Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Luminess Tan-Airbrush Tan System

Get a fabulous, UV-free tan in the comfort of 

Luminess Tan is an at-home airbrush tanning system featuring immediate bronzer and tanning actives. Using FDA approved ingredients and "SoftTan" technology, Luminess boasts salon quality results through an easy and smooth self-application. My jaw dropped when I found out that I would get to review this product-please allow me to readjust and review!

First, the bad news: I would definitely recommend some practice at first-if you've never used a self-tan product, do not start with this system. Even if you have used self applied lotions, bronzers, or sprays, I would still recommend that you start very slowly with Luminess. In order to avoid streaks or gaps in your tan, I highly recommend starting with a 1/4 bottle application, waiting for it to develop and then applying another 1/4 bottle to your initial results (the included instructions direct the user to apply a 1/2 bottle at first application).  Another downside to this product is the possible leaking and spilling. Be very careful of how you store your tanning solution bottles in between applications-they are leaky and will stain. 

The good news:  I definitely preferred the results of this product over the tan I have obtained with spray-tan booths in the past. Although the Luniness immediate bronzer is not as dark as other tanning products, it is also less likely to rub off onto clothing or to sweat-out, prior to your first post-spray shower. Also important to note, as Luminess processed, I did not experience that starch-like smell indigenous to booth sprays. I really loved being able to conrol the depth of my tan, which resulted in a glow that was not orange and once I mastered the airbrush stylus, was not streaky. 

For $149.00, you too can tan your hot bod without having to trek into the snow, strip in front of a technician, or do that spray-booth dance, hoping to be sprayed in every crevice! The system includes the airbrush system and stylus, a cleaning bottle, two bottles of tanning solution, two intake caps, an instructional DVD and guide, and a cute, little black carrying case!

Available at: www.luminessair.com or www.ulta.com

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