Friday, April 18, 2014

Facial Face Off!

This week, I sampled two face masks: Biore's Self Heating One Minute Mask and Perfective Cuticals' Devine Brightening Mask. It's convenience versus luxury, drug store steal versus department store splurge, simplicity versus complexity. It's on!

I have to admit, I went into this experiment totally biased. When I think of Biore, I have unfortunate instant flash backs to middle school, ripping my nose flesh off in an attempt to clear black heads with those awful strips of the devil. I was pleasantly surprised with this mask in that it does what it says it will do: it opens your pores and leaves your skin feeling fresh. Point Biore! Now, my daily face wash does the same thing, so I am not sure if I'd really make this product part of my routine; however this mask can certainly not be counted out of the battle! I found this stuff at a drugstore for $7.99! Point Biore!

Onto a fancier pair of pants, Perfective Cuticals. I was instantly digging the recipe here: licorice extract, mulberry root, vitis vinifera seed ( I have no idea what that is, but I want it on my face!), and rosa cania fruit extract. Point Perfective Cuticals! Guys: this. Stuff. Is. Amahhhhhzing. (That's Fancy for amazing) No joke, my skin tingled to the touch of this infused paper mask as if fairy dust were being sprinkled upon it! Afterward, I had a really nice glow to my skin. I can only imagine what might come of regular use with this gem! Two points Perfective Cuticals! This lovely face treat comes in a 5 pack for $39 and can be found at 

The winner by a Perfective Cuticals!,

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