Sunday, August 28, 2011

Klorane takes to the States

Just in time for the 40th Birthday of their amazing dry shampoo, press release from Klorane, maker of superior shampoos, conditioners, & eye makeup remover:

KLORANE, creators of the world’s first dry shampoo,and known for their success in combining high-performing plant extracts with the best of science, is bringing the brand to life online with the launch of a NEW US-based  website in June 2011.

Click on and discover what the power of plants can do for your hair as well as your face and eye make-up removal regime—ever so gently and effectively. The new website opens the door to a comprehensive educational experience, serving as a one-stop location for all your hair care and eye care needs, from providing the perfect, targeted products to telling the compelling stories behind KLORANE’s ongoing search for sustainably grown sources of the most effective plant ingredients,to a hair analysis diagnostic tool and not-to-be-missed special offers.

Easy to navigate and designed to reflect the vibrancy and beauty of the world of Nature, the new site has been created to bring visitors the best—and safest—plant-based beauty products. If you’re on the hunt for eco-conscious formulas that are silicone-free, sodium chloride-free or paraben-free, your choices are a click away. Highlights on  include:

Your Hair Analysis. With our compliments! Let KLORANE diagnose your specific hair and scalp needs and recommend the perfect KLORANE formulas. Simply check off a short analysis, and within minutes you’ll see your prescribed regimen, customized just for you.

About the Plants.  For each key plant ingredient—from chamomile grown in Egypt to cornflower grown in France—there’s a video to take you behind the scenes. Watch as farmers who sustainably grow plants exclusively for KLORANE gather Nature’s bounty in full blossom, and botanical researchers at Pierre Fabre Laboratories apply their pharmaceutical know-how to create formulas with natural extracts from these plants, utilizing the lowest number of ingredients for the highest efficacy. KLORANE’s philosophy: “By protecting plants, we’re taking care of people.”

Store Locator. Simply click on “Find in Stores,” type in your zip code and you’ll discover the locations nearest you that carry your favorite KLORANE hair care and eye care products.

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