Friday, August 5, 2011

"A sophisticated heat beam which we call a 'laser.'"

Oh yes, Laser Hair Removal.
The final hair frontier.
6-8 sessions; painless, permanent hair reduction/removal.
And here comes my skeptical face, right?
I was so wrong to question modern science!

I have had 3 sessions already.
No real pain yet-- just antsy legs from holding them still.

Before lasering: I would shave under my arms every morning and it would look like I hadn't shaved by bed time.

After lasering: I can go 3-5 days, comfortably, between shaves.

Seriously, my hair sprouts faster than tie-dye at a Grateful Dead show. Faster than tell-all books after a political scandal. Real fast;)

If it works on me, it will work on you*.

I go to Raja at the Michigan Laser Center. Tell her Kate sent you! She is the nicest lady, totally put me at ease--very important, depending on the area you have lasered! You couldn't ask for anyone better!!! The facility is clean, the lasers are premium, and the prices are reasonable (considering).

*I am super pale with DARK hair-- finally works in my favor! I also have a high pain tolerance, apparently.

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