Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jessica Cosmetics, Custom Nail Polish

This nail polish junkie was recently given the opportunity to indulge in sampling several bottles of natural, custom nail color by the infamous Jessica Cosmetics. Jessica's philosophy is based on the realization that just like our skin, hair, and at times perhaps; our sometimes slightly irrational emotions, nails have individual special needs. Jessica Cosmetics identifies nails by type and has created precise products to treat and correct each type.
In addition to this nail product's super, sweet, science technology, their color paints on thick and smoothly, only requiring a coat or two, and dries in a reasonable time frame-good if like me, you often find yourself touching up your self manicure in the car, on your way to dinner.

After a summer of neon or ocean blue nails, I personally got really excited about a few of Jessica's softer tones. This fall is all about "greige", or gray-beige, and I found it's shade family members "Intrigue", "Victorian Crush", and "Bittersweet" just as toasty and comforting.

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