancer's archenemy!

Day 4:
Pluck for the cause!

A limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness version of Tweezerman’s best-selling, perfectly precise Slant® Tweezer, Precision in Pink, is now available.

One dollar from the sale of each limited edition Precision in PinkTweezer will go to CancerCare as well as other Breast Cancer Awareness charities throughout the country.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beauty vs. Cancer, Day 3

Join us today in supporting cancer research while getting better hair:

20% ofsales for the month will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
The package contains two of CURLS™’ best selling “cocktail” inspired products in a special pink CURLS™ bag ($34.00) to show support for the cause.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

PINK month, day 2

Today we bring you the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System!

Clarisonic is the best way to get the most from washing your face.
The Mia is their travel version--take it on the road!

Add to your glow: With every Pink Clarisonic purchase, they will make a donation to help fund the fight against breast cancer.

Check out the limited edition! 50% of the profits from sales of this Limited Edition Clarisonic PLUS go directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Clarisonic has donated over half a million dollars so far! Gold star!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

SHOP to fight cancer!

Everyday for the rest of this month, we are spotlighting a special PINK product.
Stopping cancer is everybody's business-- help do your part while getting or gifting great products!

We're starting of with a pretty way to de-funk the air:
Carnation and Pink Peppercorn Fragrance!

Long lasting, yet soft and steady, the fragrance is a gentle reminder of hope for those touched by Breast Cancer. Year round Sweet Grass Farm will support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by donating 10% of the proceeds for each sale of its Hope, Courage & Faith Fragrance Stick Set to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sharing is caring.

I hate the thought of more competition, but I am sharing this with you anyway!
That's just the kind of girl I am.

When you're in the shopping mood: for designers at a discount! for the best for your home!

Tell them I sent you (

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Parissa Natural Hair Remover System 2 in 1 Roll-On

Click Here

Like most hair removal systems, I had high hopes. I'm always in search of the magic bullet that will replace shaving. It is definitely mess-free. Wax stays contained in the green ball and application is easy. Too bad it didn't do a thing for me. It pulled about 3 hairs off my leg. Like a lot of hair removers, I think they're best for blond, peach fuzzy girls. Sad.