Saturday, January 21, 2012

MyChelle Apple Brightening System

Apple Brightening CleanserApple Brightening PeelApple Brightening Serum
Apples, not just for snacking anymore!
Use this trio to fight and correct hyper-pigmentation.
Gentle, even the peel.
It does take time, but the long-term payoff is excellent.
Substantially faded the odd parenthesis-shaped dark spots around my temples.

Will be trying the whole Age Spot / UV Recovery Regimen
Complete Regimen/UV Repair set next, it comes with an SPF 28 cream, super-hydrating cream, and an Apple Brightening Mist. I do love a Brightening Mist!
What really sold me on this was the peel, works without feeling like I'm taking off my face. If you are going to start somewhere, the peel is my recommendation.

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