Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ecru Hair Care

There is nothing like the experience of a great hair salon. I love the stunning sights, the soothing smells, the relaxation found from having my locks treated well, and that one of a kind, pampered feeling at the end of it all.  I find that very few hair products give me an authentic just-left-the-salon feeling. Ecru is one of those few. I sampled a few items recently and would boast them as must-haves for the salon treatment lover!!

*Ecru Luxe Treatment Shampoo: This cleanse provides one of the richest lathers I have ever experienced.
*Protective Silk Conditioner: This particular conditioner could not have a more fitting name, as my hair instantly feels both strong as smooth, upon application.
*Volumizing Silk Mist: This spritz serves as a detangler and strengthener, adding just another layer of protection and texture. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Klorane takes to the States

Just in time for the 40th Birthday of their amazing dry shampoo, press release from Klorane, maker of superior shampoos, conditioners, & eye makeup remover:

KLORANE, creators of the world’s first dry shampoo,and known for their success in combining high-performing plant extracts with the best of science, is bringing the brand to life online with the launch of a NEW US-based  website in June 2011.

Click on and discover what the power of plants can do for your hair as well as your face and eye make-up removal regime—ever so gently and effectively. The new website opens the door to a comprehensive educational experience, serving as a one-stop location for all your hair care and eye care needs, from providing the perfect, targeted products to telling the compelling stories behind KLORANE’s ongoing search for sustainably grown sources of the most effective plant ingredients,to a hair analysis diagnostic tool and not-to-be-missed special offers.

Easy to navigate and designed to reflect the vibrancy and beauty of the world of Nature, the new site has been created to bring visitors the best—and safest—plant-based beauty products. If you’re on the hunt for eco-conscious formulas that are silicone-free, sodium chloride-free or paraben-free, your choices are a click away. Highlights on www.klorane.com  include:

Your Hair Analysis. With our compliments! Let KLORANE diagnose your specific hair and scalp needs and recommend the perfect KLORANE formulas. Simply check off a short analysis, and within minutes you’ll see your prescribed regimen, customized just for you.

About the Plants.  For each key plant ingredient—from chamomile grown in Egypt to cornflower grown in France—there’s a video to take you behind the scenes. Watch as farmers who sustainably grow plants exclusively for KLORANE gather Nature’s bounty in full blossom, and botanical researchers at Pierre Fabre Laboratories apply their pharmaceutical know-how to create formulas with natural extracts from these plants, utilizing the lowest number of ingredients for the highest efficacy. KLORANE’s philosophy: “By protecting plants, we’re taking care of people.”

Store Locator. Simply click on “Find in Stores,” type in your zip code and you’ll discover the locations nearest you that carry your favorite KLORANE hair care and eye care products.

The best Push Up for your face

One of my favorite products?
The Boom Boom Push Up brow highlighting pencil.
I use the matte side as a concealer (yes, I am that pale), and the shimmery side instead of eye liner/shadow.
If I think I need it, I'll even use the shimmer as a bit of highlighter on my cheeks.

Boom Boom, genius behind Push Up and owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar, shares some of her tips:

“I have a little secret, I line the inside of my eyes with the matte side of my Push Up brow highlighting pencil and it makes my eyes pop!” says Boom Boom.  “It’s a little tid bit I share with clients and they LOVE it!  It’s great for making you feel like you’re 20 again, especially on those days when you need a little extra something something to get you out the door with a smile.”

The trend started on the spring/summer runways, bleached brows and beige lined eyes for extra pop.  Boom Boom says no way to bleaching brows, the bolder the better, but lining eyes with Push Up is a little secret every girl should know. “Simply line the inside rims of both lids, and if you’re really feeling it, dab a bit on the inside of the corners of your eyes by the nose.  It will make your eyes look big and beautiful!” adds Boom Boom.

Other Push Up Tricks

·      Use the matte concealer side on the brow bone to create the illusion of lift and to camouflage stragglers that are growing in while waiting for a brow wax.

·      Dab the sparkle side on the inside corner of the eye for a dash of pop, so you look bright eyed and bushy tailed.  See you later dark circles!

Bonus: Boom Boom never tests on animals!

Beauty Rx Skincare by Dr. Schultz Exfoliating Pads

Advanced Exfoliating Therapy Pads
Like Stridex pads, but for grown-ups!
Resurfaces with glycolic acid for refined complexion.
Not going to lie, bit of a burn involved at first. I was not red after, but had to build up to the instructed 15 minutes.
Works, though!
Even cleared up the little white bumps on my chin!
Just be sure to wash your hands really well after applying.

Cures by Avance Anti-Acne To Go

This three piece kit has 1 & 2 oz. products, so you are TSA-Approved.
Kit contains:

  • Foaming Face Cleansing Gel (2 oz.)- so, this totally wasn't foaming for me. I like, it cleans well without sucking the life out of your skin, even smells clean; I just could not get it to lather up--not a huge issue, my face was clean. Works very well with my Clarisonic brush.
  • Algae Deep Pore Cleanser (1 oz.)- smells like dirt, looks like mud, cleans like no body's business! Lightly exfoliating, sucks the gunk out of your pores.
  • Anti-Acne Moisturizer (1 oz.)- Smooths on easily, no weird residue. Actually moisturizes while zapping zits! My skin is smoother, clearer, happier.
Whether on the road or at home, this kit's a keeper.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

COOLA organic suncare is partnering with the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) to remind people to stay safe and sun protected all year long! In order to accomplish this goal and raise some $$ for the MRA, we need YOU to help us come up with a slogan that promoted year-round sun protection!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lavanilla Laboratories The Healthy Body Wash 2-in-1 Shower & Shave

As of lately, I've forgone the foaming shaving cream and moved towards conditioner because I think the former doesn't last very long, dries out my skin and doesn't offer a very close shave. This stuff solves all of my issues. I've had the bottle for weeks now, it leaves my skin soft and no prickles! Not to mention it's a great hydrating body wash for my dry skin. The cherry on the top? It smells like heaven. The combination of the vanilla warmth and clean grapefruit is such a pleasing scent. I'm ordering the perfume right now!

Borghese Rapido Fast Dry Nail Lacquer

First off, let me say, I LOVE this shade. It's not the shade here in the picture. It's a lovely, of-the-moment mint green. An oh so flattering shade on just about anyone. It dries in 60 seconds which is perfect for any on-the-go lady (aren't we all?). I put it on my toes last week and it's still looking shiny and minty. Adding it to my nail polish collection right now.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunscreen FAQs answered

I have been coating myself with sunscreen every morning since the age of 14. We don't even want to hazard a guess at the number of gallons involved. But has it been enough? I have questions, you have questions, we all have questions. Who has the answers? Let's check with a top dermatologist!

From Dr. Michael Gold, dermatologist and dermasurgeon:

My question for Dr. Gold: I work in an office with no windows (yes, it is not great). I apply sunblock in the morning, around 6 am. Do I need to re-apply before my drive home at 3:30 pm?

    • His answer: "I would say definitely yes – especially since there is still plenty of sun in the afternoon – especially in the summer.  The best defense we have for skin cancer prevention is sunscreen and we know that it  does not last all day, so even if you were inside without windows all day I would recommend reapplying before you leave at the end of the day."

Other Questions answered:
  • If I wear moisturizer with SPF 15 everyday is it going to be enough for the summer? 
    • I would recommend an SPF of 30 minimum, but use a sunscreen as well.
  • Should I try to find a moisturizer with a higher SPF or do I need to wear a sunscreen and forget moisturizer altogether? 
    • Moisturizing the skin, especially in summer, is essential. Aim for moisturizer and a sunscreen.
  • What if I have acne-prone skin?  Does non-comedogenic sunscreen really work?  
    • For the most part, yes.  If it is non-comedogenic, it has no active acne-causing ingredients.  This will be great for almost everyone who has acne, acne-prone skin, or even sensitive skin.  However, it is not a perfect science – someone will be breaking out even with these labels. 
  • Why do I tend to feel greasy even with oil-free sunscreen on? 
    • Because most sunscreens have ingredients which, on certain people, make their skin feel oily – not much you can do about it – trial and error to determine which ones will not make you oily. 
  • Can you recommend some specific sunscreens that are good for summer?   
    • I like Coppertone Sport 50 (they have 30-100) – it is a spray and I like sprays.  Others would be Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Spray – up to SPF 100 – we want them to be UVB and UVA – both of these are. 
  • What SPF should I be looking for?  
    • SPF 30 or above – if skin cancer or pre-skin cancer history – I usually recommend SPF 50 or above --- plus broad spectrum, covering UVA and UVB.
  • Is the recommended SPF different for face and body? 
    • No – it is okay to use the same for both. 
  • I want to protect the area under my eyes. Is it safe and effective to simply use a moisturizer with SPF on that area or do I need a totally new product? 
    • Yes, if the moisturizer has a sufficient SPF.

Fashion’s Night Out 2011 gets some Provencal

WHO: L'OCCITANE en Provence

WHEN: Thursday, September 8, 2011

WHAT: Celebrate Fashion’s Night Out in Provençal style at L'OCCITANE's new Meatpacking District and Soho boutiques. Both locations promise to transport New York fashionistas to the south of France, offering a “Passport to French Style.” Vive la France with these Provençal perks:
  • French fare and chilled rosé
  • Complimentary hand massages to relieve overburdened arms carrying shopping bags
  • An exclusive Riviera-inspired tote bag filled with L’OCCITANE’s beauty essentials
Ending the evening in true French Style, L'OCCITANE will raffle off the crème de la crème of all prizes: a complimentary stay for two at the luxe Provençal hotel and spa, Le Couvent des Minimes, where the winner and a friend will be pampered from head to toe amidst the region’s iconic lavender fields.

  • L’OCCITANE Meatpacking District:48 9th Avenue (betweenWest 14th St. andWest 15th St.)
  • L’OCCITANE SoHo: 146 Spring St. (betweenWooster and West Broadway)

L'Occitane Sun Verbena Protective Body Lotion SPF 15 (Verveine Soleil)

A great body lotion plus sun protection?!? Yes, please!

Lightly scented--herbally lemon.

Moisturizes well, absorbs quickly, not greasy.
I now put this on everyday after my morning shower.

The only drawback I have: the bottle can be weak around the corners, so try to shake instead of squeeze. I am, apparently, a vigorous squeezer--had to put tape to cover split on corner of bottle.

Added incentive: L'Occitane, as a brand, ROCKS! They have braille on their products &/or packaging; so if you happen to be blind, you still know what you are using. The L'Occitane Foundation works to Support the Visually Impaired, Advance the Economic Emancipation of Women, and Preserve the Knowledge of Nature. How cool is that?!?!

Clientele Elastology Peptide Hydration Cream

A lotion light enough for summer that works well enough for winter!
Smooths skin, refines.
Serious anti-oxidants, even has Pumpkin!
You can put it on over a serum for added punch--it plays well with others.
I use at night-- not that you can't use for day, I just want to stretch out bottle :)
Makes my skin all radiant and glowy.
Doesn't cause breakouts or any skin weirdness.

Glytone Acne Treatment Kit (Anti-Irritating)

This 3-piece kit includes:

  • Self Foaming Cleanser
  • 3P Gel
  • Acne Lotion

Truly an acne-fighting system for people who don't want to hurt their skin! Not just for adults, my 14 year old nephew uses (& loves, as much as 14 year old boys can love skin care).

The self-foaming cleaner is AWESOME.
You can totally feel it working.
Eats all the nasty stuff, leaves your face clean but not overly-dry.

The 3P gel has benzoyl peroxide-- it will bleach your sheets and shirts. Use just a touch on zits, and ALWAYS use sun block (especially when using benzoyl peroxide).

The Acne lotion has Salicylic Acid, which is good for treating & preventing zits.

I recommend this--especially the cleanser!!!

Boscia Restorative Eye Treatment for Under-eye Bags

Crazy-good cream that de-puffs and lightens circles.
It's got peptides & anti-oxidants and all sorts of good stuff.

The missing ingredients? Preservatives, parabens...

Love the pump, don't have to stick my fingers into a pot of cream over & over again.

Doesn't sting or make my eyes water, just works!
I also use it on my upper eye lids, which tend to get dark and swollen.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vapour Organic Beauty

1.particles of moisture or other substance suspended in air and visible as clouds, smoke, etc.
2.a substance that is in a gaseous state at a temperature below its boiling point
3.rare, something fanciful that lacks permanence

Definition number 3 fits this product line best.

Vapour Organic Beauty is a rare, luxurious line, providing stunning shades of skin care and face, lip, cheek, and eye color. Magazines Lucky and Allure obsess over this stuff!! My personal favorite gems out of this seemingly endless treasure chest of beauty, is their Siren Lipstick. Siren comes in sixteen, long lasting, moisturizing colors and is made of pure plant ingredients!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Making life even easier

Hello loves!

We are always looking to improve your life and make things better.

How now?

To make things less confusing & more search-able,
we are COMBINING our blogs!

Now just go to for all of our product reviews are right on

Perfume reviews still available on perfume fiend.

Menfolk-- Gifted Guys Groom is still up & running for you.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sally Hansen~Crackle Overcoat

Have you tried this stuff yet??? For a while, I could not find this Sally Hansen product ANYWHERE!!! Paint Crackle Overcoat over your favorite hue of polish and watch as it almost magically dries into a two tone crackle finish! Try as many color combinations as you can fathom! Your nail look can go from gothic to girly, depending on what duo you choose! Watch out for off-brand copies of this product. Stick with Sally-she knows her stuff!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

"A sophisticated heat beam which we call a 'laser.'"

Oh yes, Laser Hair Removal.
The final hair frontier.
6-8 sessions; painless, permanent hair reduction/removal.
And here comes my skeptical face, right?
I was so wrong to question modern science!

I have had 3 sessions already.
No real pain yet-- just antsy legs from holding them still.

Before lasering: I would shave under my arms every morning and it would look like I hadn't shaved by bed time.

After lasering: I can go 3-5 days, comfortably, between shaves.

Seriously, my hair sprouts faster than tie-dye at a Grateful Dead show. Faster than tell-all books after a political scandal. Real fast;)

If it works on me, it will work on you*.

I go to Raja at the Michigan Laser Center. Tell her Kate sent you! She is the nicest lady, totally put me at ease--very important, depending on the area you have lasered! You couldn't ask for anyone better!!! The facility is clean, the lasers are premium, and the prices are reasonable (considering).

*I am super pale with DARK hair-- finally works in my favor! I also have a high pain tolerance, apparently.