Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Commitment-Free Hair

Ever wondered about bangs? Like the look of ombre but not digging the bleach?
Get the looks without the effort & upkeep!

Check out the ombre news:
Hairdo by HairUWear Ombre Clip-In Extensions ($49) are a multi-level, 16” clip-in that not only gives you dazzling length, but delivers the graduated effect seen on glam, trend-setting starlets everywhere.

For a semi-permanent approach, try Great Lengths 3D Strand FX Collection. Using only superior quality human hair with a patented bond attachment that is safe and gentle on one’s real hair, they are a trusted favorite among celebrities and their stylists. 3D Strand FX Collection uses an innovative process that combines ombre coloration with your base tone, creating a three-dimensional color effect in the hair. With the new ombre three-dimensional color extensions, you get the look in a more sophisticated, subtle way.
They also have extensions with Swarovski Crystal Strands. For a wedding? Shut up!

I have been fringeless since 9th grade (not an unsubstantial amount of time), and the new bangs have made me consider getting chopped... Hairdo by Ken Paves Clip-In Bangs let me try the look first!
My three-point outcome:
1. They are riduculously easy to use.
2. They don't feel weird on, just kind of forgot they were on.
3. I look ridiculous with bangs! Thank goodness I found out the easy way! Still, these are a great way to go incognito ;)

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