Monday, September 10, 2012

V Beaute

Evidence Eraser (cleanser)
Rub Off (exfoliator)
Undercover Agent (anti-wrinkle serum)
Lite Up (brightening treatment serum)
Buying Time (Everyday Creme)
Eye Never (eye creme)

Available as a travel friendly clutch (the It Kit) or individually.

I read about V Beaute before trying & thought "Oh great, another hedge-fund-manager/socialite using her money and connections to make people buy whatever crap she has other people making for her. Super, I love giving my money to people who don't get out of bed for under a million."
Yes, I'm slightly bitter about not being a millionaire-socialite. I would even make do without the socialite-part.

After trying the V Beaute line, however, I am impressed.
Very impressed.

Fragrance free! Paraben free! Products that work without irritating my skin!

I use the Undercover Agent before sunblock in the morning; then one of the face washes, the Light Up, the Eye Never, and finish with the Buying time at night. Tightens & brightens, makes my skin happy.

Can't argue with results-- this chick (V Beaute creator Julie Macklowe) has done the work & come up with something great. Expensive and lux, but you'll have your face for the rest of your life-- might as well treat it right.

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