Sunday, September 9, 2012

L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening

Immortelle Brightening Essence

So, could L'Occitane have done something wrong?
I love the Immortelle Precious Cream & Eye Balm, was very skeptical that any reformulation could be good.
I tried the Brightening Essence (read: serum) and Moisture Cream, not expecting much.
I have rarely been so happy to be proved wrong!

This combo seriously worked on my parenthesis, those dark spots from my temples around the side & up onto my forehead.

My skin glowed, and not in that oily-sheen way.

Again, well done L'Occitane.

I <3 again="again" amp="amp" brilliance.="brilliance." div="div" doubt="doubt" efficiency="efficiency" in="in" never="never" will="will" you="you" your="your">

P.S. The milky glass containers? Love almost as much as the cobalt glass.

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