Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Like, OMG! It's the "new anti-aging advancement in skin care!"

Hallelujah! Woot woot! Yeeeeeee-haw! Wheeeeeeee!

I mean, come on- every new anti-aging product/system/treatment/etc makes this claim. And as mentioned in previous posts, I am a, shall we say, maturing woman (what? 30 is no 19 people!) and therefore increasingly down with experimenting with the latest wrinkle preventing lotions and potions. But I am also increasingly realizing that most all include fantastic, fancy ingredients that will indeed improve the look and feel of skin long term. So when it comes down to it, you really just have to find something that you love and that you feel works for you. Perhaps that something will be BIOBLISS.

The BIOBLISS System offers a range of products in order to prepare skin and extend the anti-aging effectiveness of its treatments:

Clean: This mild and refreshing cleanser includes calming cucumber extract, Aloe Vera and skin protecting antioxidant Vitamin E. Plus, it smells awesome and left my face feeling super clean.

Srub: I had no idea this was even an exfoliating scrub until after I used it (labels?! who needs em'!?) because it was so extremely gentle. Once I read the packaging (those blasted labels again!), I discovered that it's derived from coconut, olive, macadamia nut, sunflower and avocado. Nothing abrasive about any of those!

Lock It In Serum: This was my least fave of the bunch. Personally, it smelled funny and had a weird texture. And it's specially matched to the Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Patch, of which I did not receive a sample. HARRUMPH! (But my skin did feel super soft after using it.)

Hydrate Lotion: My oh my did my face feel soft and supple after using this! La-la-la-loved! I did feel though that it is better suited to fall/winter months, as it was a bit thick for the current hot and humid Michigan climate. At $60 a pop it's an investment, but definitely a splurge-worthy pick!

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