Friday, January 9, 2009

Dionis Extra Rich Hand Cream

Ginger Mint (Limited Edition)
It's that time of year again--between the forced heat & the bitter cold, my hands are chapped.
As always, I am questing for the ideal hand lotion.
The Dionis Hand Cream is nice & thick.
It absorbs well, leaves skin feeling protected but not greasy.
It is excellent for moderately dry skin (i.e., the backs of my hands), but does not seem to make a difference on my cuticles & the super-dry spot between my thumb & fingers. Maybe if I was not a thorough hand washer (some would say "obsessive-compulsive", but I prefer to think "borderline").
This scent is kind of fun-- more old-school pink bubble gum with a dash of ginger than full-on GINGER MINT, but in the nicest possible way.
I recommend it--all but the dryest skin will be smooth:)

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