Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get LUSH Hair

I may have, on occasion, mentioned my love for LUSH.
Great products, great company, awesome packaging, entertaining catalogs, Canadians... What's not to love?
In the last year, I have gone on a LUSH hair odyssey.
My hair now loves me for it!

Top 3 LUSH shampoos... so far
1. Godiva- Like the Lady, not the chocolate. Shea & Cocoa buttery goodness make this solid shampoo superb, the jasmine smell is irresistible.
2. Seanik- Lemon and jasmine and seaweed, oh my! Go-to solid shampoo for traveling and summer living.
3. Cynthia Sylvia Stout- Fun to say, amazing to use. Calms frizz-prone hair during times of high-humidity, and smells incredible.

Match with a LUSH conditioner & you'll be good to go!
I like leave-in treatment R&B when my hair is dry, Veganese is nice when you just need a bit of a creaminess.

The website is nice & easy-to-use, but if you happen to be in the proximity of a store, go & smell everything. They even let you try stuff. And the people tend to be very helpful and enthusiastic.

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