Monday, July 26, 2010

Umberto Beverly Hills U Color

The box contains 2 applications, real gloves, and even one of those fancy color comb/brushes-- all for about $12.00!

The color comes in 3 parts: color, developer, and equalizer. It's packaged like Lik'em-aid, with one large pack sub-divided into 3 bits.

The tricky part is getting all 3 to squoosh out of their separate packets in equal amounts. I strongly recommend using a plastic cup or bowl, emptying the packets, mixing, then applying, as I lack the coordination to use as intended.

There's no noticeable stink while you are using it, just a light, floral-ish scent. I love the low-or-no ammonia formula!!!

The color is good, rich, and not too monochromatic. My hair after using is soft, not processed feeling, shiny. It even works on my very stubborn silver (okay, white. I'm going white, not gray) hairs!

Tarte LipSurgence natural lip stain


With all of the vitamins and nutrients in this, I really wondered if it would look good.
It does!

Wonderful color, sheer enough for summer, very layer-able.

Wears well, no funny taste/smell, makes my lips feel great!

I really want to try the Lust (red) next.

Oh yeah, Tarte makes it cruelty-free and does not use weird chemicals-- totally great!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Arcona Booster Defense Serum and Magic White Ice

Booster Defense Serum in the a.m. and Magic White Ice in the p.m. makes for a great complexion!

I put on the Booster Defense before my sunscreen (beats down those free-radicals).
The Magic White Ice goes on after I wash my face at night, makes my face happy & healthy. offers a special package-- both of the serums, a Clarisonic Mia, and a face wash!

The Clarisonic Mia is awesome-- a smaller Clarisonic brush you can take on the road, but with the same great skin-saving super powers.

Bath & Body Works Kitchen Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

Kitchen Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap with Fresh Source Technology

When I cook, my hands end up smelling like garlic and onions.
Kind of weird when I'm making cake, eh? ;)

I've tried the whole back-of-the-spoon, stainless steel thing--no luck.
I don't know what goes into the Fresh Source Technology, but it totally works!
No more smelly hands.
Awesome! The Tangerine smells like real tangerines, too. Not like faux-orange.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hugo Naturals--French Lavender Handcrafted Soap

From Blaise:

When showering I'd much rather use a bar of soap than the kind you have to squirt on a loofa and this bar won me over immediately! I loved the smell and the lack of sticky residue the soap left in its trail.
Yes, at $4.99 a bar it can be a bit pricy but if you love the smell of lavender and supporting a good cause then this soap is for you. When you buy from 100% of the profits go towards helping women in poverty.
To learn more about the cause or to buy yourself some soap click here!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rene Furterer NATURIA Dry shampoo

The whole dry shampoo thing is still a little scary to me: Flashbacks to crappy powders that made me itch and turned my dark hair a greasy gray.

Rene Furterer's Dry Shampoo leaves me itch free, and it brushes out easily, leaving my hair color intact.

I am still a wash-my-hair girl, but am no longer afraid to use Naturia in a pinch.

My sister, who is all about the dry shampoo, tried it and said the RF was great-- the word of an expert is good enough for me!!!

Help Kiss My Face bring about World Peace!

Seeds of Peace is a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization dedicated to empowering young people from regions of conflict with the leadership skills and interpersonal networks necessary to advance reconciliation and coexistence.

This mission is made possible by sponsors like Kiss My Face, who will support Seeds of Peace with “The Pledge for Peace” and by donating 10% of all profits from Peace Soap to the organization.

Pledge now: Log onto the Kiss My Face Facebook page or and click the “like” button. For every 10,000 pledges that are made, Kiss My Face will send one camper to the Seeds of Peace summer camp during the 2011 season (a value of $6,000). There is no limit to the number of kids that Kiss My Face will sponsor! The campaign will be running through September 21st, 2010. The “pledge” is free and simple.

Lipocils Expert

Ok. Full-on loving this product. I haven't even been religiously using it and I see a noticeable difference in the length and fullness of my eyelashes. For those nervous about any sort of side effects like stinging, don't worry. The transparent gel doesn't burn the eyes. It doesn't get flaky or cause discoloration. The link will take you to a full description of the treatment- including its protection from UV rays. And there's a link to the encouraging clinical tests. This is ideal for those who want long, lush lashes upwards of 36% percent!

It would also be a really thoughtful gift someone going through chemotherapy, I think.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Every year, I get myself (& my sister, & Jill) the Sephora Sun Safety kit.
Great products, and the travel-friendly sizes are wonderful!

My favorite repeat appearance: Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Lotion SPF 30. Light, easily applied, no weird smell.

My favorite new product (so far): Kate Somerville Protect SPF 55 Serum Sunscreen. Love serums, my skin was especially fond of this one! A whole bunch of anti-oxidants, which is the new must-have for the UVA/UVB fighting.

I supplement with my daily Aveeno CONTINUOUS PROTECTION Sunblock Lotion with SPF 55. It makes me feel protected! Check out the website for all sorts of coolness.

When I'm back inside, I like to cool off with a moisturizing spray: Votre Vu On Holiday Huiler Pour Le Corps during the day, keeps me soft & beachy-feeling; Cures Skin Repair Body Mist at night, the light lavender scent helps me sleep.

To stave off dehydration, try a Twist (I like West Indies Lime) or SmartWater (electrolytes are super important).

Soap Hope + samples!

Soap Hope, the best soap source, now not only gives 100% of its proceeds to help women in need; it now gives you 3 samples with every order!
And I thought they couldn't get any better!
Go to Soap Hope for gifts, especially the kind for yourself.

One of my favorites of the ones I've tried so far: the Cinnamon Hazelnut Bar Soap by Fraiche. It has coffee grounds to exfoliate, which is funny to me as I don't like coffee, but this smells great! Rich lather, lovely results.

Mama Mio helping the world-- & entertaining!

Mama Mio Skincare is donating $1/£1 for every Get Waisted Body Shaper sold at worldwide to the cancer charity Look Good...Feel Better.

They’ve launched a band, Belle and the Buttons, to help tell the story. Watch the video! Hysterical.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Free Pureology!!!

We heart Pureology, and now you can share the love:

Visit and you could win one of the following:

· Pure Volume BlowDryAmplifier - A remarkable, alcohol-free volumizer for colour-treated hair that amplifies hair’s bounce and flexibility as you blow it dry.
· Pure Volume Thickening Mist - Experience soft, touchable thickness with this featherlight ZeroAlcoholTM spray that infuses hair with weightless volume, natural texture and radiant shine while keeping colour brilliant.
· Root Lift - Build amazing volume and control with this light, clean, humidity-resistant cream spray mousse for colour-treated hair.
· InCharge - A revolutionary working spray with thermal and colour protection, delivers enhanced colour vibrancy and easy brush-through with flexible, medium hold.
· InCharge Plus - A superior, firm-hold finishing spray with thermal and colour protection, locks in colour and style all day long.

Pureology haircare and styling products offer exclusive AntifadeComplex® maximize colour retention. Their naturally based, 100% vegan formulas condition with organic botanicals.

Clarisonic Opal™ Sonic Infusion System with Anti-Aging Sea Serum

Okay, maybe to call the Opal the best invention ever is an overstatement. I mean, there are lasers, the internal combustion engine, ice cream, modern medicine...

The Opal is the best thing that has been invented for the skin around your eyes.

The serum doesn't cause breakouts (those little white bumps, ewww) like overly-thick creams do, but it does not run unto your eyes (the sting) like lotions can.
It is just right, even Goldilocks would agree;)

The actual machine is great, so high-tech (magnetic! The charger makes it light up!). Follow the directions-- there are even diagrams!

I could tell the difference after the first time I used it, and my eyes just keep getting better.
I didn't bring it on vacation (afraid of breaking it, not entirely sure how to explain to airport security), and I missed my Opal like crazy.

Honest-- it is an investment, but so worth it. Don't skip a month's rent or anything, but start saving up now. Your eyes will thank you.


It's hot out there!
Keep an eye on this page-- we will be posting lists of the things that help us keep our cool.
What are your Summer Must-Haves?