Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eau de Ehhhhh

Bath & Body Works Forever Red fine fragrance mist is exactly what you might expect from the popular retailer- commercial, fruity, and forgettable. 

The packaging is cheesy and the scent is not unlike what your chain-smoking great aunt Martha might douse herself in to unsuccessfully smother years of tobacco abuse. 

Maybe I'm just a snob now after my previous post...the customer reviews on Bath & Body Works website feature non-stop raves...but I'm just not into this. There are too many special and unique perfumes out there. I feel as though you'd definitely be selling yourself short with this one. 

Bath & Body Works, I'm a fan of your hand soaps, but your fragrances, not so much!

This product was provided to the author free of charge. You can find it and more at bathandbodyworks.com, as well as search for a local retail store near you.

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