Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Radical Skincare

No, really, that's the name: Radical Skincare.
I have been using the Eye Revive Creme, Youth Infusion Serum, and Restorative Moisturizer.
It is a costly system, no bones about it.
But, in this case, you are getting your money's worth!!!
All three smell light and fruity, go on smoothly, and work very well.
Since I have been using the system, I have been told that I am "all glowy," and that I have "perfect skin." No joke, and not just the once!
Oh, and the packaging for the eye cream and the serum are awesome, the pumps twist back into the bottle--easy traveling!
A very aptly named line.

P.S.: Check out the scientific explanations on their website. So good, sooo good.

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