Thursday, April 5, 2012's 10 Best Natural Cleaners reveals 10 Best All Natural Cleaning Products that are safe and affective for the home, some of which are our favorites as well:

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day (The Basil Counter top Spray smells & works great)
Green Works
Common Good
Method (love, especially the wipes & the sprays in Pink Grapefruit)
Whole Foods Market Brand
Seventh Generation (great toilet bowl cleaner)
Williams Sonoma
Ecover (great Laundry detergent & hand soap)
Bon Ami ( Liquid Cleanser & dish soap are classics)

Cleaning your abode without harming yourself, your family, or the planet? What's not to love?

We would add Biokleen for their laundry soap, and the automatic dish soap powder, which (strange but true) will clean the crap out of your shower/tub/sink.

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