Saturday, February 19, 2011

Go Red like a celeb

Reds ruled on the Red Carpet at the Grammys!
Paul Cucinello of Chris Chase Salon shares the pros’ secrets on how to get each look and how to maintain this head-turning style.

I find Rihanna's shade of red much more flattering on her because of it's richness and depth For the Pros:
This color can be achieved by having your colorist overlay a semi-permanent bright red over naturally light or medium brown hair. (Blondes would have to deepen their hair before adding this shade.) Keep it shiny with a clear gloss. (Try Clairol Natural Instincts Shine Happy) Skin Tone: This shade works best on both olive and deeper skin tones both of which should avoid any shade
that has too much orange in it.

Hayley Williams (of Paramore)
This is the most cosmetic version of the bright reds we are seeing right now. For the Pros: It's a very difficult color to pull off and requires two steps: pre-lightening and then re-pigmentation with an intense Orange-Red (Try Manic Panic in Infra™ Red) Skin Tone:
This shade works best on bold personalities with very fair skin tones.

Florence Welch (of Florence & The Machine)
Hands down my favorite shade of red because
it actually exists in's a bright Copper. I'm all for cosmetic colors but this color takes natural and turns it up a notch making it look so ready to rock! For the Pros: Ask your colorist to overlay a demi-permanent bright natural copper over hair that was previously highlighted or was honey blonde. Refresh at home with a color enhancing mousse (Try Goldwell Soft Color Mousse in 8K) Skin Tone: Try this shade if your a blonde and you're over looking washed out. Be prepared to get a lot of attention! It best suits fair, peachy skin tones and it beautifully accentuates pale blue & green eyes.

7 Tips for Rockin' Red Hair:
1. Buy a couple of dark towels. Red will run at first and you should make sure not to use any light colored towels to dry your hair.
2. Make SURE you are use very high quality shampoo & conditioner. Red is the color that fades the fastest so avoid shampooing for 24-48 hours after you color your hair. For maintaining rich, vibrant colors stick with the best:
- Oribe Shampoo & Masque for Beautiful Color,
- Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Extra Gentle Cleansing Balm
- Tocco Magico Palvin-Bid Conditioner
3. Always rinse with cold water. This keeps the cuticle closed and encourages color retention.
4. Use sunscreen on your hair! If it's not already in your styling products and you plan on being in the sun, pack one of these specially formulated hair sunscreens in your beach bag: Kerastase Micro-Voile Protecteur, Phyto Protective Sun Veil or Phyto Protective Beach Spray.
5. Avoid coloring your hair the day of a big event... the stains from red hair dye can be pretty intense.
6. Red is a big commitment so before you take the plunge, make sure you're prepared to stick with it for a while. There are lots of shades to experiment with so don't hesitate to adjust the color until you find the right red for you.
Reds get a lot of attention and making the change will require an adjustment of all of your makeup colors and wardrobe choice

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