Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Make Fashion Week Your Own

With Fashion Month in full swing (yes, that's right- shows around the world span into October), BrainyBeautys is diving in! Because from hair, to nails, to accessories and clothes, being a full on BrainyBeauty relies on the sum of all our fab parts.

Now on to one of my favorite aspects of the chic circus: Street Style. The runways will always rule, but seeing how the experts, models, bloggers, etc adorn themselves is almost as fun and insightful as the shows themselves.

But also if you're like me, all of the never-ending epic-ness can be overwhelming- I mean, how the heck do these women continuously knock it out of the style park?!

When your closet seems to pale in comparison, it's helpful to remember these ladies' looks incorporate simple details we all can easily add in to our everyday ensembles.

Got a button down flannel? Ok. What about a plain black mini and go-to black heels? Sweet. That's all you need to bust out a saucy new going out look.
(Photo courtesy The Cut)

Now those black heels we were just talking about? Do those have an ankle strap? Yes? Then try fastening them over a pair of beloved denim for funky punch.
(Photo courtesy Refinery29)

Blogger Susie Bubble has a lot going on in this shot (understatement!), but since we've been chattin' about shoes, let's focus on those eh? Colorful trainers have taken over high-tops as the next big sneaker trend (Vans-esque slip-ons are next!). Get adventurous and pair your work-out essentials with a printed dress to stay cute AND comfy during the work week grind.
(Pic courtesy Refinery29)

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