Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An Unforgettable Moment

Oh Krigler! What you do to me! Every scent you offer is a magical, delicious bouquet! Every time I open a new bottle I am transported and delighted! And your new Krigler Lieber Moment 2 14 is no different!

Lieber Moment 2 14 is a new "romantic, nostalgic fragrance that pays homage to Krigler's Leiber Gustav 14, an early Krigler fragrance inspired by a love letter from World War One," and one of my personal fragrance obsessions.

This new scent is actually unisex, a first for Krigler, and is smoother and more powdery than the original Lieber Gustav 14. It features sparking Mongolian Grapefruit, calming Lavendar, Rose from Italy, woody White Musk, vanilla from Reunion Island and Patchouli from the Philippines, among others.

The result is truly sensual, luxurious and can be easily worn by a guy or gal looking for that unique, sexy scent.

Lieber Moment 2 14 retails at $195 for 1.7fl. oz.; $285 for 3.4fl. oz.

Krigler fragrances can be purchased online, or at The Plaza Hotel, One West 58th Street, New York City, NY. 

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