Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You Cheeky Cow!

Cowshed is an England based line of holistic products and treatments that originated in... drum roll please... a cow shed!

They feature natural botanicals from sustainable resources containing the highest quality oils and guarantee the following extensive karma boosting list:
  • No Parabens 
  • No Petrochemicals (petroleum bi-products)
  • No Sulphates (artificial foaming agents)
  • No Animal Ingredients (spare a little organic beeswax and wildflower honey)
  • No Artificial Fragrancing or Colours
  • No Animal Testing (not now, not ever)  
They were gracious enough to pass two of their indulgent products my way and as soon as they arrived I planned a relaxing home spa experience.

 Left: Cowshed Knackered Cow Relaxing Bath & Body Oil, $31
Right: Gorgeous Cow Blissful Bath and Shower Gel, $25

The Gorgeous Cow Blissful Bath & Shower Gel is truly delicious. It features "Madagascan Ylang Ylang, Moroccan Rose and Indian Palmarosa to evoke happiness and French Lavender and Linden blossom to soothe." It's a sophisticated shower treat to wind down a hectic day, or even to use in the bath for a relaxing soak.

The Knackered Cow (love it!) Relaxing Bath & Body Oil is unlike any other product I've experienced. I actually have never used a bath oil before... I felt as though it necessitated a vintage silk kimono, martini, bouffant and long cigarette holder. And maybe some jazz in the background? In other words- it felt super posh to draw a bath and pour in some exquisitely smelling bath oil. The bath water itself also felt different- richer and thicker, and you could see some oil beads on the top. After rinsing off and patting dry, my skin felt hella soft and lightly scented.

I'm also a sucker for pretty packaging and Cowshed definitely delivers there too. 

If you're looking to up the ante on your shower and bath rituals, definitely take a trip to the Cowshed!

Cowshed is available at Barneys New York, and

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