Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hey Dude! Sweet Hair!

When I asked my (insanely gorgeous) husband to test out Redken for Men Full Impact Bodyfying Shampoo, I promised that (brilliant, amazing) guy two things: first of all, his (already perfectly perfect) hair would get a treat, as Redken boasts a plumping, volumizing, and lifting formula in this wash (my husband rocks!). Secondly, I vowed to sing my (sexy, strong) husband's praises on the internet, in return for his (manly, oh so manly) services. Have I mentioned what a fantastic husband I have?

The love of my life reported that he definitely felt a boost in volume and control with this shampoo. He was most excited about the scent of the stuff! He said that it has a "refreshing, sweet smell". I agree. This product certainly made my already delicious smelling man, smell that much sweeter.

Husband tested. Wife approved. 

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