Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One With Nature

Coconut Lime Body Wash

I have fallen in love with this product! The scent is totally different from anything else I've smelled, and trust me, I've tried a lot of coconut scented products! This blend with lime is subtly invigorating. When I read the bottle, the Dead Sea salt minerals intrigued me, and having used salt scrubs before, I was expecting a chunky texture. But to my surprise and delight, this body wash is the perfect blend of the moisturizing properties of a good body wash, and that exfoliating properties of a good scrub. The shea butter works with the salt/minerals to give you a clean and polished feeling. I love this product all year round - in winter it is revitalizing, in summer it's refreshing.

You can use this product with a wash cloth, sponge or loofah. To get the best foamy lather, I recommend either a natural sponge or a sponge cover with fine loofah.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Mane Tame Soft Pomade

This finishing creme purpose in life eludes me. I was hoping it would add shine and a bit of light control. What I got was an undesirable increase in the waviness and a halo of soft frizz. I have medium hair with a big natural wave, that I tame daily with a flat iron. This product defeated all of those efforts. I also found it to be a tad greasy.

Beach Blow

If you are looking to re-create Darryl Hannah's 'do in Splash, this product will get you there! On my hair, it brought out relaxed waves and gave it a beachy, saltwater crunchiness. If my hair were just a bit longer, I'd put down the flat iron, spritz on Beach Blow, and embrace the Carrie Bradshaw Hampton's look.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Sweepstakes

High Definition is the new standard for visual and audio entertainment. Now Sally Hansen translates this unrivaled clarity and brilliance into nail color!

July 8, 2009 - September 15, 2009

Sweepstakes Prizes*
One Grand Prize winner will receive a 32inch HD TV
Three 1st Prize winners will receive an iPod Nano
(in high definition colors)
Ten weekly winners receive a Sally Hansen gift bag

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Terax Original Crema Ultra Conditioner

My new gold-standard in conditioner!

I have a LOT of hair. A ton of super-thick strands. When I dye my hair at home, I need 2 boxes. With this conditioner, I really only need the dime-sized amount!

Hair feels great, not at all waxy. Love the results and the lack of build-up!

Go to & order this NOW! Will last you for ages.

Terax: Life Drops Leave-in conditioner

Terax Hair Care Life Drops Leave-In Protein Conditioner

Leave-In conditioner that makes your hair happy!

It's a conditioner & de-frizzing agent in one gloriously easy application.

My hair is so soft and silky and SMOOTH--during a Michigan July!

One bottle will last a good long time, you only need a couple of drops, so it is economically sound.
Very neutral scent, a light green-vanilla.

So worth it! You can even get it from, so have it sent with your next book order.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Olay Total Effects Skincare

Total Effects plus SPF 15 Fragrance Free-- Nice, light moisturizer. Love that it is fragrance free! Perfect for those winter days when you need a little something quick.

Total Effects plus Blemish Control-- Fruity-light scent, odd peach color. Does EXACTLY what it says it will! Clears up your skin and makes it look better. Ideal night product for those of us who live in the place where zits meet fine lines! My new favorite.

Total Effects Night Firming Cream-- Thicker, richer, floraly cream. Would be great for winter nights when I'm feeling a bit chapped. Too much for daily use with super-oily skin.

Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream-- Odd scent & color, but makes for lovely eyes! Great firming & bag-reducing effects.

Total Effects Instant Smoothing Serum-- My new second favorite. Perfect for the summer! Moisturizes and refines, but is super light. Goes on smooth, makes my skin happy!

Total Effects Anti-Aging Anti-Blemish Daily Cleanser-- Little scrubby beads and saylic acid make for clean, happy skin. I use it in the morning so feel like the saylic acid will keep me clear all day. I don't know that it does, but I like to think so, and I have no evidence to the contrary.

Total Effects Lathering Cleansing Cloths--la package total! Like a washcloth with all the skin cleaner already in it! They cover a lot of skin, though. Truthfully, I cut them in half before I use them--perfect amount of cleaning, scrubbing, foamyness. Makes my skin feel soft and smooth.

EOS Organic Lip Balm

Smooth Sphere

Lip balm in a little rubbery egg!

The balm itself is smooth, not too heavy, and the mint is like a cool breeze on your lips. Wonderful for hot summer nights!

The orb o'balm inside the egg is easy to apply, though it does feel a bit (ummm) obscene at first. Totally worth it, though!

Calista TOOLS Texturizing Definer

A little goes a long way with this cream definer. I used it on both wet and dry hair to see if it would do something for me. Unfortunately it didn't do a thing. I'm sure it's because my hair has zero natural wave or texture. Sorry, folks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Check out our contest, sponsored by Redken!

You could win:
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  • outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk
  • quick dry 18 instant finishing spray

Redken contest for BLONDES!

This may be that one time that Blondes do have more fun...

Redken has a NEW Hair Files how-to video:
David explains how to treat and maintain color-treated blonde hair, and recommends at-home maintenance with the Blonde Glam collection while Rodney teaches consumers who to create a shiny, wavy look using a curling iron.

Comment with your favorite Blonde-tip and you could win the following REDKEN products:
· Blonde Glam haircare line
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· spray starch 15 versatile ironing spray
· outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk
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The winner has been picked! Thanks!

Maybelline Mineral Power™ Lipcolor in Healthy Rose

Click Here

Part of the mineral phenomenon, this lip stick is super light and smooth. Glides on like a yummy lip balm. Awesome for those who don't like heavy feeling lip color. Color is rosy with a hint of pink. No smell, no fuss. Ideal for low-maintenance girls.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jess' Bee Natural Lip Balms

I have fallen in love with Jess' lip balm all over again--
1st the Peppermint, now the Lime.

Same wonderful, lip-smoothing balm, now available in

You can even buy a variety pack, or get lip balms with personalized labels.

Jess, you are brilliant!

Jess' Bee Natural: Happy Skin Lotion Bar

Lovely Lotion Bar!

Looks like soap & the man on the moon, then melts in your hands!
I used the unscented, which still smells nice (Sweet Almond Oil).

Feels great once you get the hang of the melting bit.
Great on the legs, especially overnight!

True Blue: Morocco-- Honey & Date Body Yoghurt

I was in love within the first hour after using this Body Yoghurt!

It smells like Baklava, is super thick & creamy, & makes my skin feel ridiculously soft.
My skin stays soft, as if the moisturizer has melted into my hands/arms/legs.

The jar is also cute as can be, simple & a little retro, so I can leave it lying around without being unsightly.

The big problem: I want to eat it!

eos organic lip balm - smooth stick in pomegranate raspberry

This is my favorite lip balm!!!!!! Subtle, subtle taste. Thin and not waxy or tacky at all.
It's so smooth and I'm tempted to use it on dry patches. I just might. 95% organic, 100% natural organic lip balm. It's packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps lips moist. The tube is cool as hell too. It's this weird firm rubber. Love love it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mally: Bronze Genius Self Tanning Powder Bronzer

From JenB:

Bronze Genius Self Tanning Powder Bronzer

I tested this on my arm and it seemed like it would be great. I only used this once on my face and it seemed to hard to get good coverage without it looking too fake--I think it would work better on someone with a medium skin tone-I don't think the shade is right for me.

From me (Kate):
You know when they tried to make Natalie Wood look Puerto Rican in West Side Story? This was more obvious on me... On the plus side, I didn't break out! The compact is great, nice formulation, would like to try other products by Mally Beauty, hopefully with better results.

Laura Geller: Baby Cakes-Baked Complexion Palette

From JenB:

Baby Cakes-Baked Complexion Palette

There is a "Balance-n-Brighten", a "Ethereal Rose Baked Powder" and a "Bronze-n-Brighten" which all work very well.

The Rose Baked Powder has a nice light rose shade, but not overpowering.

The Bronze-n-Brighten really gives a light bronze, shimmery look.

I don't use the Balance-n-Brighten as much, but the first time it did seem to even my skin tone. bit.

Lipstick Queen: Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss

From JenB:

I love it. It lasts relatively long; doesn't come off as much as other glosses.
There's barely enough light pink color to notice--it's more shimmery than anything.
I find it also works well over my regular lipstick, brightens it up a bit.

Make the world green!

I can't attest to the homeopathic qualities, but this is really cool:

Essential Wholesale has dedicated three Breathe Green products to their Breathe Green Campaign, which is designed to enhance the air that we breathe. With every purchase of Breathe Green Lotion, Breathe Green Shampoo & Wash, and Breathe Green Conditioner, customers will be helping the Arbor Day Foundation ( plant trees!

When you purchase Breathe Green products Essential Wholesale will plant:
purchase 16 ounces: Essential Wholesale plants 1 tree
purchase 1/2 gallon: Essential Wholesale plants 2 trees
purchase 1 gallon: Essential Wholesale plants 5 trees
purchase 5 gallons: Essential Wholesale plants 20 trees



Sometimes the sun gets through all of our precautionary measures.
Those UV rays are persistent, breaking through layer upon layer on sunblock!
What to do next?

Kayla Fioravanti is the Vice President, Chief Formulator, ARC Registered & Certified Aromatherapist for Essential Wholesale ( and its lab division Essential Labs. Kayla says if you get a sunburn apply some lavender essential oil to the areas: You can either use it directly out of the bottle onto your burns, which is perfect if you have a very bad burn. Or you can drop some into a cool bath and/or you can add a few drops to some Aloe Vera gel before applying.

Crest Pro-Health Enamel Shield Toothpaste - Fresh Mint

This protects against your enamel wearing-off but also fights cavities, sensitivity, gingivitis, tarter and plaque. It also whitens and freshens breath. It's a good gritty paste with little scrubbing beads so you feel like they are really cleaning your teeth. Again, love the cap that makes it stand in my medicine cabinet.

Oral-B CrossAction ProHealth Tooth Brush

Just in time, I needed a new tooth brush and like I've mentioned before, I'm a teeth person. This brush is so sturdy and firm. The bristles are thick thus clean really well. This thing has gum massagers and power tip bristles. And it also has a great tongue cleaner. It mimics a dentist teeth cleaning like no other!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

These alcohol- and oil-free facial wipes remove EVERYTHING!!!

Very subtle scent, soft, gentle, yet POWERFUL!
Took off mascara like no one's business.

Available in U.S. at Duane Reade in NYC. Hopefully, they will be available everywhere--so everyone can replenish their supply, as everyone should be getting these!!!