Monday, April 28, 2014

Get Grooming with Microtouch

Sometimes we gals forget that dudes have certain grooming rituals that could use some love and expert products. Fortunately Microtouch lent us a few tools to try out. Today's tester? My husband extraordinaire! A rather charming, hairy fellow, who shaves at least 3 times a week for his firefighter/paramedic gig.

Tool #1: Microtouch One metal razor. "For the nostalgic dapper dan, a classic razor that pays homage to the traditional barbershop shave. The single blade leaves your face with a clean and smooth finish."
He says: The handle was too short,  it was not easy to figure out how to use, and I therefore cut myself because of that. I would try using it again if I wanted to take the time. The blades are interesting— super thin and I didn't even realize they were in the small paper packets at first. This product is overall cool looking and has a nice design though.
She says: The blood! Oh the blood! This was a bit painful to watch. This blade comes with specific directions on how to use, with a key statement being to take your time and go slow, as it's a different sort of razor than everyday dudes are used to.
Find it at

Tool #2: Microtouch Max. "[This] electric trimmer is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, but still allows for a close shave. With 2 combs, and a built-in light, you can trim all the hair on your face, nose, ears and sideburns. 
He says: I love this thing. It's easy to use, it's small and it's narrow ended design makes it easy to get in all those hard to reach places. It also trims hair cleanly without any pulling or pain. The light feature revealed just how badly I needed this thing. 
She says: You know your husband loves something when he asks, "I get to keep this?!" after using. 

Tool #3: Mircotouch Switchblade. "The All-In-One head to toe groomer is great for in between haircuts, edging beards, the hard to reach ear and nose areas, and even for body hair that needs some touch up. 
 He says: I like that it has some bulk to it, but I prefer the light feature of the other one (Microtouch Max). It did a nice job trimming the edges of my sideburns.
She says: Along with the Microtouch Max, this seems like another awesome and simple grooming tool every guy could use.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Fresh Direction

The world of drugstore shower gels and soaps isn't where one would usually go for a "fine fragrance" product, but the new Caress Fresh Collection is totally changing the game.

Developed by experts at the top of fine fragrance houses Givaudan and Firmenich, each of the three new scents is crafted with "sophisticated, multi-layered notes that linger on skin and delight the senses in revitalizing freshness."

Caress Emerald Rush Body Wash and Beauty Bar
-Infused with Lush Gardenia and White Tea Essence
This lovely aqua option smells seriously divine. It's light, pretty and perfect for spring.

Caress Aqua Sparkle Body Wash
-Infused with Lilac Blossom and Aquamarine Essence
I am totally diggin' this invigorating scent. It's floral yet fresh, and really revives my sleepy self in the morning.

Caress Juicy Escape Body Wash
-Infused with Sun Kissed Lily and Pink Grapefruit Essence
This is my current favorite even though I usually do not go for fruity scents. I love how the tangy grapefruit is balanced by the fresh lily—totally classy yet playful.

Plus, as we previously posted, Kelly Rowland has joined Caress as their newest Fabulista and is inviting women everywhere to put a fresh & fabulous spin on your every day. Help her and us spread the word by tagging @Caress and using #CaressMe now!

The NEW Caress Fresh Collection body washes and beauty bar are available at food, drug and mass retailers nationwide. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Facial Face Off!

This week, I sampled two face masks: Biore's Self Heating One Minute Mask and Perfective Cuticals' Devine Brightening Mask. It's convenience versus luxury, drug store steal versus department store splurge, simplicity versus complexity. It's on!

I have to admit, I went into this experiment totally biased. When I think of Biore, I have unfortunate instant flash backs to middle school, ripping my nose flesh off in an attempt to clear black heads with those awful strips of the devil. I was pleasantly surprised with this mask in that it does what it says it will do: it opens your pores and leaves your skin feeling fresh. Point Biore! Now, my daily face wash does the same thing, so I am not sure if I'd really make this product part of my routine; however this mask can certainly not be counted out of the battle! I found this stuff at a drugstore for $7.99! Point Biore!

Onto a fancier pair of pants, Perfective Cuticals. I was instantly digging the recipe here: licorice extract, mulberry root, vitis vinifera seed ( I have no idea what that is, but I want it on my face!), and rosa cania fruit extract. Point Perfective Cuticals! Guys: this. Stuff. Is. Amahhhhhzing. (That's Fancy for amazing) No joke, my skin tingled to the touch of this infused paper mask as if fairy dust were being sprinkled upon it! Afterward, I had a really nice glow to my skin. I can only imagine what might come of regular use with this gem! Two points Perfective Cuticals! This lovely face treat comes in a 5 pack for $39 and can be found at 

The winner by a Perfective Cuticals!,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Treat Your Feet

It's spring! Are you tootsies sandal ready?!

Mine sure weren't, especially after an awesomely fun and walktastic trip to NYC a few weeks ago. To remedy my sad, rough old soles I turned to Zim's Crack Creme for Heels & Feet.

#1) Pretty much has one of the top ten best names ever.
#2) Is a natural herbal formula featuring aginine, arnica and aloe.
#3) Applied after a quick sweep with a pumice stone post-shower, my feet were seriously softer after just a few days.

One caveat: This is no fancy smelling beauty lotion ladies. The fragrance is fairly medical/Icy Hot-y. If you are scent-sensitive, my suggestion would be to apply at night and put on some cozy socks. In the morning, you'll surely be pleasantly surprised by the pedi-improvement.

Another warm weather essential is Zim's Max-Freeze Continuous Spray for Feet, a topical pain relief agent for soothing achy feet, joints, and sore muscles. This super spray is greaseless, fact acting, paraben- and stain-free and also doesn't leave a lasting odor. It does have a menthol-y quality to it at first, but settles nicely and definitely comes in handy after a long day of fun city shopping.

Zim's Crack Creme is available at Amazon,, and more.

Zim's Max-Freeze Continuous Spray for Feet can be found at CVS, Meijer and Walgreens

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Smart Skin

As Spring Break 2K14 quickly approaches, many beauties are thinking about crop tops and bikini bods, in preparation for a sun bound adventure. A brainy beauty should also be thinking about her skin while prepping for Cabo (and year-round, actually)! 

SPF is a MUST MUST MUST my friends! Not go all Mommy on you, but this year's hot tan could mean some serious skin damage (or worse!) a few years from now, so lather up. Okay, lecture over.

What I'm excited about is Curel's Intensive Healing Cream, a fragrance free, immediate healing relief cream! This advanced ceramide therapy (aka: heaven in a jar) is for daily use and sensitive skin, so lather up before you strip down and after each long day, whether it is poolside or office bound. Think of this goo as a tall, ice cold drink of water for your thirsty skin. So, drink up and be safe, Spring Breakers!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An Unforgettable Moment

Oh Krigler! What you do to me! Every scent you offer is a magical, delicious bouquet! Every time I open a new bottle I am transported and delighted! And your new Krigler Lieber Moment 2 14 is no different!

Lieber Moment 2 14 is a new "romantic, nostalgic fragrance that pays homage to Krigler's Leiber Gustav 14, an early Krigler fragrance inspired by a love letter from World War One," and one of my personal fragrance obsessions.

This new scent is actually unisex, a first for Krigler, and is smoother and more powdery than the original Lieber Gustav 14. It features sparking Mongolian Grapefruit, calming Lavendar, Rose from Italy, woody White Musk, vanilla from Reunion Island and Patchouli from the Philippines, among others.

The result is truly sensual, luxurious and can be easily worn by a guy or gal looking for that unique, sexy scent.

Lieber Moment 2 14 retails at $195 for 1.7fl. oz.; $285 for 3.4fl. oz.

Krigler fragrances can be purchased online, or at The Plaza Hotel, One West 58th Street, New York City, NY.