Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crazy Rumors: HibisKiss Lip Color

Light, lovely lip color.
SUPER hydrating.
Licorice-y, fruit-punch-y flavor--but in a good way.
The color stays longer than many other balm-colors.
Digging this!
Vegan, Cruelty-Free, & handmade to boot!!!

Summer IS coming!

You may be ready for the heat & humidity, but is your hair?
Get beautiful hair all year with expert advice:

  • How to Fight Frizz!
Naturally frizzy hair is best controlled while it is wet. Frizz can be greatly reduced by applying frizz control gels and mousses right after you have rinsed out any hair conditioner, essentially while your hair is still wet. You do NOT want to towel dry your hair, as the friction of the towel against your locks just adds to frizz.
For the summer months, you want any frizz control product to be as lightweight as possible. The ingredient you want to look for in a good gel is Polyquaternum, a polymer that makes the strands of hair bond together and give a nice hold. The result is hair that looks sleeker, and more defined, as opposed to frizzy strands flying all over the place!

  • Can Your Hair Handle the Heat?
Everyone’s first reaction when dealing with frizzy summer hair is to whip out the straightening iron. This leads to heat damage and just makes hair dryer and frizzier. If you must use heating tools, be sure to take the necessary precautions to protect your locks. Look for thermal protectant products containing amodimethicone and dimethicone. These ingredients provide a protective film on the hair cuticle that prevents water loss and keeps the cuticle from cracking and breaking. Apply these products to hair before heat styling.
  • Don’t Sweat It!
Whether you’re hitting the gym, or just window shopping in 90 degree heat, the sweat from your scalp will lead to hair oiliness. When you don’t have time to take a shower (and remember that over washing will lead to more dryness) the best way to fight oiliness is by using a refreshing spray. They leave hair feeling and smelling fresh and clean as well as adding volume without requiring a shampoo.
  • Limp Locks
To keep curls bouncy and plump, use products that contain keratin, a natural thickening protein found in hair. This product can be found in thickening shampoos and volumizing sprays.These products also thicken and lift hair with natural alcohols such as Beetroot Alcohol.
  • Chlorine Damage Detox
Chlorine sucks up the sebum (your hair’s natural oil and protective barrier) from the hair, leading to dry and cracked hair cuticles. Before you get in the pool, pre-treat hair with a conditioner that contains oil extracts. The chlorine will suck up the oils found in the conditioner before it soaks up the natural oils in your hair. This significantly reduces chlorine damage. Apply the conditioner or spray liberally, concentrating on the ends of hair.
After you expose your hair to chlorine, wash it with a chlorine specific detoxifying shampoo to remove chlorine. Because shampoos like these can be slightly harsh, I recommend following up with a soft, gentle moisturizing shampoo that restores moisture to the hair. Finish off with a great, moisturizing conditioner.
  • Heat-Free Styling Tips!
Try these tips for air drying:
Use lighter styling aids such as mousse and light gels for faster air drying time. Gently squeeze excess water out of the hair after applying styling aids to reduce air drying time. Remember, avoid towel drying!!
Some really cute hair styles can be achieved without having to put a hair dryer, straighter, or curlers to your hair. The three I mention below give really beautiful beach beauty waves that work with summer humidity and heat instead of fighting it:
- While hair is still wet, apply your light gel or mousse, and simply wrap hair into a bun on top of your head. After hair has dried at least 60%, remove bun and you’ll have soft and beautiful waves.
- Another way to achieve that beach-y look, twirl damp hair around your finger, applying styling gel as you go along.
For the easiest way to get those waves, simply put your wet hair in braids, let dry, unbraid and voila!

Win the MOTHERload!

Announcing Bond-No. 9-Significant-Mother’s-Day-Raffle:

The prize? A nonstop one-year supply of eau de parfum.

During the week preceding Mother’s Day (May 10th), Bond No. 9 aficionados are invited to sign up their favorite mother for a unique Mother’s Day raffle gift: a year’s supply of Bond No. 9. This means one bottle per month of the eau de parfum of her choice.

The rules are pretty lenient here. Any Bond No. 9 customer is welcome to enter our raffle—no purchase necessary. All they need to do is stop at any of our counters, at our own stores or at Saks Fifth Avenue, Sunday, May 3rd - Saturday, May 9th. There they supply their name and contact information on a raffle to be left in a hatbox. At the close of business on the 9th, the winning raffle at each store will be drawn at random and the winner informed that evening—just in time for Mother’s Day.

Who qualifies as an eligible mother? The regular, old-fashioned, all-forgiving, chicken-soup mother, to be sure. But also the career mother, the vamp mother, the shopaholic mother … any female on whom we’d ordinarily bestow a Mother’s Day gift. And hey, self-satisfying types are welcome to enter their own name. (We do not judge.)

This eau de parfum prize is no ordinary Mother’s Day present. It’s a sense-delighting gift that keeps on giving—like a magazine subscription (but without the annoying renewal notices). In fact, we have a limited-time special offer for our non-winners: The same monthly supply of gift-boxed Bond No. 9 sent to the recipient of their choice at a discount of twelve bottles for the price of ten.

Enter to win at any of the four Bond No. 9 boutiques in New York City:

9 Bond Street · 680 Madison Avenue · 897 Madison Avenue · 399 Bleecker Street

and nationwide at Saks Fifth Avenue

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maybelline Mineral Power™ Naturally Luminous Blush- True Peach

Click Here

Mineral make-up is all the rage. This very light, easy, smooth coverage is great for subtly. It's perfect for daytime or for a girl who wears little to no make-up and wants a natural look.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hair Wars: Chapter 4-- continuing saga

Emjoi Chic Epilator

So, a part on the inside went bonkers.

My legs looked like I was a cutter.

Unable to repair.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sebastian: Halo Mist

Shine Spray
I'm not much on hair products, I am more a wash-&-go kind of girl.
This time of year is no good for me, all this humidity=big, frizzy hair.
So, I need a little something-something to keep my hair from eclipsing the sky, but not too much, because I am prone to the greasies.
This is perfect, a light mist of smoothing goodness.
Totally neutral smell, and with UV-filter!

Next on my list, TRILLIANT!
Starting in May, there's a special multi-pack available for $47:
Sebastian Professional Trilliant Thermal Protection and Shimmer Complex
Sebastian Professional Light Shampoo & Conditioner
and a Limited Edition t-shirt, designed by Charlotte Ronson!

Bobbi Brown: Bag & Brushes

Makeup bag & Mini Brush set
Okay, I always used to shy away from the Bobbi Brown counter, I thought the sales staff was over-enthusiastic, & that unnerved me.
Now I see that they were right-on. Dead-on. Spot-on. Perfect.
I think I am now a Bobbi-o-phile.
The bag is super-cute, a mini shaving bag, zips around 3 sides.
But the brushes are AMAZING!!!
There's a lip brush, an eye-shadow brush, & a foundation brush.
No random hairs left on you after using, just your make-up, right where you want it!
The handles are small, so you can easily carry them with you, but the brush parts are perfectly sized.

Bobbi Brown: Lip Quads

Four little squares of loveliness.
Rosy, glossy loveliness.
I think I need to get the Rose palette.
Maybe the Coral for summer?
Not only great colors, but the Quad tucks away so nicely in my purse.
The color that looks hot pink is not like that once it's on--just the 
perfect pinky-natural!

CURES by Avancé: Revital Eyes

Creamy lotion.
Has reduced the black birkens under my eyes to gray clutch--in 2 weeks.
I look like I've gotten enough sleep!
I'm seeing continued improvement.
LOVE IT!!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

Yu-Be (pronounced "YOO-BEE") is the #1 selling medicated, vitamin-enriched skin care cream in Japan, according to the website. I've used it for a few days now and although it does hydrate and sink into my skin, I can't get over the clinical menthol smell. I'd say use it just before bed or when you know you're not leaving the house for a bit.

Value, Entertainment, & the prettiest of QVC

I know what I'll be doing on Saturday, April 25th!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Make Up For Ever: Smoky Lash Mascara

Extra Black
I've never had a lash-invisibility issue, but, if I had, this would most likely solve it.
If my lashes were Dr. Bruce Banner, this mascara would be the anger that makes them the Incredible Hulk--just not green & scary.
Take the 20 seconds to wipe the brush on a tissue before using to preempt any flaking.
It's got some magic, anti-smudge power going on, as well as the aforementioned dramatic-lash properties.
It's $22.oo at Sephora, which makes me a bit cringy, but worth the splurge, especially for a very special occasion (dinner at the White House, tea w/a queen, Hot Date, etc).

Alison Raffaele: Transparent Finish Powder

Nice, the powder version.
Not chalky, adds smooth finish to your visage!
No gross stuff.
Invisible, yet velvety.

H20+: Water Activated Eye Make-Up Remover

Not to get too exuberant, but Holy Moley!
An eye makeup remover that removes eye makeup!
Does not burn!
Does not cause zits!
How is this not a phenomenal best-seller?
Is it slowly doing something horrible to me?
It's just too good!
Thank you, Jill:)

C.O. Bigelow: Dr. Galen Herbal Skin Tonic

Witch hazel rocks!
This herbal-infused tonic is my new go-to-product for extreme oiliness & the non-washing hair days for cleaning up the hairline.
I also love it for cleaning my ears.
Sometimes my ears & face get all overheated, this tonic is excellent for cooling down.
So useful! Gotta love a pragmatic product:)

Philips Sonicare: Flexcare RS930 w/Sanitizer

My sister got me this as a gift.
For some reason, she thought I'd like the model with the Sanitizer...
Yes, I love the UV Sanitizer. It makes my toothbrush a far less germy place. What's not to love about that? It takes all of about 5 minutes & is quiet. Done & done-er.

The toothbrush: Clean, Sensitive, Massage, Go Clean, & Max Clean modes.
You can make it so that there's a bit of a pause every 30 seconds, at which point you should switch quadrants. There's an illustrated instruction manual.
It makes noise, don't be surprised by the sound, but the sound does not echo in your head. No, the echoing is from too-strong vibrations, not from hollowness.

It is fairly gentle, does not at all feel like I am using a jack-hammer to brush.
Holds a charge for a fairly long time.
I like that I can adjust the cycles.
My dentist will like that I am no longer eroding away my gums!

Trish McEvoy: The Point

So, I admit it-- I've never owned a "good" brush before.
If it didn't come as part of a bonus, I didn't have it 
(sidenote: I now know that most of the bonus gift brushes are horrible). 
I was good with spending the money on powder, lipstick, whatever--but could just as 
easily apply it wiith a cotton ball, my fingers, or from the tube, right? WRONG! 
One application later, I was searching through my stash to find out what else I could put
on with this little wonder brush! No odd hairs on my face, pigment where I wanted it to go...
The design allows precision placement, but also superior blending.
Sadness- limited edition. GET ONE NOW!

Verikira Naturals: Fresh Feet Foot Crème

Yeah, feet gross me out, but this Fresh Feet from Verikira makes them not so revolting;)
This lotion stops mild-to-moderate feet-stink!
It might work on even smellier feet, but mine haven't gotten that bad (knock on wood).
The lotion is antiseptic & not real pleasant smelling itself, but clears up a whole host of problems & cools your sweaty, nasty feet.
Wear socks after applying (cotton, of course), or your abode will pick up lotion...
Anti-fungal, so stops athlete's foot.

Soap and Glory: Flake Away
Super thick, yet gentle scrub.
Peachy & lovely smelling.
Smooths away the roughness, leaves skin incredibly soft!
I even used it on my hands:)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're a YEAR OLD!

Somehow, amidst our testing and blogging, we missed our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

We’ve been subjecting ourselves to the best and worst since February 25th, 2008.

In light of the current world economy, we consider what we are doing important—we’re helping you not to squander your hard-earned cash on inferior products! 

Please remember, we are not being paid for this, we’re putting our well-being and looks on the line to help others!

Keep reading our blogs & getting honest reviews before laying out the $$$:)

Here's to many more years!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jack Black-True Volume Revitalizing Conditioner

This product promises to "form a barrier against sun and pollutants while adding essential moisture and shine to hair". Well, here in Michigan we have not had much sun as of late, so perhaps we'll test that affect again later in the season.
I did love the smell of this stuff-Avocado and Pomegranate, but moisture and shine I did not see. I feel that the test of a great conditioner is feeling well....conditioned! And I didn't. On the bright side, my husband really liked the lack of shine and moisture this product gave his hair.

He says: Awesome. I love it.

She says: It smells great, but nah...not impressed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Solavie Shampoo/Bath Gel, Conditioner/Styling Gel

First off, the idea that the shampoo/bath gel and the conditioner/styling gel click together to make an easy unit, is a fabulous idea. This is ideal for traveling, to save shower space and time with the double two in one. The shampoo/bath gel smells very clean. It'd be perfect for summer on a really hot day. With each product containing phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants to "combat environmental assault and stress," I feel like I'm protecting my hair in Chicago's grimy urban environment. It left my hair soft and easy to work with. The conditioner/styling gel made my tangly hair comb-able. This stuff is great!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Chocolate Spa Getaway Contest

You could win a super-lux SPA PACKAGE for you & a very deserving friend: all expenses paid for a poolside room for 3 days and 2 nights at the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA…over $400 worth of spa treatments, plus air fare and limo service to and from the hotel…and special gifts from sponsors such as NiteSweatz, Cabot Cheese
Enter the contest (entries taken until April 17th, winners announced on April 24th) by logging on to and describe, in 300 words or less, why a friend deserves a Chocolate Spa Getaway Weekend. (For example has she had some extenuating circumstances, struggles, challenges, or just plain needs a break?) The bonus is, both the contest participant and the friend go on the trip the weekend of May 15th!

Aromatherapy Decoded!

Kayla Fioravanti, RA, chief formulator and co-founder of Essential Wholesale, Essential Labs and von Natur, self appointed Aromatherapy Cop answers aromatheraphy/essential oil questions & gives a primer in this article. Read & learn!

Urban Decay Loose Pigment Eyeshadow in X

Click Here

This eyeshadow is great-no mess and easy. There is no pot so no brush you have to clean or find in your make-up drawer. The brush is already in the eyeshadow like a lip gloss. Just pull it out and swipe. The color is really even and you can layer it for more intensity.

Educated Make Up!

Enough to make you want to go back to school:
Courses for pros & amateurs.
Emerson is in Boston, Mass.
Pahk your cah in Hahvad Yahd.

Balm up for $2!

Jess's Bee Natural is having a lip balm special!
Fill your life with great lip balm!

Friday, April 3, 2009

C.O. Bigelow Vitamin Boost Gel Cleanser

Super thick gel!
Light scent, kind of an antiseptic berry.
Be warned: A little goes a long way. 
Works well, nice lather--which I like post-work-out. 
Cleans without sucking the life out of your skin, then rinses easily.
Flip top wonderful for shower use.
Well done, C.O. Bigelow!

Candle: Delirium & Co.

Blue Absinthe
Masculine, yet light & airy.
Kind of a mentholated cedar, but in a good way.
It is totally intoxicating!!!
Strong, but not cloying.
Excellent scent.

Luster Contest!

Share-Your-Smile Sweepstakes

WHO: LUSTER, an oral care brand that revolutionizes the way you brighten your smile, with three new dentist-developed, at-home tooth whitening systems. LUSTER brings professional tooth whitening that is pain-free and affordable, to the comfort and convenience of your own bathroom, on your schedule – whether you have one hour, one weekend or one week, LUSTER has a system that works for you. What can be more simple?
WHAT: Enter the LUSTER Share-Your-Smile Sweepstakes today on Facebook for the chance to luster-ize your smile and win two 1 Hour White Tooth Whitening Systems, two Weekend Tooth Whitening Systems (a $120 value) AND $500 CASH!
Follow these entry guidelines to be entered in the sweepstakes:
1. Post your favorite smiling photo on the LUSTER’s wall
2. Share what makes you smile in one sentence
WHERE: Enter to win:
WHEN: April 1st, 2009 – May 31st, 2009
10 lucky winners will be chosen by May 31st