Monday, July 14, 2014

BB All You Can BB

  1. Blemish Balm? Blemish Base? Beauty Balm? Whatever your BB Cream, they are out there, everywhere, just waiting for you. This week, I gave Lumene, Bright Now Vitamin C, BB Serum a go.

    This specific serum does not have a tint as many other BB Creams do, which I ended up really liking! I also loved how well this cream plays with others-it blended in with my average day routine perfectly! I've run into some of these creams that are not so workable with other moisturizers and/or concealers. Lumene's version also created this beautiful matte effect and I really did notice a bit of brightening to my skin over a few days. 

    A simple description for such a simply elegant product: Light, bright, lovely and easy.

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