Thursday, July 17, 2014

Upgrade Your Beauty Tools with UBU

Every gal needs a few helpful utensils for make-up application or the grooming process in general. Mostly, those options are limited to drab looking sponges and sterile metals.

Well, no more!

UBU, Urban Beauty United, is finally here, bringing bold colors and an exciting edge to all your beauty accessories.

Boom Boom Blink Fanning Eyelash Curler: This everyday essential (seriously, if you do one thing in the morning, curl your lashes!) puts a literal new spin on your old standby. Offering a wider, edge-free rim, it claims to capture more lashes with each curl. As excited as I was to see a tangible difference in my lashes, I definitely pinched my lids in the process. I am much more used to a traditional eyelash curler shape, but with a little practice (and hopefully not too much more pain), this hot pink and orange pick could really be a game-changer. Plus, it comes with two replacement pads so you don't have to put up with yucky mascara build up. Woot!
 If you look closely, you'll see the UBU curler on the bottom has a more shallow curve than the silver curler above it.

Blender Baby Foundation Sponge: Meant to rival the ever-popular Beauty Blender, I hands-down prefer this shapelier model. It's easier to grasp and has a great smooth texture. I now use it daily to soften any foundation lines around my nose and jawline.

Wonder Wheel Foundation Sponge Circle: Use these colorful eight triangular shaped sponges to apply your liquid and powder foundations. Much like their Blender Baby relative, they're latex-free and designed to really last with proper care.

Minnie Me's Mini Tweezer Set: Featuring all tips, including slant, flat, combo and point, these helpers are perfect for throwing in your to-go make-up bag. I mean, how many times have you been studying your face while washing your hands in the work bathroom only to realize you have a totally out there eyebrow hair you somehow missed the last five times you tweezed?

Trimming Twins Eyebrow Razors: Ok, these scared me a bit. I didn't want to end up with a bald spot or gash. But as long as you go slow, gentle and steady, it really works for cleaning up hairs in between, over and under brows.

Urban Beauty United products range from $2.99-$16.99 and can be purchased on

Monday, July 14, 2014

BB All You Can BB

  1. Blemish Balm? Blemish Base? Beauty Balm? Whatever your BB Cream, they are out there, everywhere, just waiting for you. This week, I gave Lumene, Bright Now Vitamin C, BB Serum a go.

    This specific serum does not have a tint as many other BB Creams do, which I ended up really liking! I also loved how well this cream plays with others-it blended in with my average day routine perfectly! I've run into some of these creams that are not so workable with other moisturizers and/or concealers. Lumene's version also created this beautiful matte effect and I really did notice a bit of brightening to my skin over a few days. 

    A simple description for such a simply elegant product: Light, bright, lovely and easy.