Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wowza! Whip Hand!

Is it normal to have a crush on a beauty line? Because I am mad digging on Whip Hand Cosmetics,

GIVE GOOD FACE Rosewater Tonic
I don't really understand what hyaluronic acid is or why or how it "hydrates the skin, plumping and toning your complexion", but it just DOES. I'm officially capital "A" addicted to this stuff. Not only does it smell awesome and is fun to spritz, it 100% made a noticeable difference in my skin. In the slow crawl through a brutal winter's cold, wind and snow, when most of us women struggle double time to keep our epidermis in top form, I caught myself checking out my complexion in the mirror because it looked DEWY. And HEALTHY. Insanity! In the very best way. 

Goes on like a soothing lotion all over the face to fill, smooth and re-texturize skin before applying foundation and other concealer. It's unscented, non-irritating and easy to blend in. Again, this product delivers a noticeable difference- pores become invisible, skin becomes balanced and smooth, and foundation glides on like a dream. Fun fact: This product is even used on-set by the Good Morning American make-up and beauty team! 

Special Forces: Shimmering peachy gold is a great highlight and all over lid base color. 
Locked + Loaded: A gorgeous gun metal gray with the perfect amount of shine and staying power. Truly my new favorite color. 

LIP CREME in Coven
A pretty bubblegum pink that you can build from lovely light stain to more heavier, saturated coverage. Oh and it doesn't budge one bit. 

Beyond the addiction inducing products, the packaging is flippin' bada$$ too. Oh and did I mention that Whip Hand is also a local Detroit, MI made and manufactured company? The amazingness is almost too much! So what are you waiting for?! Get out there and Whip Hand! Whip Hand it good!

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