Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winterize your locks

The one word to keep in mind this winter when it comes to your hair is, MOISTURIZE!

Static cling, dull finish, split ends... these are all the results of dehydrated hair.
With a few simple tips from Pureology Colour Care Ambassador Natasha Sunshine, you can keep your hair looking great all winter long.

1. Keep a bottle of Evian spray in your purse. They come in a mini size so they're easy to lug around. A light blast of water can help with static or even hat head. Afraid of messing up your blowdry? Don't worry. Do an all over light mist from about 12" away, then smooth your flat palms over your hair.

2. Condition, condition, condition. You'll want to go for a daily conditioner with extra moisture during our driest months. Plus, a once a week conditioning masque for five minutes will give you that extra dose of hydration your hair needs. Try Pureology's Hydrate Conditioner and Hydrate HydraWhip Masque.

3. When it comes to styling, be sure to lock in moisture by using a leave-in conditioner and a deeply nourishing styler. Pureology's MiracleFiller is a leave in that will give you a supple dose of protein while hydrating the hair as well. Choose a wet/dry styler like Redken's Argan-6. This incredibly light oil goes on wet and melts over the hair in a protective shine while blowdrying. You can add a couple drops after your style is complete to get extra shine, nourishment and protection.

4. Stay away from too many hot tools. If you're going to blowdry, skip the iron and vice versa. If you opt for the flat or curling iron, go to bed with a wet head and style in the morning.

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