Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exfoliating Body Wash

Olay Body Wash plus Spa Exfoliating Ribbons

I've never been one for body wash/shower gel. I don't even own a bath pouf. I like washcloths--you use them once & launder.
Warily tried this. It comes out faster than I expected & smells like Tide + Bounce.
Makes a nice lather.
Gently sloughs, leaves skin SMOOTH, not at all dry & ripped up like with some over zealous scrubs.
Left the shower with nice feeling skin, scent had dissolved, even made shaving legs less treacherous.
Kudos to Olay!

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Nicole S said...

I tried the Body Wash plus Tone Enriching Ribbons. It smells wonderful, not like laundry detergent. Love the way my skin feels after I used it. Find the scent you like and try it!