Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Votre Vu~Love Me Deux Moisture Tint & Concealer and Vu-On Rouge, Color Accent for Lips and Face

I had the pleasure of sampling two Votre Vu products recently, Love Me Deux,  a tinted moisturizer and concealer duo, and Vu-On Rouge, a lip and face color accent.

Love Me Deux should be in every woman's stocking from here to France and back again! This duo comes in an adorable double stack, with a separate little compartment of concealer, with a tiny, convenient mirror in the cap! I am using the shade champagne  and find the moisturizer to blend beautifully, to moisturize without greasing my skin or clogging pores, and to add just the right amount of healthy tint. The concealer marries the moisturizer marvelously. I can't get enough of this packaged deal!!!

Vol-On Rouge is a small color stick, packing major moisture and color, perfect for a mid-day brighten up of the cheek bones, a quick lip tint, or as an every day color accent for your face! This rouge/lip color/your new best friend provides quick, sheer, moist color.

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