Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Glytone's Essential Mini Peel Gel is a light acid peel for home use.
Yes, it can burn--I had to work up to the full time. But it got rid of mild discoloration & my blackheads. I use once every other week so my skin doesn't get all irritated. STAY OUT OF THE SUN AFTERWARDS. They aren't kidding about this.
I used the Glytone Daily Lotion SPF 15 the day after peeling.
It's a nice, lightweight lotion that doesn't make skin mad the day after the peel, but it is NOT strong enough for more than being indoors. Then again, I have gotten a sun burn through a window. I will use this lotion in the evening, when there's enough sun where I worry about exposure, but it's setting & will be dark.

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