Monday, August 19, 2013

The Enchanting Adventures of L & J

 SCENE 1. 

The place: A cozy kitchen in the Detroit suburbs. Leslie is opening up a package with great excitement and is delighted to find GO 24-7 Men's Deodorant/Body Spray inside. Leslie's husband Jerry enters the kitchen.

Leslie: Husband! I have a most fabulous men's product for you to use and review for BrainyBeautys!
Jerry:  Surely oh wife! Whatever might that be?
Leslie: Why it's GO 24-7 Deodorant/Body Spray! A manly man's professional grooming product that won't stain clothes and claims to have a masculine yet not overpowering scent.
Jerry: Pip pip! I shall give it a whirl!


The place: Leslie and Jerry's living room. She is watching television on the couch- a very intellectually stimulating and profound program entitled, "House Hunters."  Jerry enters stage left.

Jerry: Darling wife! I just put on that new deodorant/body spray you gave me to try.
Leslie: Sweet kittens! Come let me smell you my love.

Leslie inhales deeply and ever so daintily wrinkles her nose.

Leslie: Oh dearest, I do believe I prefer your other every day selections. Whatst thou conclude?
Jerry: I am of the opinion it works splendidly and I have no problem with it's olfactory intent.
Leslie: Well done darling... well done!


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