Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Noodle & Boo: Honey Child Sugar Mama scrub & soap

Noodle & Boo, in addition to making superior products, sets aside "a significant amount" of their profits for children's charities.

The Glowology products are made for sensitive skin, and the Honey Child line is part of Glowology.

Sugar Mama Scrub-- Good scrub, but doesn't remove your entire epidermis! Barely scented, leaves your skin super-soft. Makes my legs like butta!

Sugar Mama Soap-- Excellent lathering, not drying. Leaves you clean, but with moisture levels intact! Not strongly scented, just smells like honey.

All the products are beautifully packaged, will make beautiful gifts--& look great in your bathroom!

Palettes by Tod Young

Tod Young has come up with scents based on colors--
More specifically, the color choices you make when decorating!

There are six color families: Neutral, Pastel, Primary, Jewel, Earth, & Gray.

I tested all six candles, and found that I liked the Neutral, Pastel, Primary, & Gray-- which are the color families I would use!

The website has pictures of interiors for each color group/scent.
Pick your room & get that scent!


There I was, sitting around, eating some Chia Goodness*, chair-dancing to Old Empire**, when I decided to make some changes!

In my quest to make things easier to find, I have condensed blogs!
This makes it easier on all us reviewers as well (no more: it's lip balm, but it's tinted, where does it go?).

So, all face products are now on About Face! All the lip products, face washes, foundations, eye creams...

All the home, workout, home scent, and miscellaneous products are on BrainyBeautys @ Home.

Same great reviews, now easier to search!

*No joke! you take 2 tablespoons of Apple Almond Cinnamon and mix with Vanilla Yogurt (I like Stonybrook Farms Low Fat Vanilla), wait a few minutes & enjoy!

** Love Track & Field. They have the best bass player!

Bobbi Brown, Metalalic Long-Wear Cream Shadow


Bobbi Brown, Metalalic Long-Wear Cream Shadow

I tried this shadow in Brown Metal 4 and absolutely LOVED it!!

It is light enough to not look caked on and does not dry throughout the day. Perfect for day or night wear, this shade has just a hint of shimmer and oodles of class!!

For an extra long day (or night out...), I'd recommend wearing a powder shadow over this delicate cream version!!

PUREOLOGY SUPER SMOOTH Shampoo and Conditioner, Relaxing Hair Masque, and Smoothing Elixir


PUREOLOGY SUPER SMOOTH Shampoo and Conditioner, Relaxing Hair Masque, and Smoothing Elixir

Pureology has done it again! If you love feeling like you've just left the salon with every wash, then this brand is for you. These 100% Vegan and 100% gentle products have got me hooked. And if your hair reacts like mine does to humidity and harsh, hot, styling tools, you will LOVE the Super Smooth line.

The Super Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner have a light, feminine scent and like all Pureology products, enhance and extend color treatment. In humidity, my hair normally turns to a frizzy mess-whether I've straightened it, curled it, or let it air dry. With Super Smooth products in my hair, I stay in control and my hair does what I want!

I love the Super Smooth Smoothing Elixir for days when I want my hair to stay straight and shiny. I apply it to my damp hair, blow my hair dry, and style with a straightening iron and this beautiful product keeps my style looking crisp from start to finish.

Finally, Pureology's Super Smooth Relaxing Hair Masque is a fantastic way to replenish your color treated, heat styled, damaged, tired hair. This thick, delicious, deep conditioner is a once a week treat I cannot resist.

You will simply LOVE the way you look, feel, and smell with these antifade, antifrizz, antidisappoinment products!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion

Not one to splurge on expensive lotions, potions or even clothing, I now understand the reason do it. This body lotion leaves my skin baby soft. It leaves my skin softer than any other body lotion I've used before. The scent is light and tangeriney. It's lightweight and almost like an oil. This is true love.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sebastian Shine Define Hairspray

Shine Define Hairspray

I absolutely LOVE the Sebastian line of hair products. The Shine Define hairspray is light, and smells wonderful. I have had several people tell me that my hair smells good when I use it. It doesn't make your hair crunchy, but still holds my curls. Definitely a good product to have around for those hot and humid days!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Redken layer lift 07

I had high hopes for this but they fell short. It smells great and the texture is light and non-tacky. Yet it didn't do a thing for my extremely fine, thin hair when it says I'm the ideal candidate. I have longer layers and I saw no difference when I used this.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bobbi Brown Saves the World... again!

Buy a Bobbi Brown FEED bag, get 3 lip glosses, and help feed the world!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fashion's Night Out

So, Vogue is hosting a Fashion Party in NYC, the likes of which haven't been seen since, well, ever.
For those of you lucky enough to go, check out what Benefit is up to:

Sebastian is sponsoring fashion shows:

Michael Angel, Salon Tent at Bryant Park
Thomas Dunkin, lead stylist for Sebastian Professional
FRIDAY, SEPT. 11 at 7 PM
Costello Tagliapietra, Milk Studios at 450 W 15th St.
Thomas Dunkin, lead stylist for Sebastian Professional

Diego Binetti, Exit Art on 36th St. and 10th Ave.
Thomas Dunkin, lead stylist for Sebastian Professional


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beauty Addicts RelationLIPS


Loving these colors!

Non-stick, good staying power for glosses, moisturizing.

Not too shiny, but there is magic-shine-goo (the
white sparkly-ness) if you are so inclined.

Good for mixing as well.

Fun for your lips!

Ecru New York Silk Nectar Serum

Hello, smooth & soft hair.
Welcome, lovey, not greasy, shine.

I finish with this after I flat-iron.

If I'm too lazy to do anything else, this does make my hair less likely to extreme-frizz
in this lovely fall humidity (think Monica's hair at the Paleontology conference).

& it even smells nice--slightly fruity.

Thymes Home Fragrance Mist


Powdery, yet clean.
Feminine, but not girly.

I like to spray a little on a lamp shade so it releases with the heat.

Would be excellent to mist around before entertaining,
so your abode smells all elegant.

Sam Villa Paddle Brush

Go to and buy this brush!

Loving the comfortable handle, rounded-tip bristles, and that it gets through my hair without any major snags or injuries!

Firm, but not harsh. Sturdy, yet elegant.

Plus, looks fantastic-- no plastic mess.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Savannah Bee Company 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balm

How cute are these balms? Light, not tacky, free of scent and tasteless. Thick enough to cover and last but not gunky and waxy.
There are only a handful of ingredients too-always a plus.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nair Shower Power

Sorry Nair. I just don't like you.
I tried this kit. You put the lotion on the green side of the sponge before you get in the shower, get in the shower and wash hair, etc. then wipe off the lotion with the white side. I let the remover sit on my legs for about 8 minutes. When I wiped it off, 1, 2 hairs came off tops. No thank you.