Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Going Dark To Light

Have naturally dark hair and want to go blonde?  It’s a big step, but with professional guidance, it can be done and look great. Patrick McIvor, Matrix Artistic Director, says it takes lot of time and money.
“Dark brown to blonde is a big change, and since hair grows a half inch a month, you need to visit a stylist every 4 weeks to keep the blonde looking good.  And, because of the transition, it takes time to process,” explains McIvor.

McIvor says there are many types of blondes – platinum, light blonde, dark blonde, multi-colored, highlighted, so pick the one that fits the time and money allotted for the job. The lighter the blonde, the more time and money it will take to maintain.  For instance, platinum hair like Michelle Williams requires touchups every 2-4 weeks and for multi-colored blonde like Shakira, hair needs to be lightened in two steps - either all over or with lots of highlights and then a glaze (every 4 weeks).  For hair the color of Beyoncé, products like MATRIX Wonder.Browns can be used to lighten hair all in one step (every 4 weeks). There are many ways of approaching going blonde, ask professional for guidance.

“Many women with naturally dark hair, especially those who have only used a demi permanent color, are surprised at how the texture of their hair changes when they go blonde.  Whenever hair is lightened, it changes the protein bonds in hair, so caring for newly colored blonde hair requires more attention and products,” explains McIvor.

McIvor recommends using a color care regimen such as Matrix Biolage colorcarethérapie Delicate Care Shampoo and Conditioner that has no sulfates which helps color last longer.  In addition, he suggests using a treatment at least once a week like Delicate Care Masque to replenish moisture.  For ultra-polished blonde, use Delicate Care Organic Certified Oil – formulated with organic olive oil and Argan oil from Morocco to restore sheen for optimal shine and smoothness, and long lasting luminous color.

Patrick McIvor is Artistic Director for Matrix, a leading professional haircare and haircolor company in the United States and part of the L’Oreal USA Professional Products Division. As one of the most respected colorists in the industry, the former Color Director for Nick Arrojo and Rodney Culter in NYC, is a cultural junkie inspired by international cosmopolitan influences from fashion, global trends, technology and social networking.  McIvor is featured in the book “50 Hairstylists.”
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