Friday, February 24, 2012

Streekers~Wild Weekend, Instant Liquid Hair Color

These little lip-gloss size and style bottles are super fun for a quick, easy, temporary flash of flair! Available in endless bright hues, Streekers liquid hair color is simple to apply, but be aware, this product will not work with dark colored locks and can be difficult to wash out of very light, bright blond shades. I rocked a peek-a-boo strand of this bright Blue and my nieces went courageous with dramatic streaks of Blue in their bangs!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012’s Academy Rewards Contest

From now through February 26th, U.S. residents over the age of 19 have the opportunity to enter the Academy Rewards Contest -for FREE!

Whether you’re a die-hard film fan or just a lucky guesser, all you have to do is complete the electronic entry form to select this year's winners for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Actor.  The more correct answers you have, the more you save.

We thought it was too good to be true, but founder and president of, Dr. Joel Schlessinger, has assured that his Academy Rewards Contest comes with no strings attached.

What:   $10, $15, $20, and $25 discounts on purchases
Who:    U.S. Residents over the age of 19
When:  February 20th- February 26th
How:    Click here to enter the Academy Rewards Contest

*Exclusions: One sample per person/email address. Only US/APO and territories.

Lisa Hoffman TV

Where is smell-o-vision when you really need it?

Lisa Hoffman Beauty is making it’s scent-sational debut by presenting the fabulous Fragrance Jewelry collection to the nation tomorrow, February 22nd on HSN. Joan Sutton, the brand’s VP of Product Development, will be live at 6am, 10am, 3pm, and 7 pm EST to introduce the Fragrance Bracelets’ special starting price of $49.90 to all HSN shoppers.

I highly recommend the Tunisian Neroli!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let Lumene Send You to Finland

Seeing the Northern Lights is essential to me. So is great skincare!
Lumene wants to know what is Essential to you, and you could win a trip to Finland (see picture of Northern Lights in Finland).

Here's how: Go to Lumene's Facebook Page & submit a 1-minute video that details what you consider to be the essential ingredients of your life.

Based on consumer feedback and voting, a jury panel will select one grand prize winner, as well as three runner-ups. The grand prize includes:

  • Round-trip flights for two to Finland
  • Hotel accommodations for 4-nights
  • Spa treatment for two at Kamp Spa
  • A year's supply of Lumene products
  • The runners-up will each receive a VIP gift basket filled with Lumene’s best-selling products. Winners will be announced on May 1st, 2012.

Mally Makes NY Fashion Week Prettier

Celebrate Fashion with the The Mally Beauty Limited-Edition Fashion Week Kit, only available at Henri Bendel in New York City for a special price of $95. To place an order, please 212-904-7974 or email This Fashion Week Kit includes the below must-haves, in a reusable zippered case:

·        Perfect Prep Poreless Primer Glow: An incredible way to help smooth out and resurface your skin, making your poresand fine lines virtually disappear.

·        24/7 Illuminating Blush:The perfect way to get that truly healthy, lit-from-within glow!

·        Liquid Light Eye color: It starts its life as a powder, but turns to a cream as it touches your skin for supreme blend-ability, but then turnsBACK to a powder for long lasting wear!

·        Volumizing Mascara: This unique formula helps create the look of gorgeous, full, luxurious lashes.

·        Ultimate Performance Lip System: This system works together to deliver a gorgeous, shiny full color lip look that lasts, and won’t travel.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HairUWear Pop Put on Pieces

Click Here

I'm all about fake hair, extensions, a weave. You name it. I was really pumped to try the clip in comb. After putting my hair in a bun (as suggested), I pushed in the clip and boom, more hair! It's a bit darker than my hair color but not much of a difference. Great for parties, a quick fix. Or maybe something extra for a wedding?

Pureology goes to Zero!

Beginning February 1, Pureology’s NEW Zero Waste Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Packaging (with the same great concentrated formulas) will be available in Pureology salons nationwide!

NEW Zero Waste Packaging:
-         Highly concentrated ZeroSulfate® 250mL shampoos offer 70+ shampoos per bottle.

-         Made with 50% post-consumer recycled High-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials for unparalleled safety and environmental sustainability (double the amount of PCR used before).

-         For secondary packaging, Pureology decreased the amount of cardboard and uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard boxes made from 100% recycled fibers.  Pureology also added educational messages to these boxes, reminding purchasers to recycle the box and providing tips on how they can conserve water.

-         Don’t forget, the new 250 ml shampoo and condition bottles are 100% recyclable, so be sure to recycle once the formulas is done!

Since Pureology was founded in 2001 the brand has been the leader in superior colour care products made with 100 percent vegan and organic botanical ingredients, while upholding its promise to care for the well-being of the environment.  As a brand with a sustainable vision, Pureology continually works to reduce its environmental impacts through efficient production and manufacturing processes and by incorporating more environmentally preferred materials.  This year, Pureology announces that recent improvements to its Shampoo and Hair Conditioner packaging are helping reduce its environmental impacts.

“Pureology’s new Zero Waste Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Packaging allows consumers and stylists to use every last drop of product and the new ergonomic design featuring inverted condition bottles ensures ease-of-use,” states Shae Kalyani, Vice President of US Marketing for Pureology. “Throughout the packaging renovation, our formulas have not changed – we offer the same luxurious, concentrated formulas color-coded systems for each regimen.”

To quantify the success of these and other improvements, Pureology commissioned Five Winds International, a sustainability management consulting firm, to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) of Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner, products that are representative of Pureology’s entire line and are the brand’s best-sellers.  The process assessed the impact these changes have on reducing the environmental impacts associated with Pureology’s Shampoo and Hair Conditioner bottles by examining multiple phases of the product life cycle, including the sourcing of raw materials used for the products and packaging; the production and manufacturing of the products and packaging; transportation and distribution of finished products; and the end-of-life disposal of the packaging.  While the impacts associated with customer use and disposal of the formula were examined, these findings were not included in the final LCA results. The LCA specifically examined how these changes impact energy and water use, two areas that have been the primary focus of Pureology’s sustainability efforts.

Overall, the LCA demonstrated that the improvements Pureology made to its Hydrate Shampoo and Hair Conditioner packaging are resulting in less energy and water use:
- Energy Use:
o  33% decrease in energy use during the packaging production and transportation life cycle phases for Hydrate Shampoo

o  42% decrease in energy use for Hydrate Conditioner over the same life cycle phases

-Water Use:
o  37% reduction in water use during the packaging production and transportation life cycle phases for Hydrate Shampoo

o  38% decrease in water use for the Hydrate Conditioner during the same life cycle phases.

“From our LCA, we discovered that the greatest environmental impact involves the volume of water used by consumers during showering, assuming they are shampooing and conditioning their hair in the shower, and the energy used to heat the water – 99% of the water used during the lifetime of a bottle of Hydrate Shampoo or Conditioner occurs during the use phase,” adds Kalyani.  “While we are working to reduce our own water usage, we will continue to actively work with Global Green USA to educate consumers about water use and conservation.”

-         Limit your time in the shower

-         Run only full loads in washing machines and choose an energy efficient model

-         Fix leaky faucets and toilets immediately.  A small leak from a faucet can waste 50 gallons of water a day; a leaky toilet 260 gallons a day.

-         Install high efficiency faucets and toilets. Fitting low-flow attachments to faucets can save a massive 70% of water when washing hair!

To learn more about Pureology products, sustainability efforts, or to locate a salon, please visit

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gurung + Sephora

Never before have I so wanted to work at Sephora:

Sephora Reveals New Apparel for All Beauty Advisors

Designed by Prabal Gurung

Sephora is pleased to announce that CFDA award winningfashion designer Prabal Gurung has created the new “cast costumes” for all ofits Sephora Beauty Advisors in North America. Reflecting Prabal’s fresh, modernaesthetic and incorporating Sephora’s signature black and red color scheme, the new designs provide a sophisticated update to the previous uniform that has been utilized since 2001.

Prabal’s cast costume designs for Sephora include a chic andversatile shift dress and fitted pant suit with blazer for women, and sleek separates for men, all incorporating his signature tailoring.

BBW Valentine's Day Party!

WHO:             Bath & Body Works
WHAT:           Valentine’s Day Party

WHEN:           Saturday, February 11th, 10am - 4pm

WHERE:          Bath & Body Works stores nationwide

Bath & Body Works invites you to be our valentine this year at a chic celebration of the latest must-have Signature Collection scent: Pink Chiffon. An ultra-feminine fragrance with girly grace, this quintessential romantic scent will sweep you off your feet. Put on your preferred pink outfit Saturday February 11th and join Bath & Body Works to fall in love with the new scent just in time for Valentine’s Day.

At the event, guests can also:
Cast a vote for your favorite new Signature Collection Fine Fragrance Mist, showing love for your signature scent.
Complete your date night prep with a stop at our Pucker Up station, your destination for the ultimate kissable pout.
Find the perfect gift for the man in your life in the Bath & Body Works Men’s Collection.
Enter to the ultimate Valentine’s Day prize – a dreamy bedroom makeover or romantic trip for two to Hawaii!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with Bath & Body Works for fine fragrance, free gifts, and much more!

European Blowout Explained

New York, NY: Frank Barbosa, co-owner of Frank Antonio Hair and Makeup (Newport, RI) and top theatre and film stylist (Ragtime, Mamma Mia, Lion King, Bride Wars, Sex and the City) is bringing back the European Blowout – and his clients can’t get enough!

“They’ve been doing this type of blowout in Greece and Germany for years, it’s a fast and easy way to achieve smooth bouncy volume quickly, so it’s great on set, as well as for salon clients,” explains Barbosa.

European Blowout
·       Apply a gel or lotion to towel dried hair to reduce frizz and add hold (try Rene Furterer Vegetal Styling Straightening Gel or Redken pure force 16 non-aerosol fixing spray)
·       Section hair  - the more sections, the more brushes needed. The average European Blowout uses around 12 brushes. 
·       Brush each section up and over direct it with a Sam Villa Signature Series Round or Oval Brush. Wrap each section around the brush rolling away from the face, leaving the brush in (securing like a Velcro roller set).
·       Continue around head until each section is wrapped in a brush.
·       Blow dry until dry
·       Let cool
·       Take brushes out and style as usual

NOTE: If pressed for time, stretch-dry each section ¾ of the way and leave the brush in.  Continue around the head until each section is wrapped and complete the drying process with a Sam Vila E-T.C. Light Blow Dryer or under a head dryer. Let cool, take brushes out and style as usual.

“I have two sets of Sam Villa bamboo brushes - since they’re made of bamboo, they’re perfect for European Blowouts because they are so light.  It takes confidence to leave 12 brushes in a client’s head, you want to make sure they are comfortable and a lighter brush makes a big difference,” adds Barbosa.

Sam Villa Signature Series Brushes are made of bamboo for added strength, durability and ecology. Bamboo is strong, light, sustainable, chemical free and biodegradable. Sam Villa Signature Series products are available at The Redken Gallerie.  Learn more about Sam Villa by visiting .

Little Green Conditioning Hair Detangler

Okay, so this is made for kids, hence Little Green Kids (baby products as well).
But it's made with great stuff & is hypoallergenic & works like crazy.
A couple of sprays, and I was good to comb my thick mess of hair without pain.
I even skipped conditioner & used this instead.
My cousin uses it on her toddler & 12-year-old with equal success.
Total score for the whole family!

Monday, February 6, 2012


New York, NY:
“Sooner or later, a trim is in order…for almost anything that grows, even brows. Ever see those long strands that stand out or fall...not pretty,” explains Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar. Here’s how it’s done:

Using a disposable mascara wand, brush brows upwards and trim excess hair slightly - not too short or it will make a hole (get to that in a minute). Then, brush brows down and do the same. Make sure to use scissors with a rounded edge to ensure safety, don’t want sharp objects near peepers!

If you get in a jam…over-tweezing and/or trimming too short can create holes, but there is a simple solution - Boom Boom Brow Boostiers brow powder to the rescue.  A brow powder is really easy to work with and great for camouflaging holes and thin spots.  It’ very natural looking when applied with an angled brush - just dab on the spot and go. Don’t over-think it, just follow the line and fill in the hole. It's that simple.

Brow Boostiers brow powder is made of mineral powders that are hypoallergenic and free of all fragrance, oil, talc, dyes and fillers. They are virtually weightless and make filling in brows easy, and truly natural looking with rich color pigment. Comes in four colors (Aretha, Tina, Bette, Dolly) each with the most perfect brush EVA, designed by Boom Boom.

From Kate: Love the Brow Boostiers! I have Bette, it makes my bald spot disappear.

Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color

I tried Light Cognac & Darkest Brown.
Application is opposite the usual-- you put it on freshly washed, wet hair.
Colors are good, doesn't dry-out hair or make it smell.
The Darkest Brown worked well with my dark brown hair, but seemed to fade quickly.
The Light Cognac made me look like I had gotten highlights.
Overall, I liked.
Good variety of colors, too.