Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brow Bar gives tips!

We are honored to present Brow Tips from the brilliant brow-ticians at the Boom Boom Brow Bar:

BROWS ARE SISTERS, NOT TWINS! Brows should be proportionate and
similar, compliment one another and frame the face – they do not need to be

Most people remove the hair on the brow bone before the arch to try to create an
arch, but that’s a big mistake, it creates the dreaded RAINBOW BROW!

The Basics: Brows should not be too far apart in the center, too thin on the brow
bone before the arch, or too short, length-wise.

When tweezing at home, draw on the ultimate brow with a white pencil and then
with a clean pair of sharp tweezers, pluck out anything on and below the line -
remove the liner and you should have brows with a clean line that are not over-

Always fill in brows with powder to camouflage bare spots, imperfections and
lack of growth, it’s more natural looking than pencil.

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