Tuesday, February 7, 2012

European Blowout Explained

New York, NY: Frank Barbosa, co-owner of Frank Antonio Hair and Makeup (Newport, RI) and top theatre and film stylist (Ragtime, Mamma Mia, Lion King, Bride Wars, Sex and the City) is bringing back the European Blowout – and his clients can’t get enough!

“They’ve been doing this type of blowout in Greece and Germany for years, it’s a fast and easy way to achieve smooth bouncy volume quickly, so it’s great on set, as well as for salon clients,” explains Barbosa.

European Blowout
·       Apply a gel or lotion to towel dried hair to reduce frizz and add hold (try Rene Furterer Vegetal Styling Straightening Gel or Redken pure force 16 non-aerosol fixing spray)
·       Section hair  - the more sections, the more brushes needed. The average European Blowout uses around 12 brushes. 
·       Brush each section up and over direct it with a Sam Villa Signature Series Round or Oval Brush. Wrap each section around the brush rolling away from the face, leaving the brush in (securing like a Velcro roller set).
·       Continue around head until each section is wrapped in a brush.
·       Blow dry until dry
·       Let cool
·       Take brushes out and style as usual

NOTE: If pressed for time, stretch-dry each section ¾ of the way and leave the brush in.  Continue around the head until each section is wrapped and complete the drying process with a Sam Vila E-T.C. Light Blow Dryer or under a head dryer. Let cool, take brushes out and style as usual.

“I have two sets of Sam Villa bamboo brushes - since they’re made of bamboo, they’re perfect for European Blowouts because they are so light.  It takes confidence to leave 12 brushes in a client’s head, you want to make sure they are comfortable and a lighter brush makes a big difference,” adds Barbosa.

Sam Villa Signature Series Brushes are made of bamboo for added strength, durability and ecology. Bamboo is strong, light, sustainable, chemical free and biodegradable. Sam Villa Signature Series products are available at The Redken Gallerie.  Learn more about Sam Villa by visiting www.samvilla.com .

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