Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Stuffed Stocking

Santa was exceptionally generous this year and 
filled my mantle-hung booty with all sorts of irresistible products!!

Check out what the big guy gifted me:

TIGI Dual Bronzer- This combo pack provides whatever you need on any given day! Feeling like you need a bit of bronze? Hit up the right side of this gem! Simply looking for a highlight to your cheek bones? Use the left! For a perfect, sunkissed glow, blend the two together!! This is a must have-especially during the winter when our skin lacks a bit of mother nature shed vitamin D.

Essence, Stay All Day Concealer-Santa really did think of everything!! I love this long lasting stick that hides my facial imperfections. It's easy application and beautiful blendability (is that a word? it is now!) make it a new key player in my arsenal of products!!

Lady Gaga, Fame- When she isn't belting out kick-butt pop and dance jams, abusing the piano in the best possible way, or rocking a meat-suit, Lady Gaga is designing perfumes! Contrary to popular belief, this is not a bottle of blood and semen scent, but rather a feminine fluid with notes of saphron, honey, and apricot!

Essence, Color & Go- Any super busy gal on the go who also loves a fresh manicure needs this polish in her life!! These cute little bottles of fun come in endless hues and really do provide a quick drying, professional finish.

Avon, Luxe Clutch Eyeshadow-This adorably packaged, mirrored compact contains 10 tempting shades of shadow, ideal for day or night! I plan to make this my go-to for eye lid hues at home or travel!

Essence-Stay All Day Long Lasting Eye Shadow-Santa knows I'm a hard working chick, who often puts in some long days, so this delicate yet powerful shadow is a must have to keep looking fresh faced throughout it all! I'm loving the shade "For Faries", but per the usual, Essence has an eye shadow in every flavor imaginable!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Today's Lesson: Go GREEN!

Enter Global Green USA’s Green School Makeover Competition, presented by Pureology
January 2013 (New York, NY) – Every child deserves a learning environment that’s safe, comfortable and free of harmful toxins. Unfortunately, many schools across the country lack the funds to carry out much-needed repairs and renovations – subjecting children to outdated facilities with improper ventilation, poor lighting and inefficient energy usage. Global Green USA is working to address this situation and ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn in a healthy, green school. This year, Pureology is pleased to present the 2nd Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition. From January 1 to March 31, 2013, a parent, teacher, student or individual can nominate any K – 12 public, private or charter school they think deserves a Green School Makeover!
"Green schools improve student test scores, lower energy bills, and promote a more ecologically sound atmosphere. We call it the 3 R's of green schools: Rise in student performance levels and teacher retention; Reduction in carbon emissions and toxins; and Renewed hope in education and the future," said Matt Petersen, President and CEO of Global Green USA. "We are thrilled that our partnership with Pureology allows us to continue this national competition and ensure that every child has the opportunity to learn in a healthy, environmentally-friendly school."
“In 2011, Pureology presented the first Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition that improved the learning environment of five schools[1] while educating parents, teachers, students and the public about the importance of creating cleaner classrooms. Pureology is working towards a more sustainable future and is proud to present the 2013 Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition,” states Shae Kalyani, Vice President of Marketing for Pureology. “Throughout 2013, Pureology will offer client product promotions in salons and donate a total of $250,000 to Global Green USA’s Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology.”
Why Green Schools?
When a school goes green, children benefit – as well as the environment. Green schools lead to:
· Improved student performance. When children learn in classrooms with natural daylight, improved sound quality and non-toxic building materials such as non-VOC carpets and paints, test scores can improve as much as 20%. Attendance also improves!
· More funds for student resources. When green upgrades are made to a school, water and energy costs can be reduced by as much as 40%. These savings can be channeled back into resources that directly benefit students, such as textbooks, computers and other essentials.
· Reduced carbon footprint. Greening a school significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming.
A few ideas for your Green School Makeover:
  • Creating a recycling program
  • Conducting an energy audit to determine ways energy can be saved
  • Installing solar shades to improve natural daylighting of classrooms
  • Switching to green cleaning products
  • Installing energy-efficient light bulbs
  • Using sustainable building materials, such as bamboo flooring and recycled runner gym mats
  • Replacing outdated or unsafe carpets and other materials with new, non-toxic ones
Take action and nominate a school for Global Green USA’s Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology! From January 1 to March 31, 2013, visit to learn more and nominate a school. Work with your school principal or school facilities administrator to complete the application. Remember to think about the types of green upgrades your school needs and why; allow 6 weeks from the start of the application to completion. Global Green USA will review all applications and announce the winner in Q2 2013.
Pureology Serious Colour Care is a professional haircare line committed to the well-being of the environment, and since its inception in 2001, Pureology took measures to decrease its impact on the environment by using natural, organic botanicals and 100% Vegan ingredients. All Pureology formulas offer an industry first: Longer Lasting Hair Colour – Guaranteed!® For more information or like Pureology on Facebook. Please note, Pureology products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon. We request that you do not credit drugstores, “beauty websites” or other unauthorized retailers.
About Global Green USA
Global Green USA is the American affiliate of Green Cross International, founded by President Gorbachev, to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. For 15 years, Global Green USA has been a national leader in advocating for smart solutions to global warming including green building for affordable housing, schools and communities that save money, improve health and create green jobs. Global Green USA has influenced more than $20 billion dollars for green building projects and educates millions of people about climate friendly solutions through its annual Red Carpet/Green Cars Oscars campaign. Global Green is also leading efforts to help rebuild a green New Orleans through its sustainable green village and green schools initiatives.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Commitment-Free Hair

Ever wondered about bangs? Like the look of ombre but not digging the bleach?
Get the looks without the effort & upkeep!

Check out the ombre news:
Hairdo by HairUWear Ombre Clip-In Extensions ($49) are a multi-level, 16” clip-in that not only gives you dazzling length, but delivers the graduated effect seen on glam, trend-setting starlets everywhere.

For a semi-permanent approach, try Great Lengths 3D Strand FX Collection. Using only superior quality human hair with a patented bond attachment that is safe and gentle on one’s real hair, they are a trusted favorite among celebrities and their stylists. 3D Strand FX Collection uses an innovative process that combines ombre coloration with your base tone, creating a three-dimensional color effect in the hair. With the new ombre three-dimensional color extensions, you get the look in a more sophisticated, subtle way.
They also have extensions with Swarovski Crystal Strands. For a wedding? Shut up!

I have been fringeless since 9th grade (not an unsubstantial amount of time), and the new bangs have made me consider getting chopped... Hairdo by Ken Paves Clip-In Bangs let me try the look first!
My three-point outcome:
1. They are riduculously easy to use.
2. They don't feel weird on, just kind of forgot they were on.
3. I look ridiculous with bangs! Thank goodness I found out the easy way! Still, these are a great way to go incognito ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Candy Minus the Junk

Candy that doesn't have huge amounts of crap in it?
Sounds crazy, right?
Enter UNREAL...

The Company's Stand
An innovative company based in Boston, UNREAL™ is revolutionizing America's classic candies by creating products that not only taste great but have less sugar, no artificial flavors, corn syrup, synthetic colors or GMO's. UNREAL™ candies also feature more protein and fiber than the leading brands, and all ingredients are sustainably sourced. While UNREAL™ is presently focusing on the chocolate candy segment, the company ultimately wants to expand into other food & beverage categories. UNREAL™ is the brainchild of Nicky Bronner, a 13-year old kid who was determined to prove he could unjunk candy, and Adam Melonas, an innovative chef from Spain. UNREAL™ currently has five chocolate candies that are available in 20,000 stores nationwide, including Target, CVS, Staples and Michael’s. UNREAL™ has become a magnet for creative professionals who want to join the company’s mission to “unjunk the world” and change the way consumers think about food.

Our Testing
Products provided to us, but some tasters unaware of this.
Round 1: Labels
Working with a Health/Nutrition/Fitness teacher, we checked the Nutritional Information against the standard candies. After doing some math (very complicated for before noon), we found that the Unreal, for the same amount of candy, did not always have less calories; but were lower in Fat (especially Saturated Fat) and Sugar; add less weird chemicals; and higher amounts of Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber...
Winner: Unreal

Round 2: Taste
1. UN 54 vs. Peanut M&Ms
Tester noted "weird" aftertaste, but higher quality of peanuts in Unreal.
Winner: Tie

2. UN51 vs. Plain M&Ms
Two testers mentioned "weird" aftertaste with Unreal, but both kept eating them. Testers came back for more.
Winner: UN51

3. UN5 vs. Milky Way
Milky Way sweeter, almost to point of sickeningly sweet. Unreal tasted more, well, real.
Winner: UN5

4. UN8 vs. Snickers
UN8 has real peanuts! Nougat tastes better, less cloying.
Winner: UN8

5. UN77 vs. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
UN77 tastes like fancy peanut butter, good chocolate; Reese's has better mix of Peanut Butter & Chocolate, smoother.
Winner: Reese's

Overall: UNREAL is the big winner!
Taste for yourself (available at Target, CVS...) & let us know what you think.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Honor & Remember with the Rue

So classy in the wake of horrible tragedy. We, too, would like to extend our deepest condolences to all whose lives have been devastated.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tarte picture perfect duo

If you're looking to dive in to a nice brand, whether it's for you or a gift, Tarte is perfect! This duo would be a great stocking stuffer for a friend or a great little something for yourself. The ergonomic handle on the curler makes it beyond easy to use, especially for ladies who are scared of curlers. It's also pretty cute too. The mascara is thin, clean and coats each lash perfectly. Go get this combo now.

Pureology Color Stylist Control Twist

This pleasant-smelling liquid wax is probably best for someone with thick, bouncy hair. For my straight, thin wisps, a few pumps just left my hair dry and lifeless. Too bad for me but probably great for someone with more suitable strands.

Holiday Hair and Skin Help

The holiday season is full of cheer – but unfortunately it can often bring unwanted stress! AVEENO® experts, Celebrity Hairstylist, Patrick Melville and dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman, share tips, tricks and advice to get you through the holiday season in stride.

Patrick Melville’s quick how-to for achieving polished party hair (low chignon):
1. Blow-dry hair with Mason Pearson Brush or round brush, when hair is dry, spray hair with the AVEENO® Dry Shampoo at the root to create texture
2. Take a small tail comb and tease very gently at the root throughout the head, flip hair upside down and break up hair with your finger
3. Grab hair at the nape and secure with hair tie, this should create a little texture and softness around your face
4. With the tailcomb, gently tease the ponytail to create more texture, spin ponytail around to create a chignon at nape of neck and secure with a straight pin or bobby pin
5. Break up with fingers on the bottom, use a lightweight hairspray to secure in place, finish with a sparkly headband or clip
Dr. Debra Jaliman’s go-to skincare secrets for skin glowing throughout the holidays:
·         After a night out, it's easy to go to sleep without wanting to stop and wash your face. Dr. Jaliman suggests the AVEENO® Ultra -Calming Makeup Removing Wipes to make it easy to clean your face post-party. Keep them by your bedside for quick, mild yet effective cleansing
· This time of year can be so stressful with holiday shopping and family commitments, what better way to relieve the stress then with a bath? Dr. Jaliman recommends the AVEENO® Stress Relief Foaming Bath, which is made with lavender for a calming effect and oatmeal for moisturizing and soothing the skin.
· To erase holiday stress that can leave skin dull, Dr. Jaliman recommends the AVEENO® Positively Radiant® Skin Brightening Scrub to combat clogged pores and overall facial dullness. This scrub will improve the skin's texture and brightness without irritation on even the most delicate skin

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Give the Gift of Beautiful Hair and a Beautiful Planet this Holiday Season

Pureology Introduces 2012 Holiday Gift Sets Supporting Global Green USA
December 2012 (New York, NY) – The saying goes, “It is better to give than to receive,” and this has never been truer than this holiday season. As a brand with a sustainable vision, Pureology is getting into the holiday spirit by donating $20,000 toGlobal Green USAin conjunction with these three holiday gift sets!
Give Back with Pureology!
Giving back is one of Pureology’s core values and Pureology is donating $20,000 to Global Green USA in conjunction with this promotion. We also want your readers to get involved! Pureology launched its Crowdrise Fundraising page for Global Green USA for its community to get involved and support Global Green USA! Thanks to the donations and funds raised by Pureology and its community, Global Green USA continues to focus on greening our nation's schools, educating on water conservation, and improving the quality of life for people and their communities by fostering environmental awareness about the health and future of our planet. Visit Pureology’s Crowdrise Fundraising page for Global Green USA to make your donation today!
Hydrate Holiday Gift Set: Gift this beautiful box featuring Pureology’s bestselling Hydrate system complete with a limited edition PureologyHydrate scented candle – the perfect gift for the holiday hostess with the mostess.
  • Hydrate Shampoo (8.5 oz. retail)
  • Hydrate Condition (8.5 oz. retail)
  • Colour StylistSupreme Control Hairspray (2.1 oz. retail)
  • Price: $56.00
“A Touch of Glamour” with Perfect 4 Platinum Petites: Keep your blonde hair shining bright this winter season with one of Pureology’smost popular systems – Perfect 4 Platinum! Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo, Condition and Radiance Amplifier will make your hair the star at every holiday party!
o Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo (1.7 oz. petite)
o Perfect 4 Platinum Condition (1.7 oz. petite)
o Colour Stylist Radiance Amplifier Petite (0.5 oz. petite)
o Price: $22.00
“A Touch of Luxe” with Nano Works Petites: Give your hair the gift of youth with Nano Works anti-aging system for colour treated hair.Pureology’s luxury award-winning Nano Works gift set is the perfect stocking stuffer!
Availability: October 2012 in salons while supplies last. for a Pureology salon in your area
As a brand with a sustainable vision, Pureology continually works to reduce its environmental impacts through efficient production and manufacturing processes and by incorporating more environmentally preferred materials. This year, Pureologyannounces that recent improvements to its Shampoo and Condition packaging, such as the NEW Zero Waste packaging, are helping reduce its environmental impacts.
NEW Zero Waste Shampoo and Condition Packaging
- Highly concentrated ZeroSulfate® 250mL shampoos offer 70+ shampoos per bottle
- 100% recyclable bottles feature the latest FDA-approved, 50% post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials for unparalleled safety and environmental sustainability.
- For secondary packaging,Pureologydecreased the amount of cardboard and uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard boxes made from 100% recycled fibers.Pureologyalso added educational messages to these boxes, reminding purchasers to recycle the box and providing tips on how they can conserve water.
All Pureology formulas offer an industry first: Longer Lasting Hair Colour – Guaranteed!® For more information visit or Become a Pureology Facebook Fan. Please note, Pureology products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Deborah Lippman Discounts

Drew Barrymore: Great Coat, Great Cause

Shoppers can get a piece of Drew Barrymore’s signature style this winter by bidding on her donated and signed Savannah Miller coat on! The coat auction is part of activewear brand Lolë’s Yellow Label program which is raising money for Feeding America – the nation’s largest food bank organization. The auction will go live on December 18th for 72 hours with bidding starting at just $50.
It’s a great opportunity to score Drew Barrymore's bohemian style AND raise money for a good cause!
Would also make an amazing gift-- I know that my BFF is slightly DB obsessed...


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oscar Blandi pronto wet Instant Volumizing Shampoo

This volumizing shampoo delivers. It takes thin, sad strands and plumps them up without giving them a waxy,  heavy feel that often happens to my hair with volumizing shampoos and products. I'm not a huge fan of the Pine Sol scent but it's easy to get over when this shampoo works is well as it does.

Tarte LipSurgence lip luster in adored

Tarte is just plain great. This chubby stick is no different. A pretty soft pink with a just a hint of glittery shine. It glides on smooth with the consistency of balm and it smells faintly of mint. This is perfect for when you want a not lipstick or to complement a smoky eye.

Votre Vu~Love Me Deux Moisture Tint & Concealer and Vu-On Rouge, Color Accent for Lips and Face

I had the pleasure of sampling two Votre Vu products recently, Love Me Deux,  a tinted moisturizer and concealer duo, and Vu-On Rouge, a lip and face color accent.

Love Me Deux should be in every woman's stocking from here to France and back again! This duo comes in an adorable double stack, with a separate little compartment of concealer, with a tiny, convenient mirror in the cap! I am using the shade champagne  and find the moisturizer to blend beautifully, to moisturize without greasing my skin or clogging pores, and to add just the right amount of healthy tint. The concealer marries the moisturizer marvelously. I can't get enough of this packaged deal!!!

Vol-On Rouge is a small color stick, packing major moisture and color, perfect for a mid-day brighten up of the cheek bones, a quick lip tint, or as an every day color accent for your face! This rouge/lip color/your new best friend provides quick, sheer, moist color.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mally Roncal’s Gift Picks and Free Shipping

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal’s want to share some of her favorite gift picks this season with you !
Also, if you head to from now until December 16th, 2012, you can receive FREE SHIPPING on holiday gift products! Just use the code: HOLIDAY at check out:

Description: Description: All Night Party 9 Piece Collection
Mally Beauty All Night Party 9 Piece Collection ($60): Everything you need for a complete bullet proof look to last all night long! This amazing 9 piece collection has you covered!
Description: Description: Gorgois Holiday Kit

Mally Beauty Gorgois Holiday Kit($85): From eyes to lips, this kit has everything you need to create a bulletproof, bold look this holiday season!
Henri Bendel Party of Four Mug Set ($98):Snuggle up around the fire with your loves ones and enjoy a steaming hot cup of cocoa, in one of these chic mugs.
Description: Description: Lip Defender Volumizing Lip Gloss DuoMALLY’S STOCKING STUFFERS

Mally Beauty Lip Defender Volumizing Lip Gloss Duo ($29): This Lip Defender Volumizing Lip Gloss duo gives you that full-looking lip with the perfect amount of shine and gloss.
Description: Description: Customer Choice TrioMally Beauty Customer Choice Trio ($30): These award-winning must-haves come in a beautiful pink organza pouch, perfect for travel or gift-giving.

Dogeared Karma Necklace ($66)Everyone knows that three is a magic number. But did you know there are three kinds of karma? In a nutshell, there's past, present, and future karma. This necklace features a circle for each type, so it's a great looking way to maximize your karmic potential!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thymes Gives To You & Your Charity

Since the holidays are all about giving, Thymes is inspiring customers to live their lives more thoughtfully. The Thymes “Give & Get” contest allows you to tell the world about your favorite charity by sharing a brief essay about what they do, who they help and why they mean so much to you.
If your charity essay is voted most popular by readers, that charity will win a $500 donation in your name. In addition, you will receive a Thymes gift basket of a $100 product value, in a fragrance of your choice. Three runners-up will each win a $50 gift card to

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Recipes for Your Face

Erika Katz, beauty expert and author of Bonding ver Beauty, has created some fun & easy DIY recipes that will turn your holiday extras into an at-home spa day for you and your loved ones!
Pumpkin Facial Mask
This recipe is full of exfoliating enzymes that will brighten your skin, giving you a healthy, refreshed glow. Pumpkin is also rich in vitamin A, which can help heal skin and repair damaged tissue. The antioxidant properties of the vitamin A will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
2 tsp canned pureed pumpkin
1/2 tsp honey
1/4 tsp heavy
whipping cream
To Make: Mix all ingredients together and apply to face. Leave on for 10
minutes then rinse thoroughly. You’ll love the results!
Clementine Hand Scrub
Skin often gets dry and brittle from the cold winter so I make a gentle orange hand scrub. Oranges are rich in vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy acids and help to remove the dead skin. The honey and olive oil help moisturize the skin. The baking soda acts as a gentle exfoliant.
1 tbs clementine juice
1 tbs honey
1 tbs sugar
1 tbs olive oil
To make: Mix together all ingredients.
and then gently wash your hands with the
scrub. You won’t believe the difference!
Cranberry Mask
Cranberry juice helps detoxify the skin and is particularly useful for those who are acne-prone or suffer from psoriasis or have oily skin. In addition cranberries help reduce skin inflammation, redness, and itchy, irritated skin.
1 cup fresh cranberries
1 cup seedless red grapes
2 teaspoons grapefruit juice
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
To Make: Mix ingredients until it becomes a paste. Cover and refrigerate for 45 minutes to let the mixture thicken. Remove from the fridge and let sit for about 10 minutes.
Banana Cream Pie Mask
With all that leftover pie, why not use it to soften your skin? Fight against dry skin and cold winter air with this cool facial mask.
1 mashed banana
3 tbs. heavy cream
1.5 tbs. dark honey
1.5 tbs. white flour
To make: Mix all the ingredients and put
into a pretty jar. Apply to face and love the results!

Travel-proof Your Skin

Celeb and Lole's Team to Help Feeding America

Celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Lauren Conrad, Megan Hilty and Jillian Michaels are cleaning out their closets this holiday season and giving the coats off their back to raise money for Feeding America & the victims of Hurricane Sandy!

By partnering with activewear brand Lolë, each celeb has signed their own coat and donated it to Lole’s Yellow Label shop on where you can bid on your celeb’s fave piece of outerwear, giving the coat a new life and raising money to benefit Feeding America®.

Bidding starts at $50 and the auction schedule is below:

Dec. 3rd – Nicolette Sheridan (24 hours)
Dec. 4th – Katrina Bowden (24 hours)
Dec. 5th - Megan Hilty (24 hours)
Dec. 6th - Kathy Ireland (24 hours)
Dec. 7th – Miranda Kerr (48 hours)
Dec. 10th – Cheryl Burke (24 hours)
Dec. 11th - Lauren Conrad (24 hours)
Dec. 12th – Jill Zarin (24 hours)
Dec. 13th - Ivanka Trump (24 hours)
Dec. 14th – Rob Lowe (48 hours)
Dec. 17th – Jillian Michaels (24 hours)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BoomBoom Wants Less Pain for You

November, 2012 (New York City) – Believe it or not, some women don’t tend to their brows, their MOST VALUABLE asset, due to pain. Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar, doesn’t want anyone to be left out of the fun, so she has these tips for pain-free plucking and waxing:
· Low Temperature Wax – It’s kept at a lower temperature, so it’s very gentle and never burns.
· Hair Length - Remove hair when it’s about ¼ of an inch long, so wax can stick and grab hair for removal. If it’s too short, the wax won't stick enough, and if it’s too long, hair breaks off before the root making the process more painful.
· Exfoliate and Moisturize - Softer hair follicles surrounded by clean skin release hair the best, so exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, so the wax sticks better, and then apply a moisturizer to soften the follicle.
· Ibuprofen – Take an anti-inflammatory a half hour before waxing to prevent swelling and dull pain.
· Tanning Beds - Avoid 24 hours prior.
Menstruation - Avoid doing the week prior when nerves are more sensitive.

· Meds and Chems - Stop using AHA’s 4-5 days prior and if using any meds like Retin-A, Retinol, Accutane, Proactive and antibiotics, stick to plucking, no waxing!
· Alcohol - If all else fails, have a drink, it will dull the pain too!  
· Sanitize - Hair follicles are yanked out at the root leaving an open area susceptible to bacteria and infection, so apply an ointment like Bacitracin to seal, sooth and reduce bumps.
· Celebrate – Done...even strangers will be crushing on those brows!!
Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom) is the flashiest waxer in NYC. She’s obsessed with brows, does over 500 a month (over 17,000 in 2011) at Boom Boom Brow Bar in NYC, and sees no reason why everyone shouldn’t have thick, gorgeous eyebrows. After all, they are the most important feature on the face. There's no such thing as natural beauty, but a perfectly done brow is like an instant eyelift – no Botox necessary! Boom Boom makes waxing fun and affordable for everyone! The New York Times even loves her

Monday, December 3, 2012

New Obsession: Hen House Linens

Yes, I am obsessed.
Hen House Linens makes great fabric goods (from Napkins to Guest Towels) in the best fabrics.

100% Cotton, hard-wearing-- practical & beautiful!

Shop online & pick your own fabrics.

Perfect for host/hostess or holidays gifts as well.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

How to Shampoo and Condition Naturally Curly Hair

New York, NY “Fifty percent of North American women have natural wave or curl to their hair. For these women, texture is not a trend that comes and goes, it’s a lifestyle - and they’re looking for guidance on how to embrace it,” says Sam Villa, top Redken stylist.
Naturally curly hair is fragile, prone to frizz, lacks shine, is dry and unpredictable, so shampooing and conditioning wavy, curly, springy, spiral and kinky hair takes skill and finesse, and should only be done 2-3 times a week. Villa suggests the following:
· Saturate hair with water - curly hair tends to repel water, so wet from underneath all the way down to the scalp. Run fingers through hair to determine if there is resistance, if there is, apply conditioner first before shampooing. Redken Curvaceous Curl Drive nourishing mask for dry intense curls can be applied with hands from ends to scalp by raking fingers through to evenly distribute and detangle. This step is normally needed if you are working with kinky curly and very tight curls.
· Apply shampoo from ends to scalp raking fingers through hair. Curvaceous Cream Shampoo is sulfate-free so it does not lather very much which is beneficial when cleansing curly hair. Foaming a traditional shampoo by agitating hair in circular or back and forth motions creates friction and tangles. To cleanse the scalp of oils and product buildup, use a gentle massaging motion with fingertips to manipulate shampoo down to the scalp. From the scalp, go back to the nape area, from underneath, run fingers through the hair, then to the sides and back up to the crown area to rake through the entire head to loosen tangles. Rinse shampoo.

· Apply a conditioner like Redken Curvaceous Conditioner - springy/curly or kinky/curly needs moisture put back into the hair. To apply, begin at the ends and work towards the scalp, raking fingers through hair. Manipulate the conditioner back down the hair shaft all the way through the hair from scalp to ends. Curvaceous Conditioner is a very concentrated product - a little goes a long way. Depending on hair type (tends to frizz) and weather (especially in high humidity) some conditioner can be left in the hair. When working on fine textured hair or hair that does not have a tendency to frizz, rinse the conditioner out. Once condition is rinsed out, fingers should glide through hair effortlessly!

· Wring excess water from hair and squeeze sections with a t-shirt to rid hair of excess water. Using a t-shirt is much more gentle than the coarse fabric of a towel which roughs up the cuticle and causes frizz.