Monday, January 6, 2014

Total Blackout

Outside all I see is white white snow. But inside, I'm enjoying a sooty blackout thanks to NYX Kohl Kajal Black Eyeliner.

What? You don't practice new beauty looks and products when you have a sorta-snow-day? Then you're missing out! Especially with this awesomely inky and amazingly inexpensive pencil that goes on smooth and lasts all day and night. It has the best quality pigment I've ever used with a hoarder-friendly price tag of $6.

Kohl Kajal offers a matte black finish, but NYX's other Noir Collection options include glossy, satin finish, liquid and more. Plus, the wallet-friendly product offerings extend to lips, nails, tools, body, face and even accessories.

Los Angeles based NYX Cosmetics was named in honor of the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night... and their pitch-black eyeliners also surely do her proud.
NYX products can be purchased through their website, Check out their Store Locator page to also search for a retailer near you.

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