Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hey Mommies! Meet Mama Mio...

The best advice I was given as soon as I found out I was preggers, was to start oiling up or moisturizing my bump pronto. Although I lube my entire body pretty religiously, I definitely made sure to step it up, so to avoid stretch marks (and so far, so good, but alas, the stretchiest stretching is still to come...). Yet, one issue that seemed to prove unavoidable was the itchy skin curse that comes along with my ever growing midsection!

Attention all of my preggy pals: allow me to introduce you to Mamma Mio and their life changing Tummy Rub, Stretch Mark Butter!

Mamma Mio has a full line of mommy care products to help any mom-to-be or mother of three, tighten up, preserve, and care for her lady parts. This Tummy Rub cured my itchy belly after only two days of morning and evening application!! This heaven sent bottle contains Shea butter, borage oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, and rosehip seed oil-a como creating 'natural latex' for the baby bump! Another amazing bonus to this beyond luxurious cream, is the packaging. The Stretch Mark Butter box has encouraging messages and bits of positivity printed on every inch, an adorable and much appreciated detail.

This award winning Tummy Rub (seriously!! they were given the title of Best Stretch Mark Product by the Pregnancy and Birth Awards!) is safe, made of only natural ingredients, and even approved for use during breast feeding! I have absolutely started a committed relationship with Mamma Mio products and I believe they will continue to make my skin happy for a very long time. I highly recommend adding a few bottles of Tummy Rub to your registry immediately!

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