Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Whitening Wonder!

Those who know me, know that I am kind of obsessed with my teeth. I would go to the dentist daily if I could (alas! if only!), I brush twice a day and floss every night (every night!) and I try to whiten at least twice a year to keep them lookin' snazzy.

Yes, you could say I'm a bit of a freak.

But I maintain my chompers because I've gone through some tough times with them. A childhood bicycle accident left me forever looking like Lloyd Christmas when god forbid my bonding comes off (which did happen at a co-ed 8th grade pool party. SO great for a 13 year old ego), and a backwards molar resulted in a few high school years as a brace face (as if I wasn't dorky enough!).

 Now I love me some Whitestrips, but the fact that they adhere SO firmly makes me nervous for an 8th grade pool party moment 2.0. Plus, they make my teeth super sensitive.

Enter the Super Booster Whitening Pen. It gives the best of both worlds without the worry, sensitivity and then some!

This revolutionary product comes in a portable, easy-to-use pen and contains a powerful whitening agent that dissolves difficult-to-remove stains without damaging tooth enamel.

 It is incredibly easy and efficient to use too! You just:
1) Dry off teeth
2) Twist the bottom to dispense product on to the brush (sort of like a lip gloss)
3) Paint a thin coat onto desired teeth
4) Smile wide for 60 seconds (to allow product to adhere)
5) Ta-dah! Done!

It's recommended to rinse off after a few hours, but I found that drinking water was enough to suffice.

More awesome aspects: It doesn't leave teeth sensitive with repeated use like other whitening products, there's no funky tasting goo left over on teeth afterwards (gross!) and you can pretty much whiten anywhere since it's so quick and easy!

La-la-la-loooooooovvvve this product! I definitely noticed a brighter and whiter smile after my two week stint. And um, I might still use it a few times a week for maintenance. What?! I can't help it!

Check out how white my pearly whites are now too:
Extreme close-up whoaaaaahhh!!

Super Booster Whitening Pen retails for $79. Visit whiteninglightning.com to purchase and to check out Whitening Lightning's complete selection of whitening products.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm Telling Mom!

In between feeding, wiping, dressing, changing, lifting, snuggling, soothing, teaching, and worrying about our little monsters, how are we supposed to look and feel good too?!?

As a new mommy, I am on a quest to preserve my Momjo (Thank you Guilianna Rancic for the amazecakes term!) despite my new body shape, hormone level, skin type, and ever changing list of responsibilities. Here are a few of the gems I've uncovered.

Orlane Firming Arm Creme
The combo of gaining weight to sustain your little peanut and workout restrictions while preggy can sometimes lead to some loss in muscle mass and arm skin stretching...Fun right? Luckily, there is a fantastic product geared right toward that post-partum wing-ding action! 
Mamamio Shrink to Fit
I fall instantly in love with every genius product Mamamio makes and this cream is no exception! During pregnancy, our hips spread to make way for our little chicken's arrival. Further, many women hold weight gain in their thighs and hips, making this product an after-baby soul mate! Lather this blessing on daily for a significant lift in elasticity...and don't forget to check out all of the encouraging messages hiding throughout the Mamamio packaging for a little emotional lift too!

U Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner
Is it just me or does every part of a new mommy's body seem to need some extra TLC? Enter: thick, smooth, silky treatment for your baby making locks! No need to beat around the bush here! They straight up named it after it's most desirable quality: luxury.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Enchanting Adventures of L & J

 SCENE 1. 

The place: A cozy kitchen in the Detroit suburbs. Leslie is opening up a package with great excitement and is delighted to find GO 24-7 Men's Deodorant/Body Spray inside. Leslie's husband Jerry enters the kitchen.

Leslie: Husband! I have a most fabulous men's product for you to use and review for BrainyBeautys!
Jerry:  Surely oh wife! Whatever might that be?
Leslie: Why it's GO 24-7 Deodorant/Body Spray! A manly man's professional grooming product that won't stain clothes and claims to have a masculine yet not overpowering scent.
Jerry: Pip pip! I shall give it a whirl!


The place: Leslie and Jerry's living room. She is watching television on the couch- a very intellectually stimulating and profound program entitled, "House Hunters."  Jerry enters stage left.

Jerry: Darling wife! I just put on that new deodorant/body spray you gave me to try.
Leslie: Sweet kittens! Come let me smell you my love.

Leslie inhales deeply and ever so daintily wrinkles her nose.

Leslie: Oh dearest, I do believe I prefer your other every day selections. Whatst thou conclude?
Jerry: I am of the opinion it works splendidly and I have no problem with it's olfactory intent.
Leslie: Well done darling... well done!


GO 24-7 products can be found at go247men.com

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to Beauty

It's that special time of year... when commercials start pushing notebooks and pens, ten pound September issues overfill our mailboxes, football season gets underway, and we all start trying to undo the sun damage of the previous three months (or thirty years... sunscreen, schmunscreen!)

I myself have found a most fantastic facial regimen that leaves my complexion feeling soft, looking luminous and ready to take on my favorite season. Step right up dear readers! It's right this way!

Summer Skin Saver Product #1: LUMENE Pure Radiance Day Cream SPF15

This Vitamin C+  moisturizer with Arctic Cloudberry is the bomb. It smells great, goes on and sinks in superbly, doesn't clog pores and leaves my skin feeling noticeably glowy.  I start every day out with it.

Summer Skin Saver Product #2: JOEY New York Quick Results Line Up for Wrinkles on Face and Eyes

The scent of this product is like a spa in a bottle. After moisturizer, I apply it under make-up every morning around the eyes, nasolabial folds (or smile lines for you high class folk), and then tap the remainder into the middle of my forehead. This serum contains young tender green coconut water with Indian Ginseng Extract Complex and Hydrolyzed Collagen to help smooth the appearance of individual wrinkles on the face. You really can feel it sinking in and plumping. Ain't no lie— Wrinkles bye bye bye!

Summer Skin Saver #3: Biopelle Retriderm Serum Mild
Every anti-aging skin care regime needs a retinol. This is definitely one of the best ones I've ever used. Although it has a somewhat egg-yolky look to it, it sinks right in, smells great, doesn't leave skin flaky with daily use (only 0.5% retinol) and definitely improves the overall look and feel of your complexion. Just a reminder- make sure you use adequate sun protection when using any sort of retinoid, as it majorly ups your skin's sensitivity to the sun!

I honestly can't tout these three wise wonders enough... They've taken over my routine and I would be lost without them. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hey Dude! Sweet Hair!

When I asked my (insanely gorgeous) husband to test out Redken for Men Full Impact Bodyfying Shampoo, I promised that (brilliant, amazing) guy two things: first of all, his (already perfectly perfect) hair would get a treat, as Redken boasts a plumping, volumizing, and lifting formula in this wash (my husband rocks!). Secondly, I vowed to sing my (sexy, strong) husband's praises on the internet, in return for his (manly, oh so manly) services. Have I mentioned what a fantastic husband I have?

The love of my life reported that he definitely felt a boost in volume and control with this shampoo. He was most excited about the scent of the stuff! He said that it has a "refreshing, sweet smell". I agree. This product certainly made my already delicious smelling man, smell that much sweeter.

Husband tested. Wife approved. 

Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever

The smell of vanilla instantly takes me back to 1989, in the kitchen of my childhood home. I'm baking homemade chocolate chip cookies with my brother and my mom. Always a loving, selfless sister, I never fought my brother over the licking of the mixing spoon. Why? Because while he was busy smearing raw dough all over his mug, I was sneaking spoonfuls of vanilla extract into my mouth! I promise, it never made me sick. (Okay, there was that one time...)

Lavanila Laboratories Forever Frangrance Oil in vanilla grapefruit takes me back to this dear memory of mine, with strong, sweet notes of vanilla, married with a balancing citrus, giving this classic flavor a mature, delicate blend.

I love the rollerball application too-I can't help but wonder how I could have worked a rollerball full of vanilla extract into my mouth back in the day...

What Rhymes with Biore? GIVEAWAY!!!!

Peanut Butter loves Jelly and Spaghetti adores a good Meatball. like Cereal and Milk, Biore's Acne Fighting Cleansers and Deep Cleansing Pore Strips are the perfect pair, one makes the other better! 

If you asked any one of theses duos, I am certain they would confess that they simply could not live without their counterpart. So, we at Brainy Beautys ask: What is it that YOU simply cannot live without?

Tweet your love to #JustCantLiveWithout by August 11th, 7pm (eastern). Our editors will award their fave, most heartfelt chirp with a free Biore set including a 6.77 ounce bottle of Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser and a box of 14 Deep Cleansing Pore Strips!

Tweet on, peeps!