Sunday, March 10, 2013

Crazy for Krigler

One of the many fantastic perks of being a beauty blogger is that sometimes you get to try out awesomely lush and pricey cosmetics. 

And one of the many brutal aspects of being a beauty blogger is that sometimes you get to try out awesomely lush and pricey cosmetics!

Which explains why I am now hopelessly addicted to Krigler's legendary perfumes that retail for $175 for 1.7oz., and $255 for 3.4oz. I MEAN COME ON! 

The joke is totally on me, because I always proclaim what a scent snob I am and how it's a futile search for a new personal scent because nothing meets my standards. Well, apparently my standards can in fact be met. For $175!

And the situation grows worse- I don't just love one of the three scents I was given to test out. I love them all. Even the patchouli one! Especially the patchouli one! And I normally loathe patchouli! What wicked scent sorcery is this?! 

Lovely Patchouli 55, Subtle Orchid 10 and Lieber Gustav 14 are all uniquely incredible and definitely demonstrate the Krigler ethos "to complement, not overpower the wearer." Each is meticulously crafted to evoke a dynamic spirit and story. For example, Lieber Gustav 14 conjures the wild and lavish world of 1910's Berlin, and a love letter between a young woman and her fiance. 

With more than 15 other perfume options to choose from, it's worth it to select a few samples (Priced $15 and under each) to figure out what chords strike your olfactory fancy. 

But if you end up like me, wild about every one but unable to justify the steep price tag of a full bottle... Well, don't say I didn't warn you!

Krigler perfumes, candles, soaps and skin and body care products can be found at their New York City boutique in The Shops at the Plaza, 1 West 58th Street, and online at

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