Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brushes: Remove Hair, Clean and Sanitize Weekly

Sam Villa wants you to clean your hair brush!
Here's his instructions for keeping your brush clean & in top shape:

-Use a brush cleaner designed with hard, wide-spaced, angled teeth on one end and longer bristles or wire on the other end. Try the Sam Villa Brush Cleaning Tool available on, or use the end of a tail comb and a toothbrush.

1.    Use the wide toothed end of the cleaning tool to rake through each row of bristles and pull up and out to remove tangled knots and hair at the base of the brush. 

2.    Use the denser longer bristled end of the cleaning tool and mild soap and water to help cleanse away styling aid residue.

3.    Dry completely.

I will have to invest in a Sam Villa Cleaning Tool-- I hate having hairy brushes!

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